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Leland residents voicing concern over group home

READ MORE: Leland residents voicing concern over group home
Some Leland residents are voicing their concerns about the possibility of a group home moving in to their neighborhood. It would be a level three home -- a place where up to six youth suffering from a variety of mental disorders could live. The home in question has been on the market for more than a year. Now, there is a proposal in the works to turn the three bedroom home into a residential treatment center. A level three group home requires a staff member to be present and available at all times throughout the day and night. The patients could suffer from frequent aggression and other similar disorders. However, the main concern for residents is the fact that the home will not be a locked down or secure space, meaning the residents could come and go as they please. Concerned neighbor Jennifer Hunnicutt said, "Our main concern is safety -- safety for the people and safety for the children. We want to have children, but we were so upset last night, we would never consider having children if something like this went up." The organization proposing the group home is called Divine Interventions Residentials. The director would not go on camera but said the potential residents of the home deserve a safe area in which to live. Neighbors will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice any concerns at a public hearing. That hearing will take place Thursday, at the County Complex in Bolivia.

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I was in several level 3 group home when I was 17. I'm not 20 now. My reasons for being there were not justified. I had a poor social worker. I've had things to me happen, restrained with NO resistance because i ripped up a piece of paper that was of important document.. and a needle shoved in my ass 10 minutes later for that. I've been chocked by staff and tell them since my mom's dead that I'm next. I've seen staff drag the girls where they had a rug burn COVERING their back, and the other staff just covered for the others. They had investigations... who's going to believe the teenagers locked up in that place? it was a living hell. I can honestly say that didnt help at all. I've told the DSS and the social worker but they did NOTHING. Honeslty all the girls wanted was some attention, SOME i can say are really sick, but most of them are just hurt because there in a place with all these other girls.. they can't talk to there friends or family like they should. I know how the girls in there think.. some even tryed to get restrianed because they were bored and wanted excitment or they wanted to get the PRN's they give you to knock you out so you sleep all day. Most staff doesn't care one bit. They stick by there notes. Belive it or not... how sick the system truely is. And when im 70 yrs old I'll still say they need a better way of going about this. Jail is better than this.. and I've been for 3 weeks once. Ever since I have been out of DSS my life has been wonderful. I have a townhouse, a job, everything I could ask for. Because people are


I currently am employed at a Level 3 group home in West Virginia. I'm also a youth minister. When I got into this field of work I seen it the way some of you have, "oh there're just misunderstood and need love" But to be honest I try to inspire and help them but about 1% of what I say seems to take root. Most of the teens I work with right now are the future inmates. Mainly because the freakin government has bought into the people that has said "oh just talk to him and love on them and show them the right way." Ok we're trying to make up for years of never receveing displine so there is a majority of them that after being slammed down for attempting to attack staff have straigtned up. Thats why I get frustrated when I say to someone "yea we had to take him to the ground" and they say "oh ya'll shouldn't do that to them poor kids." So those of you who see them as "poor misunderstood kids" have never dealt with these kids need to be around them awhile before you make a judgement. They lie, cheat, and steal. They attack, have sex anywhere and with anyone. They do drugs and flip off anyone who tells them its wrong and people like myself that work with them can't displine them because the government(who doesn't work with them) says NO do it this way. So thank your government.

You are Kidding Right?

I am really confused as to what the problem is here. When a Group Home goes up and kids are placed it is with Staff Supervision as well as a TX plan and goals for these kids to work on to live a better life. Kids are not placed there to become more violent. At least with this type of home you know who your neighbor is going to be. You know that the Staff are trained to handle these kids and you also know that the police are going to be called when something or someone gets out of hand. When a new neighbor moves in or you move into a new neighbor hood whose to say you wont end up next too a Gang member's house and they bring all that comes with it? Someone who become's drunk on the weekends and becomes both verbally and physically offensive to the ones we love? Set up a crack house two doors down? Even worse snap and kill one's wife or children. Every step is taken to insure that they are not placing Dangerous kids in a neighbor hood if they are going to be at risk for getting hurt. This is not an experiment this is something that works and is needed. You have as much control over whom is going to move in to your neighbor hood as you do of when you are going to die. Become involved with the Group Home know the staff who work there, as well as the individuals who move in. You would be surprised at the relationship's that have formed and where some of these kids have ended up. You never know it could be a doctor that is know taking care of you, or a teacher who is teaching your children, or the man you go see and listen too every Sunday

Concerned in BC...

