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Leland residents can now track crimes online

If you are a Leland resident, you can now check a map to see exactly where crime is happening. Leland Police launched the Crime Analysis Tool in early December in response to residents saying they wanted to be informed of crime happening in the area. plots Leland Police reports on a Google Map. The map shows the type of crime, where and when it happened. It is updated daily. Partial addresses on the map protect victims involved in the crimes. Leland Police Lieutenant, Charles Bost, said with the new service, his department can see what areas need increased monitoring.

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Leland Police

Everyone knows where the crime takes place in Leland. That is easy to spot. Ride up and down HWY 74-76 or Village Road and you will see some poor old 70 year old woman in a mini van pullde over for speeding and there will be FOUR LPD squad cars surrounding her like she is OJ Simpson in the get away Bronco. God forbid if some teen comes through with tinted windows on there car. That warrants another FOUR of Leland's finest to the rescue. It just is beyond belief that they need that many cops to make a single traffic stop. I have traveled many miles in my time and never have I ever seen such.

leland police dept

i have lived in leland all my life and can tell you the police dept is reno 911 if they were real officers working for the police dept then the crime would not be this bad cause like everybody says they take 4 cars to one road stop for one old lady i think they need to fire all of them and hire real cops