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Officials tight-lipped about military murder at Camp Lejeune

READ MORE: Officials tight-lipped about military murder at Camp Lejeune

Twenty-one-year-old Private Jonathan Law is in custody for the murder of another Marine early Friday morning. Officials still have their own questions regarding the incident, and are saying little about what they do know.

“A lot of your questions today are going to fall into two categories. On one hand, there are going to be a lot of unanswered questions because I simply don't have the information. On the other hand, there's going to be questions that I won't answer because of the pending investigation,” said US Marine Capt. Timothy Patrick.

Military authorities took Private Jonathan Law into custody after the body was found in the woods, near the French Creek area of the base. Law is a decorated Marine who joined the Corps in 2006 and served in Iraq.

Capt. Patrick said, “He's being treated for apparent self-inflicted wounds at Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville.” Law has not been formerly charged with the murder.

Officials would not release the victims identity or comment on the murder weapon, except to say it was not a gun. Locals and visitors were shocked by the event. “I have never heard anything like that. I've heard of civilians killing civilians, but not military killing military,” Robert Hoffman of Jacksonville said.

Officials said it is unclear if anyone else was involved and the incident is still being investigated. On the heels of Thursday's murders at Fort Hood, Camp Lejeune officials said they would look into their security measures, although for now they said there is no connection between the two incidents.

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think about it

How many miltary men come back to civilian life and decide to kill without reason!? the go in and come back something else

Something has to change

My prayers go out for both family's. I personally know johnny and would say without a doubt he is incompentant to stand trial. If his attorney who is representing him in the case ( who was about to retire before taking this case) would dig up his medical records it would be obvious. I am not defending anyone and hope feel really bad for the victem. but this needs to be addressed and measures taken within the military to prevent things like this from happening rather being overlooked and taking Johnnys confession and scoring another conviction for the prosecution

Preventive measures needed

The young men and women who enter the military have good intension of serving their country. Some where amongst these soldiers are bad apples.

The disturbed may enter military life as teenager and some beat the system long after ranking and "snap". (1)Recruiters should check references from the school(school board) or school teacher or random classmate. Don't take a rumor from the enlistee's friend/classmate for granted. Obtain psychological medical information from local hospital if any. (2)fellow soldier should report abnormal behavior/acts of a soldier for evalaution and not seen as a joke or laughing matter amongst them.
(3)random psychological test,like random urine test in place. May already be in place by the military.

Today there is a new problem; miltary personell killing their own fellow soldier. Something has to be done to protect the men and women who serve our country.This type of killing maybe come a problem in the military. It is already a problem on the streets of our coutry, which started out small and is exculating amongst young people.

Yes, a person maybe liked/dislike, but it doesn't mean that person is not capable of comitting a crime.

hartzell murder/ camp lejeune

I've been following this case since it happened. We share the same lastname but, are not related. the question ca'nt leave my mind wether the marines were romantically involved? was this a lovers dispute that was only fueled by the threat of the military finding out. This in no way justifies murder,but does bare asking? if so, this could have been prevented. Just throwing this out there because I hav'nt seen any comment to this subject. has anyone else thought this ,especially do to the tight lipped nature pertaining any details. SOME ONE PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS!

Hartzell murder / Camp Lejeune

I have been wondering the same thing. I was in the Marines (and gay) and this just seems too odd to not consider this scenario. Marines just don't kill other Marines. However, if this is the case it pains me to think that even in 2009 people are still afraid of those that are 'different' when in fact we are the same.

Marine killing

My son is in the Marines and is stationed at Camp Lejeune. Even through boot camp my son was taught his fellow marines were his brothers. He stands true to that today. The marines is his family. I hope and pray that this young man did not kill one of his brothers. I do not care who you are or what type of problems you are having, you can not take a life of one of your brothers. I understand that war can change a person. We have a long line of Marines in our family. I am proud of all Marines and proud to say my son is a Marine. I guess I just expect more from Marines than any other branch of the military. I hope all marines learn from this. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for. You are the best, stand tall and make us proud to support. Don't disgrace what you faught to hard to be a part of. Being a marine is not easy. My prayers go out to the family of the young marine who lost his life.

hey for real. law was a

hey for real. law was a little crazy... he was my boy and a beast in football but he was always a little different. For instance,In practice he panced our football coach and coach kicked him in the head. hahaha.. But he was a good dude and Im sad this happened. My heart goes out to Law and his family...