We wonder why Brunswick County jail just had to enlarge........... maybe because there is No where in our area that is trying to help these troubled and rejected teenagers. Who most have problems because of a lack of Adult concern and love (parents). It's sad people can't have compassion for others anymore and not just think of themselves.

Dear Barney....

Feel free to bring a couple of them into YOUR home....just don't ever turn your back to them, or you may wake up in the ICU beaten to a pulp, your wallet and car gone. Time to face reality - most "troubled teens" are already one short step away from jail. Blame their parents, not people who simply want to keep their neighborhood safe. Common sense dictates that you look out for YOUR family's safety, and no one in their right mind is going to compromise that for the sake of strangers who are already advertised as being a potential problem.

as a parent of a autistic 15

as a parent of a autistic 15 year old child it is up to this country and our community to help in any way shape or form to help these children and to do any less is a travisty and selfish so till you deal with it day in and day out i think you should keep your opinion to your self untill you step up and say what can i do to help this helpless child

Wouldn't it be nice if the

Wouldn't it be nice if the neighbors showed some compassion to these troubled kids? Just once, I would love to read that a neighborhood actually welcomed a home like this with kindness and care, something these kids have probably never had. We truly do live in a sad, sad, world. "Love thy neighbor"... yeah... right.

our preacher said that "love

our preacher said that "love thy neighbor as thyself" isn't an exhortation but an explanation of the externalizing of our own issues on others

OK. Problem solved

Give us your address and we'll see what we can do about putting a group home next door to you. Come to think of it, let's put one on both sides of you. Make sure you include the full address Kay so the realtors and the state DSS can get started.

It's difficult to love your neighbor....

...when your neighbor may be a violent seventeen year-old who weighs in at 250, and decides he wants YOUR car to go see his girlfriend in Durham. I invite all to enter "escaped from group home" or "escaped from youth home" into Google, and see how many of these facilities have teenagers escape every year. These are not small children who need kindness and care. They are teenaged journeymen in training for a long criminal careeer.

love and kindness

The article plainly states that it's a treatment center. There are zoning restrictions that we the public have to live by. It's unfair to affect the property values of people's homes, the safety of the neighborhood, and put a commercial enterprise into a residential setting. There are many properties that are available with the proper zoning elsewhere in Brunswick County. The residents of Snee Farm and Stoney Creek bought these properties as single family residences. I'm sure all of us feel for the trouble youth, but there are better settings to experiment with troubled kids. The only thing for sure is this facility, in residential family settings, is sure to cause trouble. Are you willing to risk your family's safety and well being for an experiment with violent offenders. We are not.

everybody is not born with special needs

Would you feel this way if a love one or yourself happen to be in a car wreck,hit in a parking lot, etc.. and then you couldn't stay where you were but, you needed help living on. Not everybody is born with a special need. People in the group home pay medical, taxes etc. why not be a part of the community. I think people that don't look outside the box are ones we should be scare of. People like you

group home

so do these children not deserve somewhere to live? We're sorry you have a mental/emotional disorder so you can go live on the street now b/c God Forbid you live in OUR neighborhood. I am personally appalled at the inconsiderateness of these people. If you knew anything about level 3 group homes you would know, yes many suffer with very significant mental/emotional conditions and they do need constant supervision, which is why they are placed in a group home. They are accounted for at all times, and therefore if they were outside the group home a staff member would have to be with them.... you have ignorant unfounded concerns. And yes I would allow a level 3 in my community, w/ open arms, maybe it's my training as a counselor, or maybe just maybe it's my decency as a human being.... I guarantee there are many people each person reading this knows that have enough mental disabilities that they too could qualify for placement in a hl3 group home...get over yourselves, these kids didn't asked to be put in this situation and they need a stable and reliable home...... GROW UP and realize that this world isn't all about YOU!

I'd welcome them in my neighborhood

Of course, I carry a .45 automatic and have an exceptional alarm system on my home that is armed whenever I am away. Wake up. If these "kids" need constant supervision and cannot be left alone, they sound remarkably like some of the stellar characters you meet at Raleigh Central. Here's what you fail to grasp - when someone escapes from his incarceration, breaks into your house, rapes you, kills you, and eats you, it doesn't matter if he was a career criminal who escaped jail or a "troubled kid" who climbed out the window of his group home. The end result is the same. Twenty-seven years ago a fifteen year-old "troubled kid" literally butchered his aunt, sister, and cousin just an hour up the road. "Troubled kids" kill people in this country every day. Stop pretending these are cute little misunderstood street urchins from some Dickens novel. Most are seriously disturbed teenagers, and they have no business living in a residential neighborhood. Most of them should be behind bars and razor wire.


