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Leland neighborhood tries to stop break-ins, thefts


A series of car break-ins has some Leland residents on edge. The Leland Police Department says three vehicles were broken into and another three were stolen in the Lanvale Trace community. Residents say this is the third time a rash of vehicle break-ins has hit their community. The incident has residents taking a few extra steps to stop future break-ins.

"When I'm in and out at night we try to leave more lights on perhaps even the garage lights some times," Tracey Connette said. "Talking to my neighbor the other night a lot of us are trying to do that to deter people from coming around."

The community has a Neighborhood Watch, but residents still want a greater police presence. If you have any information about the break-ins call the Leland Police Department at 371-1100 or call 911.

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leland pd



For one I couldn't care less about what an officer wears when he is off-duty. Second, I live off of Lanvale Road and have never once seen a road block...

Are You Serious?

What difference does it make if we have tattoos or earrings or wear paper bags on our heads when we are off duty? Do you care what the officer looks like that stops the drunk from hurting someone driving drunk, maybe that night they stop the drunk from hitting you and your family. If looks are all you care about then stay home and look in the mirror, that would be one less LOCAL on the road the cops have to worry about!

If you are the cop I think

If you are the cop I think you are (Leland officer, mid to late 20's, stocky covered with tattoos), the tattoos are the most professional thing about you. Cut out the speeding, get off your cell phone, and stop acting like a bully. You aren't new at this, and don't for a second act like this what you do all day long. You speed through neighborhoods at 60mph.

Guess again

See there you go thinking...which I guess is your biggest problem other than saying out loud what you think. I don't work for Leland...but nice to see that you are picking on one OFFICER out of the hundreds around who have tattoos. Maybe your beef is with that officer and not people with ink. I have had my ink for years before I ever wanted to be an officer.

By the way, I wear long sleeves year round, yep even in the summer so that people like you can't discriminate against me.
If you don't have anything else better to do than watch that one officer...STAY HOME your are starting to sound like a stalker.


I lived in leland and bolivia for 14 years. I also was in law enforcement! I was always professional and fair! BUT..... in my time there i can tell you from fact....that county is is corrupt!!

You've got to be kidding ...

There are more important issues at hand than focusing on what is or isn't underneath the officer's uniform, you perv...

break ins

You'd probably be surprised at how many criminals live in that neighborhood. I know someone who had their vehicle broken into and then found out some time later their neighbor was convicted several times for, guess what..........breaking into cars.

leland pd ask you to help them do thir job

patrol our community and shopping centers instead of focusing on the guy with a broke tailight ,or the girls working the night shift at the citgo , it takes 3 patrol cars to stop a guy with a broke taillight, timothy jayne get youre guys to do their job instead of hiding out ,i know of several of their hiding spots maybe a video or two so the public can see would help


Video vigilante, afraid to identify yourself. Why don't you take your beef to the monthly town meeting? Instead of making accusations you can't prove.

Another happy and educated

Another happy and educated customer. You see hanging out at the Citgo keeps it from getting robbed or the store clerk from getting killed. A broken tail light gives the Officer a valid reason to stop a car and do what they call proactive policing. They can at that point get a chance to search the car check for warrants and see just who is moving around at the wee hours of the night. Hey how about the Cops come to your job and tell you how to do it. Some of us citizens think we know the best way to Police. Well I learned a lot when I actually started looking into things like how the Police are funded, how the man power is displaced, how a team of officers are assigned to a section of police work like, Break ins, murders, rapes, drugs, traffic, and prevention. You know what I learned when I took the time to visit the local Bad Boys. It is alot easier to put a man on the moon then it is to put him in jail. So I suggest instead of watching your favorite tv show, get on down to your nearest PD and do a ride along. I tell you what they have a scary job. They really put their lives on the line. Yes even for retards like yourself. That time spent understanding my local Cop open my eyes to so much. Lets say you have a 100 man department. You have 50 square miles to patrol. You have 50,000 citizens plus visitors, and 200 businesses. If you want to tell people how to do there job and be everywhere at one time lets see you work this out. You can't, without us, the community helping them out. Safety in a community is everyones responsibility. The Officer I rode with took me to a residential neighborhood. We pulled on several car doors parked in the yard. Out of 30 cars 6 were unlocked or windows down. One of them were unlocked and the window down and the dome light saying, " Here I am. Break into me". The Officer politely knocked on his door and said, " Sir sorry to disturb you at this hour but your car was unlocked and your window was down. There has been a couple of break ins around here and... before he could finish the idiot yelled at the Cop and said," Well why aint you catching the bastards and wasting your time waking me up". I stood there and watch the Officer take this abuse. He said nothing and walked off. I stopped went back and gave that guy a piece of my mind. He finally came out and secured his, HIS freakin property. So if you dont care then why should they.


Maybe you can get Leland P.D to help you with your spelling, and if you get your tailight fixed they won't feel the need to stop you and can spend a bit more time worrying about the people causing the bigger problems. By the way it is not VIGELANTE it is spelled vigilante. Find a school, check in, and learn how the world ticks cupcake.

Police Department

I'm not going to pretend to know whether or not the Leland police department is honest or corrupt. But what I do know is Wilmington has a huge crime problem, and Leland's problems are growing. Without a strong police department that is well funded and supported by the community, crime will continue to grow and property values will continue to sink.

There's a reason divorce rates are so high among police officers. It's a tough, thankless job with long hours and no end in site. Rarely does anyone say thank you, and often they say a lot of offensive and hateful things.

If there are corrupt cops in Leland, then they need to be put in jail with the other criminals. But there are also good cops. Police officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. Thank you.

Personally, I think both the Wilmington and Leland police departments are underfunded and understaffed. And if anyone is genuinely serious about reducing crime and improving property values-that's the first step.