For those of you who didnt know Johnny you have no room to speak. I went to high school with Johnny for four years and saw him every day! He is one of the sweetest, kind hearted, and funny guys you could ever meet. If you were having a bad day he was right there to cheer you up by making some funny voice and a crazy face. Johnny did have some depression problems but he would never hurt anyone else. For you people out there that dont know the kind of person that Johnny is, you should not be judging him. How do you even know that he did it? You dont and when the verdict comes to prove you wrong saying Johnny is innocent, then you will be judged! I am here to support Johnny and his family!

The things these military

The things these military men and women see and experience changes them. So this guy, Law, you dated or knew probably isn't the same person any more. Our military men don't get the mental health assistance they need and they should. The victim's name has been realized, but I had already found out he is a relative of mine. All I can say is the murderer SNAPPED. If Law is responsible for his death, no wonder he tried offing himself. It is horrifying what the murderer did to the guy.Whomever is responsible DOES deserve more than any court can sentence him with!

Don't blame the military

From an earlier post: "He has had issues with depression before and attempted suicide back while we were in high school." 99% of military men go to war, come home, pick up their lives where they left off, and never have any problems. The military makes you a better citizen, it makes you appreciate life more, but it doesn't make you a criminal, a drunk/druggie, or a nut.


I grew up with Johnny Law, he was a good person and if you knew him he truly had an amazing heart.He was my boyfriend for most of freshmen year in HS. He has had issues with depression before and attempted suicide back while we were in high school. while this was ignored i have no idea and am furious about.Everyone has breaking points, his just went a lot farther then anything normal. It breaks my heart to see that because of the military's lack to help him when needed, his life is now ruined and pretty much over. My heart goes out to Johnny and his family...

I went to high school with

I went to high school with Josh Hartzell and he was the sweetest kid and wouldn't cause harm on anybody. Jonathan Law deserves life in prison for this and is a disgrace and failure for this. Depression is a terrible issue but taking an innocent life is just unforgivable.

You dont even know if Johnny

You dont even know if Johnny did it! I went to school with Johnny and he was one of the sweetest guys ever! You shouldnt judge someone unless you know the true verdict!


Why is this story being buried???? I’ve sat hear and read all the comments. Only 21 -22yrs old, so young: it seem as though both were good people. Both joined the Marine Corps with the hopes of service to their country. Both died in horrific ways. What a tragedy. Only one, Law, needed, asked for help repeatedly saying suicidal comments ...HE asked for help...from fellow marines, but they turned a blind eye. NCO, command, did nothing. Isn’t there some type of protocol when a marine loses rank from a CORPL to pfc to be placed on watch for depression or other things, like i don’t know a danger to themselves or others? Was he sent for counseling or evaluated for such a demoralizing thing as serving for 3 yrs3 mo. and being demoted to a PFC? NO. We all have braking points. And I mean all. Corpl Hartzell went looking and knock on the wrong door. For this…my hart hurts for two mothers, their families and fellow Marines. To those that did nothing, PAY ATTITION .To those leaders fueling the Stigma behind asking for help or being uneducated on what to look for or not providing adequate psychological support, re educate yourselves, this was too high a price to pay. If our military branches continue to do nothing, this will surely happen again. I’m tired of the lies and the countless cover ups of the hundreds of suicides, providing little or no help for depression, which can lead to potential homicides on bases around the world. Hopefully some good can come from this horrific tragedy for the families of, Corpl Hartzell and law. That the psychological well being of all in service of this great country will never be over looked AGAIN, Stepping up in reversing this horrible phenomenon.

If you knew him, you would

If you knew him, you would not be saying this stuff.

To say that he was a

To say that he was a "decorated Marine" is probably stretching the truth more than a little bit. He joined in 2006 and was still a Private. My guess is he wasn't the brightest shining star of his unit.

This person deserves life in

This person deserves life in prison. He doenst even deserve to be called a Marine. An udderly complete failure in life.

truthfully you are ignorant,

truthfully you are ignorant, this guy has NEVER shown himself to hurt another living being. he may be "a little out there" as some say. but would never hurt someone. lol and how so fast to judge on this. their isnt even a trial yet. so whom are you to act as if your the judge and tell him he is guilty. all fall short in the eyes of GOD. and you your self shall be judged. remember that.