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Learning a new trade after being laid off

READ MORE: Learning a new trade after being laid off
The Georgia-Pacific plant in Whiteville is still up and running, but with fewer workers. One woman laid off from the plant, nearly two months ago, is now learning a new trade. This will make the second time Michelle Gaines has been laid off, and the second time she's learning a new trade. Michelle is back in school, hoping to become a licensed practical nurse. Cutbacks at Georgia-Pacific forced managers to end her eleven year career with the plywood and lumber plant in Whiteville. “I'm losing my job, it was kind of a shock, but that's when I realized I had to do something,” said Gaines. So Michelle enrolled at Southeastern Community College. The Workers Investment Act, a federally funded program that assists displaced workers, is paying for her tuition, fees and books. Gaines is taking basic courses, which will eventually get her into the LPN program. The Bureau of Labor statistics say the profession is expected to grow 14% through 2016. That's above average growth compared to other careers. The work is hard, but her teachers said Gaines is a good student. “She's a joy to teach. She's always on time. She's very serious. She comes in with her assignments complete. She's ready to go in the lab to practice our skills,” said SCC nursing instructor, Maxine Blackwell. “When you're in the field of manufacturing, you don't have to do any studying. Now it is changing because everyday that I go home I have to do studying. It's been 12 years. So now I'm like, 'Okay, I have to study now',” Gaines said. Michelle said she loves class and is not looking back at what she's lost. Instead, she is focusing on the chance of finding stability in a new career. “Everyone that has lost their job, go for it. If I can do it, you can do it.” Once Gaines is in the LPN program, her teachers said it will take about a year and a half to complete the coursework. If you have been laid off from your job and you want to go back to school, visit your local Job Link Career Center for details about the Workers Investment Act. It helps with tuition, books and fees.

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Good luck, Michelle

Good luck, Michelle

I learned a new trade

I learned how to work my new trade after my mother was laid off. After she couldn't support me and my kids, I learned to fill out the government forms handed out by the Democrats and get my money for free. Now my mother lives with me. All I have to do is sit around and walk out to my mailbox once a month and the rest of society takes care of it all for me. And then I get a fat tax rebate check every year on taxes that I am responsible for and never paid. Thank the LORD for Barack Obama and the mortgage that I won't have to pay anymore. Oh, and he is going to take care of my gas bill too. (p.s. thought you would want to know that.)


Riegelwood BG, you are the most dumbest person who has ever blogged on wway in the history of this website. If you are so happy that you collect all this stuff for free why not post your name on here. I guess you are just another example why they should just get rid of the "system" for good. What would happen to you or your family without the system? I guess you would go back to robbing stealing and panhandling then wouldn't you? As for the president of the United States, you shouldn't even be allowed to utter is name much less post it on here under your circumstances. I am sure he is just as proud of you as your mother is for raising an unfit person to live in our society. You will be found out sooner or later for deceiving the government and they will lock your butt up and throw away the key.


a role model for others. Rather than sit around and collect entitlements, this Lady took advantage of funded programs to imrpove her job skills which will reward her both with a stable employment future and enhanced self respect. Others could mirror this Lady's initiative.


laid off isn't always this individuals is going to do nothing but HELP HER...she will be in a practice where she is in demand and she will actually have better money and benefits...GOOD FOR HER!