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Leland: population up, crime down

READ MORE: Leland: population up, crime down
LELAND -- Good news out of Brunswick County tonight. The town of Leland has seen a significant drop in crime, despite a boom in population. It seems there's construction everywhere you look in Leland, indicating a growing population. Despite that, the police department has been working hard over the past few years to keep crime low. Bill and Lucinda Waterson retired to Leland from New Hampshire. They're among the thousands of people filling up the developments popping up all over town. Lucinda said, "We liked the area and we just decided this is it." Bill said, "You hear all the doom and gloom on the news about how the housing is terrible and all this. It certainly doesn't seem to be terrible here." The crime rate isn't so terrible in Leland, either, making Police Chief Osey Sanders proud. In the past five years the police department staff has tripled and implemented new ways of cracking down on crime. Sanders said, "We brought aboard a lot of programs such as our 'are you OK' check -- we call every day and call on our senior citizens in Leland. We have a very aggressive crime prevention program, we do a vacation check on folks' homes when they're away." In 2002 Leland's population was about 4,000 people and there were 72 crimes per 1,000 citizens. Fast forward to 2007 and the town's population more than doubled to 10,000. Although, crimes reduced to 30 per 1,000 people -- a 57 percent crime reduction in those five years. Sanders said, "It's going to be very tough to hold crime down in a city that's developing so fast, but we've been pretty successful at it." The Watersons look forward to enjoying retirement in Leland as their town continues to grow. Bill said, "It seems it's going to get better and better from our perspective, having things that are convenient and available. You don't have to go into Wilmington; you can if you want." Lucinda said, "I think the boom is just incredible; glad to be a part of it." Chief Sanders says there's very little violent crime in Leland. It's mostly property crime.

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Does anyone know what the Chief's salary was and what the range is their offering for his replacement? I know it says dependent on qualifications, but I'm sure they have a range cap.

Leland stats

Headline should have run as, " Leland: population up, Police not doing nearly enough" I can't knock the guys trying, but if you think the problem is getting less per capita then you have another thing coming. Along with the fastest growing population area in NC you have one of the fastest growing and most innovative criminal population growing. I will go on record to say that the cops are doing good, but their means are not nearly good enough. Better equipment, more people and resources are needed. Simply quoting a statistic that is backed by the shallow assumption that the police are effective because of these numbers doesn't really tell me anything. It might if it was based on 100% of the crime in the area of Leland. One of the biggest areas of crime occurs in or amongst the illegal aliens that are located there and they will not report a crime for fear of being in trouble and deported. Right there you have a large number of crimes being committed and not counted that this stat does NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT. I sure hope this made the chief feel good. It really don't mean SQUAT!

My family and I moved from

My family and I moved from western NC to Wilmington and then Leland 4 years ago. Within the last 4 years, Leland has changed DRAMATICALLY for the better. Every facet of the town has definitively improved and I must admit when we first moved here 4 years ago, I wasn't sure if we had made the right decision to buy a home here. All I know is that I am no longer worried about "the bad element" and feel protected in my neighborhood and town. Do I leave my door unlocked at night like I used to in my old hometown? No however,I also know that if I need help, I will receive it quickly from the ladies and gentlemen in uniform.



I moved from Wilmington to

I moved from Wilmington to Leland a year ago . I'm pleased with the more aggresive police presants than WPD.

crime will greatly reduce

the percent of crime will fall even farther with one of the head criminals leaving the department in the next 60 days, and will fall even farther if the town of leland can fill his job with an honest reliable chief .thanks for leaving osy you will not be missed

Low Crime in Leland

As a current homeowner in the Waterford development, and as future resident in a year or two once I retire from California, this is great news! Hat's off to the Leland Police Department for an outstanding job. As a frequent reader of the StarNews, it seems that as crime decreases in Leland, it unfortunately has increased in downtown Wilmington. I look forward to living in such a wonderful and growing community. Sincerely, Larry Mazzuca Vacaville, California

Thanks to Wal Mart

With all the new tax money, They were able to buy all those new Hemi Chargers and SUV's. Oh and the Rt. 17 speed trap helps too.

You must have gotten a ticket

If you are obeying the law and not speeding you won't have to worry about the so called "speed traps."


There are only two Hemi's in the department the rest are V6 Chargers. There are 4 SUV 2 for the K9s and one for a detective and the other is for CRO and as for the speed and what happen to 17 you should thank NC DOT they are the ones that made it that way not the town. Get your facts straight. Some one who would know

good job LA police no

good job LA police no complaints here.