If these "kids" are not so bad why are they not at home with Mommy & Daddy? (Or,more likely Grandma). The sympathizers here obviously have never had the misfortune of knowing one of this type of "kid". Common is correct, they are one step away from jail. The punks that live in almost every neighborhood in town are mild compared to these kids. They should not be placed anywhere near homes with children or near the public. There are plenty of old homes out in the middle of nowhere to buy with nothing but deer and raccoons as neighbors.

Good to see someone knows

Good to see someone knows the truth.


I have to THANK GOD FOR HOA rules that force SINGLE family homes and non-commercial residences.... SCORE ONE for HOA's!

Group home

That company, doesn't care about you, your kids or the people living in the home. They are about making a quick buck off the gov't. Anytime you are given something in life, it is not appreciated. The homeowners in that neighborhood have every right to complain about what is trying to be forced down their throat. You don't put violent, unstable people into a enviornment of stay at home mom's and children.


You know what everyone needs to get over it.I am glad that there are people and companies that are willing to house people with disorders that are not like you and I.Everyone deserves a place to call home.Why would people in this neighborhood not feel safe,why would the woman in this article not have children b/c of this home and who it is going to house? Would she rather see these people in a state ran home where only god knows what is happening to them?You never know who lives beside you or down the road from you. If that is one of her issues then she needs to get on the sex offender web site and see just how many of them live around her,and that is who she should be worried about having around her children,not people with disablities.I bet she was one of those people who laughed at someone b/c they were not like her. SHAME ON YOU....

The issue is....

I suggest you read up on Level 3 home "patrons". These young adults are prone to FREQUENT violence (including sexual) as well as destruction of property. A level 3 home is one step away from incarceration. The person who wants to run this, has never done this before. There is a L3 group home in Leland (boys), and the cops are called there frequently. Why would anyone want this in their neighborhood where the only time a cop is there is if he is home from work. Homeowners within a 1 mile radius will have to disclose that there is a group home in the area, which is statistically proven to lower home prices. If you feel so positive about it, why don't you offer to let them move to your neighborhood instead? My guess is because you have a case of NIMBY (that is, it's ok as long as it is Not In My BackYard).

Level III

Level three is not one step from incarceration. Actually there is a Level IV facility and Ta Da there is one opening in Leland this fall. After Level Three there is an acute inpatient care and for the criminally focused then there is Juvenal detention. But the more sick kids than the Acute care can move up higher to a longterm state treatment or even a forensic pschiatry institution. Now if none of you have ever worked in any of these environments I'm sure it's scary to think of. More importantly these kids in group homes who have the cops called on them are predictable. They are fighting over whether they have to eat brocoli or whether they need to get off the phone. The real scary people are the people who can get drunk, beat their wife,kids and dogs, then go to work and write e-mails about news articles like this one.

SHAME ON YOU / Group home

Let's examine the group home proposal. 1. When you Google the name of the company running the home, you get the name, address, phone number. You do not get a description of what they do, corporate information, licensing. 2. This project is not residential, but a commercial enterprise designed to make a corporate profit. All other homes in these neighborhoods are truly residential homes. 3. There are individuals according to the article from TV3, that have violent, aggressive and other similar disorders. 4. Divine Interventions Residentials director would not go on camera but said the potential residents of the home deserve a safe area in which to live. Why should these individuals rights override the rights of homeowners that provide a stable, law abiding productive neighborhood. If guest 123 feels this strongly enough, let him/her offer his/her home up for sale and then everyone can be happy, as long as it's not in Snee Farm or Stoney Creek. Divine interventions residentials is a COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE, not residential family zoning. Whatever you call a pig, it's still a pig. Everyone who lives in these 2 neighborhoods need to attent the meeting at the county complex at 6 pm thursday. We remain opposed to the group home, and we vote and pay taxes. Let the officials know.

Where is this neighborhood?

Where is this neighborhood?

Snee Farm is 3mi south of

Snee Farm is 3mi south of Magnolia Greens in Leland

Group Home reply

It is Snee Farm in Leland off hwy 17 north.