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Leland residents tired of dirt pile

LELAND -- Residents in a Leland housing development say they're tired of looking at a big pile of dirt in their neighborhood. They say it's because the developers aren't following through with the original plan for the land. People who live in the Westport development say they were told the land would be used for baseball and soccer fields and a playground. Tom Loftus is on the Westport Ground Committee. He said, "We're getting something we didn't bargain for and a lot less than we were supposed to get." Loftus lives in the Westport development in Leland. He says he likes living there, but back in March, he and his neighbors noticed something wasn't right. Loftus said, "Apparently the developer ran into problems with massive amount of waste material. It was earth with a mixture of earth with a mixture of logs, stumps, tailings, all kinds of, things like that, organic material and rather than truck it off the site what they did was create a massive berm." In March the town ordered the developers to move the berm -- but that hasn't happened. Now the town is reinforcing the order to get rid of the pile that takes up almost one acre of land. Leland Mayor Walter Futch said, "I wish the pile had been moved already, it had been grassed in and made to be what it was supposed to be in the first place. I think it's drug on way too long." Futch says he's doing what he can to support the people of Leland -- people like Cindy Dias, a Westport resident. Dias said, "We just spent $1,000 on planting a bunch of trees along my neighbor's back yard and our back yard just to get some of the debris from blowing into the screen porches." These neighbors say they just want to see their neighborhood become a good place for kids to grow up. Dias said, "Kids now need to get out and get some exercise and now you're going to put them playing in a junk field with pot holes and sink holes? It's just not right." Loftus said, "I'd like to see the soccer field here. I'd like to see this mess out of here." The baseball field has been built. Now residents are hoping to see a soccer field and playground -- and see the dirt pile gone. Repeated calls to the developers' attorneys have not been returned.

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Westport is unfortunately

Westport is unfortunately nothing but a bunch of opinionated retired yankees who hate children, and for "any young folk" to have any fun. No one on the board or any committee is less than 65 yrs old and originally from the state on NC, so therefore there is no fair representation on the board for anyone under 65 or from this area. The purpose of having a board and restrictive covenants is to protect property values but by their actions they do the exact opposite. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

I also live in Westport and

I also live in Westport and the HOA "board members" are a joke! They are running a GREAT neighborhood into the ground! Good news for the residence b/c I dont think they can even do that right!


I find it interesting that the people who complain the most and feel that everyone picks on them are the same people that never do anything positive for the community. You never see them volunteering for any activity, serving on any committee, or attending any HOA meeting to be better informed. If you are unhappy where you live, my suggestion is to move to an area where you will be happy. I'm sure ReMax will be glad to speak with you.


As far as I am to understand the "same people" you may be referring to are building careers and raising families. I believe it would be safe to assume that the "same people" find it difficult to juggle all that life has ahead of them, just as you and many of the retiree's once had. Now that retirements have been established, many have forgotten what it is like to have very little time building that very same thing for our families. And that "downtime" is better spent with our families. It should not have to be spent monitoring the activities of our board. The board on the other hand, appears to do many good things (like take on the responsibility) but also is creating rules that are unreasonable and self indulgent, not for the betterment of a community. Remax can't help me because they can't showcase my home with anything more than a virtually invisible sign in my window (and internet marketing, periodicals, I know). I purchased my home when I drove by and saw all of the flags, SIGNS, cars on the side of the road and the parade of advertisements the developer had so "carelessly" placed around Westport (the boards heads would have exploded if they saw or could remember what it looked liked driving down our main road back in the developer days, "fines for everybody!"). It worked for him/them at that time. He thought they were a good idea, hmmm??? "If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it." Please, try and remember what it was like when you could rely on the good judgment and sound advise from your elders. Also, if you require a pat on the back for volunteering and doing all of these wonderful things for our community, you have missed the point. At any rate, thank you for doing so.

Let me guess

Let me guess you are one of the old retirees that voted to have no children under 18 at the Westport Pool, yeah thats real positive for the community. What you fail to realize that driving around looking for residents who are "out of compliance"( like the Luptons do ), banning children from common areas, and holding bunco games at the club house every weekend (which no one under 80 plays)is NOT GOOD FOR PROPERTY VALUES! The whole purpose of having an HOA is to preserve the integrity and property values of the neighborhood. With all this bad publicity, rumors around the greater Wilmington area, and no one under 83 yrs old on the HOA board no wonder there's an under swelling of unhappy residents, with a record number of homes on the market in our neighborhood. If we could just be "neighbors without the "us vs. them" mentality our neighborhood and property values would be much better. By the way why would anyone use Remax seriously?

Crazy people

As a resident of Westport I am so tired of hearing about this. I like the community I live in, I feel it is one of the most beautiful in Leland. There are a small number of people in Westport that make living in the neighborhood awful. For example, has anyone ever lived in a community where its own residents through excrement on their clubhouse or are threatened/harassed when they join a committee? Has anyone ever lived in a community where a resident SWAM all of the retention ponds with a pole to measure the pond depth? Has anyone ever lived a community where the monthly newletter berates the residents over and over about fines that can be levied against them if they are not following the rules? I tell you I am love my home but I am so tired of this group of people that make living here hard. I think it is time for the sane people of Westport, the majority, to speak out against the crazies and tell them if they don't like living here then go back up north. They are hurting us, our home's value and our community.

I agree with everything you

I agree with everything you said, but I do take offence to the comment about going back up north, I come form up north and I am not one of those people who bother or make problems for anyone else. Things do need to be put in prospective about the problems we face. We don't need to pick up any bills because the developer is leaving his problems for our developement to pay for. That will come out of our pockets.

We were lied to

I live in this neighborhood and all of us were lied to. Sandy Wood the developer who has developed other neighborhoods such as Fairfield Park, showed all of us plans that included a playground and soccer field. None of that was done. Sandy Wood just hastily finished the community as quick as possible and pulled out. The "baseball field" (I use that term loosely) is a total joke, its just thrown up in and awkward spot and the outfield is about 20 ft deep. It is totally unusable and unwanted, but it's a lot cheaper to put up that putting in a playground as was promised.I would think twice before purchasing anything that Sandy Wood is involved in, he is just a greedy dishonest man period.

This is the result of the

This is the result of the Town of Leland saying "YES,Yes" to developers and trying to pacify the residents afterward. I think the Town of Leland zoning, and building inspections should be taken over by the county or the state. They are overwhelmed, lacking in knowledge and the residents pay for it in the end.


I can understand how you could possibly believe that the big pile is the planning department fault, but how could you possibly believe that the BI department had any say one way or the other.

Such a pretty pile

Better than the ones that we have over here. Ours are to help with the traffic noise and such. But then again they have grown into weed piles of rat holes and snake dens. Try golfing around those hazards. It turns out that the piles are the perfect places for the developers to have pushed up the waste dirt, stumps and logs from the land clearing. Attracts termites into the area, and NC doesn't need anymore of those! The developers found a good way to save big money, noise barrier piles! Some of our barriers also are part of some sort of haxardous materials right-of-way. Right behind our houses are a high pressure gas lines and a pipeline that carries who-know's-what chemical somewhere. Bottom line, some piles are better than others, or, sometimes the pile is greener on the other side.

vote for frankie the crook

this election you can vote for frankie thomas then you can contract youre new mayor and pay him to move it ,then he can sell it to the next developer .leland town coucil is full of crooks starting with thir chief of police sanders ,how many more black eyes does he have to give the department before they boot him

I don't think the Town of

I don't think the Town of Leland building inspector ever saw a jobsite in 2005. Maybe he did a quick pass in the pickup- And who was the mayor then?? I think the SBI should investigate the Town of Leland.