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Leland Police looking for armed robber

LELAND -- Police in Leland are asking for your help in finding the man responsible for an armed robbery at a local Food Lion. The robbery took place around 11 Monday night, at the Food Lion on Village Road. Police say the man showed the clerks a semi-automatic pistol and lead them to an office, where he forced one of them to open the store's safe. He took off with an undisclosed amount of money. The suspect was wearing jeans, a grey hooded sweatshirt and a knitted hat. A female accomplice is believed to have entered the store just before him. She can also be seen in these photos. If you have any information, call detective keel at the Leland Police Department, at 910-332-5003.

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Let me tell you this about

Let me tell you this about Food Lion. I'm 87 years old and I served in both WW2 and Korea. I had Hitler himself try to choke the life out of me and I once stood unarmed as an enemy battalion surrounded me in Korea. But, I've never been as scared as I was a few weeks ago when I was almost trampled to death in the Food Lion parking lot. I had just gotten out of my car and was walking to the store when a cow that had escaped came running towards me. The look in his eye was the same look the Germans gave me when they were trying to kill me in 1942. I use a walker and I couldn't get out of the way in time. Just then, a young man wearing a red smock and a hairnet appeared out of nowhere. He was brandishing a butcher knife. For a moment, I thought he was out to kill me, too. But, I was wrong. He used his knife to disable the mad cow. He knew exactly where to cut it to bring it down. That man, as I later found out, is the market manager at that store. Were it not for him and his butchering skills, that cow would have done something two whole countries were not able to do to me...kill me. God bless that young man. God bless Food Lion!

What is wrong with you?

I am absolutely disgusted knowing that one of my neighbors had a gun pointed at them and all you people can talk about is milk??? The employees are our neighbors and they were violated. I am more concerned about what is being done to keep us all safer!! I am more concerned about how the victims will move past this.. I am outraged that this has happened and my fellow neighbors are talking about milk!!! I hope the victims don't read these ridiculous comments... that may cause even more pain... maybe you'd feel differently if it had happened to you, or your family member.. How insensitive can you be?? I know you all will comment back with something that you think is "witty" (hug a tree? That was brilliant)but the fact remains that something horrible has happened in OUR town to Our neighbors and no one is showing support.. I hope you always have your sense of security.. they don't anymore!

I love how they're asking us

I love how they're asking us to identify these people, when STEVIE WONDER could get a clearer view of them.

Three words....

Concealed Carry Permit

can't believe these comments

I can't believe these thoughtless remarks. Regardless of the company, remember that they are PEOPLE that are serving you. They do not produce milk themselves, they put it on the shelf and scan it for YOU. Think about the victims in this case. Put yourself in their shoes before you blame it on milk that didn't meet quality standards. I think those comments were made in poor taste. Maybe they watch the news and visit this site. You're definitely right about the cameras, they could be better. I'm glad no one was physically injured. Imagine what it must do to a person mentally, though. All you think about is a recall. These poor people have to face their sense of security being gone and always looking over their shoulder because they don't feel safe ANYWHERE anymore. I'm so sorry for the loss of your milk, at least no one put a gun to your head when you were buying it.

Go hug a tree or watch your

Go hug a tree or watch your liberated shows. Please give me a break!

I hope this never happens to

I hope this never happens to you. I'm sure it would take awhile to get your foot out of your mouth. Why don't you think about who may have written that. (maybe it's happened to them) Are you implying that only liberals care? What a shame. Maybe I should change parties.

Town of Robber's

There is so much robbing in this area. What is with that ? Get a real job or move somewhere else, punks.

Town of Robber's

This would imply that you think they can read?

Give the poor guy a break

Looking at the cow that accompanied him, he may need the money to buy glasses.....or hay.

Robbers stole tainted milk from Food Lion

Hope they didn't steal any of that tainted milk, or on second thought maybe I hope they did :)

bad milk?

Guess they wouldn't refund his milk purchase!


Why can't modern technology catch up with the grainy photos. If the photos were clear, we may be able to identify these hoodlums!

There are some great

There are some great security camera systems for purchase that have near perfect imaging. It all boils down to what the company wants to spend on a system. As far as I know there are no laws or regulations on what type of camera system a store must have if any at all.....


We can see my house clearly from space but can not get a clear video from 10 feet. Sad.