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Legion Stadium to get artificial turf


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County Commissioners are doling out cash to help get rid of the grass at Legion Stadium. Commissioners voted 3-2 today to spend $333,334 on artificial turf for the stadium.

Supporters of the new field say it will benefit not only New Hanover High School, which plays home games there, but the county as well.

"It's going to do so much for our athletic programs, especially the lacrosse program, which is coming on strong. We haven't been able to play lacrosse games on the field, so this is going to mean a lot for all athletic programs," NHHS PTA president Clayton Fountain said.

Supporters say the new field will help to bring in more events and money to the school and county.

The City of Wilmington and the school district are also chipping in about a third of the cost.

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Why do Catlin and Berger hate our children?

Why? You want them to play and risk injury on substandard turf?

Uh... Wrong, Mr. Spending Defender

A previous commenter is having a hard time with reading comprehension. The article clearly states the county commission voted to spend $333,334 on the turf. County commission does not vote for what the school system spends, or what the city council spends - therefore, the $333,334 is their share; which, again stated in the article, is a third of the cost. The city and the schools will each chip in that amount bringing the grand total of the turf $1,000,000.

Now is it such a worthy investment? When people are being taxed out of their homes? With no work? This is insane. This group of criminals never knows when to quit spending OUR money. But we are the ones to blame. You can't fault a cockroach for being a filthy creature; you have to fault the voters who keep electing these scum-sucking schmucks.

Calm Down for a minute...

First, I agree with wasteful spending of tax dollars, but why are some people ALWAYS so quick quick to judge.

$300K for field turf...what do we think the total costs up up-keeping the grass for the players is? Watering, maintenance workers salary and time, mowing etc., continued upkeep on grass...come on people, think for a second. Think about how much money and time (your time is worth money) you spend on your own think about that on a level the size of a football field. I don't have the answer but wouldn't you think that this will end up SAVING us taxpayers money? Not to mention future revenues to the schools.

So the County, City and schools are paying about $110k a piece for this? I don't have a problem with it. I personally think field turf is safer for players and will end up saving the taxpayers plenty of money in the end.

Too bad statistics don't support your opinion

Google "artificial turf and sports injuries" and you will find that while modern synthetics are better than the original astro-turf, they still have a higher injury rate than grass.

You are also quite in the dark regarding the maintenance of artificial turf. It tears, it settles, it gets hard and soft spots, and it needs replacement every now and then. None of those maintenance workers at the stadium will be getting laid off.

Legion Field

Is that not where the Sharks play baseball and where the Soccer team will play on its return?

In the long run, it could well pay for itself in reduced grounds keeping expenses as well as the ability to draw sport teams to Wilmington.

It's a better use of taxpayer dollars then a convention center, proposed hotel, or an albatros of a river front baseball facility.

And maybe this will be all it takes to give Bev a reason to visit Wilmington. Yeah, I can see it now. She's kicking back sucking down a few cold ones and enjoying the local culture. She'll need something to do in 2 years.

So which relative or political crony....

...sells artificial turf or will get the contract to install it?

Truly amazing. Millions of dollars in budget shortfalls, forced furloughs, layoffs, hiring freezes, yet we'll dig deep for any unnecessary frill that comes long as it lets us put on airs and act all "uptown and fancy."

Of course, I'll bet that no one has mentioned the upkeep and replacement costs over the long term. Artificial turf requires routine maintenance and doesn't last forever.

BTW, are they selling the existing turf to reduce the cost, or does that go to re-turf the lawns of the county commissioners and city council members?

Just dyin' to see the "more events" this attracts....possibly an orthopaedic surgeons' convention, because of the increase in high school sports injuries?

Artificial Turf

Can the New Hanover county commissioners and the City of Wilmington do anything but spend money??? They remind me of Harry Reid. This is not needed at this time.


The continued wasting of tax payer money!

Catlin, Berger Do the Right Thing

Thank you Commissioner Berger and Catlin for asking questions about spending and taxes unlike your tax and spend fellows davis, thompsin and barfield who treat everyday like christmas and play santa with our money, which they steal from our pockets from our labor and businesses.
Im a new hanover grad and it was clear that neither of you opposed the wildcats or new field, but were concerned about spending overall. not out to get or punish or prevent a new field, just find another way to pay for it than new taxes.
Thank you. I know there are cuts that can be found to pay for the field and the attitude of some of my fellow alums and current parents was ignorant, selfish, and embarassment to new hanover hs. shame on you wildcats...grow up!
You're not in high school anymore.

Catlin and Berger stand tall

You are correct. Brian and Rick did the right thing by asking for more information given the projection of a 4 million shortfall. Shame on that obnoxious NH parent who said it was a mere 300000---let her pay that mere amount and not attack courageous officials for at least asking questions. There may be some hope that Berger and Catlin will stand up for "all" the people and not just some special interests.