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Leland celebrates Founder's Day


LELAND, NC (WWAY) -- The celebration of a town. Leland is celebrating 20 years of incorporation during an event known as Founder's Day. It's the town's biggest event of the year - drawing thousands of people.

The Brunswick County town had a special day packed full of entertainment, food and fun. The day featured performances by bands, along with arts and crafts and vendors. Admission was free!
Organizers say they are pleased with the turnout and feel a sense of pride in their community.

"I think it's good because people can come and meet their neighbors or ones they might not have seen in a long time and come enjoy some entertainment and enjoy some food and really just bring that hometown feeling to Leland," said Neil Brooks who is the Director of Leland Parks & Recreation and an organizer for Founder's Day.

Brooks says Founder's Day is traditionally on the second Saturday in September and it's just a coincidence that it fell on 9/11 this year. Brooks doesn't mind it though. He says there is a love of country in Leland and it shows throughout the event.

Others, like Keonte James came out just to have some fun! "I went rock climbing, I went down the slide, I raced my brother around here a couple of times I bought a few sodas and things to eat and I'm just having a real good time out here," said James.

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Big Secret

In the past I have heard some type of promotion for Founder's Day. This year nothing....I didn't even know it was going on.

They were afraid!

That's because they were afraid of all the people coming for free food and they weren't going to serve them. Oh Well? You could go and pay for cardboard pancakes though. You didn't miss a thing! Be thankful!

Those so called "cardboard

Those so called "cardboard pancakes" were actually pretty darn good and the funds from that all went to the North Brunswick High School Boosters. It was supporting our kids... Well worth the price.


Another Founder's Day has come and gone. Whoop tee dooo!!!! Thousands yeah right. Last year the town council fed 15,000 people free. This year they couldn't afford it so they had about 2,000 people. Come to find out the people don't come to meet their neighbors, they come to get free food. Imagine that? Leland at it's best.

P.S. Even the POLICE had to trespass some "Lelandites" for fighting. Go figure? You can change the looks but you can't change the inhabitants.

Let me reply to your blatent

Let me reply to your blatent ignorance.

First of all, Leland advertised its ANNUAL Founders Day several ways...WWAY, WECT, radio, StarNews, etc. It's always the second Saturday in September. Everyone knows that. Just as Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November.

Secondly, like everyone else suffering with the economy, it was too expensive to feed everyone for FREE. Especially when past Founders Day surveys proved people were coming from all over (Wilmington, Southport, Whiteville, etc) to eat. The North Brunswick Booster Club took it upon themselves to sell tickets for a pancake breakfast that morning to benefit the schools. So there was food and it was for a good cause. To support our local high school...not to feed the surrounding counties for FREE.

Thirdly, it was September 11. They cut the celebration short and started it earlier than usual for a rememberance ceremony to honor the victims of 9/11.

Lastly the "melee" that you speak of did not occur. The only "incident" that the police responded to was a spirited football game started by some youths in the back of the park. The police mistook agressive tackles as the beginning of a fight. Once they checked on it and realized it was nothing but a football game, the police let them get back to playing. Pretty mild action compared to the horrific bar fights that happen in downtown Wilmington every weekend; just like the ones that were all over the news tonight.

For those who live outside of Leland and feel like you can pass judgement about other towns, I suggest you take a strong look at your own community before you cast stones. While you're on your better-than-thou pedestals looking down on us, making up rumors about what occurs in our town, we'll be sitting back in our laid back community, enjoying our lower taxes and laughing at your ignorance.

lelands founders day comment

See that on the money remark up there by Leland girl?She is one of my wonderful neighbors who gives me the l'il wave as she passes me when i am walking and who stops to listen to my grand daughter when she runs up to a stranger in the park thrilled she has seen a caterpillar and who calls me when she hasn't seen me for a while and wonders if we are all well at my house. and I am not even a born and raised here LOCAL!!!