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Leland Business Watch program aims to decrease crimes

READ MORE: Leland Business Watch program aims to decrease crimes
Police officers in Leland are trying to take a bite out of crime, especially crimes against area businesses. Shoplifting, breaking and entering, and fraudulent checks are just a few crimes officers are cracking down on. We've all heard of a neighborhood watch. Officers in Leland say a business watch is one way business owners can look out for one another. "While you're home sleeping, they're thinking of a way to steal from you,” said Daniel Teachey of Piggly Wiggly. The Piggly Wiggly in Leland has been a victim of crime as of late, from customers using fraudulent checks, to shoplifting. Manager Daniel Teachey says it seems to be getting worse. "They're generating their own business checks, cashing them with state made ID's, that seems to be a growing problem, and of course it's not getting any better." These crimes aren't just happening at the Piggly Wiggly. That's why Leland Corporal Robert Ernest is doing something about it. "Times are getting a little desperate, and they are looking to make a quick buck,” he said. Ernest is jumpstarting a crime prevention program called the Leland Business Watch. It's kind of a like a neighborhood watch, and he hopes it will encourage business owners to keep an eye out for one another. "The communication will be opened up between the business owners and the police department and we'll have some structure to go by,” Ernest said. Just last week, someone attempted to steal from Teachey's store, but the would-be-thief didn't get too far before police stopped her. It's that fast communication that this business watch program hopes to foster. The Leland Police Department has been going door-to-door, educating business owners on the new program. Their second meeting will take place next Thursday at Thunder Alley at 6:00 p.m.

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as a mother my heart goes

as a mother my heart goes out. i can barely feed my own children but would gladly make room at the table 4 anouther.i dont think anyone should be punish 4 having a hard time.........BUT,lets be honest more often than not these people r not bound by sercumstance. they r our neighborhood drugies and thiefs.(i know a few myself)they go steal from stores and then try 2 sale what they hav just stolen(at a cheap price)2 someone who cant arrord 2 shop!!it's sad 2 say,but as someone who struggles 2 show her kids the RIGHT way of living....throw them all in jail!!


Stealing causes prices to increase for the honest people. Maybe if they increase the penalties fewer would do it. What a waste of time for all involved.

what has the world come to??

i understand that shoplifting and theft is illegal. i am not for it at all! but, if you catch a person trying to steal food out of a grocery store or any other place where there is food, i dont necessarily think that they should go to jail for it. the reason being, you dont know that persons situation. maybe they lost their job and they have hungry kids at home and cant find work, after putting in all kinds of job applications. and they cant get help from the government, b/c they "make too much", when they dont even have an income coming in!!!! the food banks can only do so much to help people. if we all would chip in when we can i think that we could all make a difference. see, this is why we ned MORE FACTORIES AND JOBS in this community and in the surrounding areas. look, leland is facing another compay going under as well as rocky point. what are these people going to do?? and now the government is talking about taking away meals for the prisioners??!!?? they may have committed crimes, but they are all still human. lets all do what we can to stop all of this. check on your neighbors, swallow your pride and help someone and if someone offers you help, take it. it doesnt make you any less of a parent, or person to accept help. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! :o)

Stealing is a crime and should be punished

Circumstances don't excuse violating the law! If people are that desperate, seek out hand-outs from a church or community organization. Go to the DSS and ask for assistance. There is no shame in seeking help, but there are consequences for theft. The people selling the food will lose money if we just let all the needy steal food. DUH!!!


The idea that those who steal have fallen on hard times doesn't hold water. There are already government programs in place to provide food for those who lose their jobs. It's called food stamps. There are also food banks. If they don't qualify for food stamps, the chances are these people may have QUIT their job or were fired for dishonesty. If that is the case, they don't deserve a hand out. I grew up in a large family. We were extremely poor. We NEVER stole anything. I got my first job at the age of 11. We worked in the fields from sun up to sun down. We were taught that if you don't work, you don't eat. We didn't blame others because we were poor. We worked to get ourselves out of poverty. I'm sure there are many others who did the same and did it without food stamps and government handouts. Parents are guilty of buying ANYTHING their child wants because they want their child to have better than they had. They don't want their child to do without like they had to do. Unfortunately, this has given us a generation of lazy people who demands everything and are unwilling to WORK for it. I think we need to educate our children and give them the tools needed to work and be productive members of society. I think we need to bring back the Future Farmers of America and other skill related programs into our high schools. If we want to do our kids a favor, teach them how to live life and take care of themselves. Teach them how to grow food and repair their cars in high school. Give them a solid base to build on. I love technology, but our kids need to know how to do more than sit at a computer. Our educational system is utterly broken. Our kids have a distorted view of what life should be about.

Letting someone off the hook

Letting someone off the hook for stealing food from a store is ridiculous. Where do you draw the line? Soon everyone would be walking into grocery stores and leaving without paying. Then they think if they can get away with it there then they can do it anywhere. Shoplifters don't stop, they just get greedier. You have to enforce the laws. It's the honest paying customers that have to pay a higher price to make up for the stores losses.