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Brunswick County sees first murder of 2008

LELAND -- Thirty-nine days into the new year Brunswick County has seen its first murder. Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett says the suspect went into a home where some of his family members were sleeping. Hewett says the man started an argument, and eventually opened fire. It happened around 3:30 Friday morning at a house on Brandon Drive in Leland. Sheriff Hewett says it appears Jerome Echlos got out of bed to see what all the commotion was about, and tried to diffuse the situation. Detectives believe he may have reached for a pack of cigarettes. That's when they believe Norris Johnson fired, shooting Echlos once in the chest. Not long after Brunswick County patrol deputies pulled over a car driven by Johnson's girlfriend with him in it, less than a mile from the scene. Johnson was quickly arrested. The victim, Jerome Echlos, was the boyfriend of Johnson's sister. He was staying with her at the time of the shooing. Johnson is in the Brunswick County jail under no bond.

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WHAT IF IT WERE YOU People think they know But they don't

Everyone has something to say about what happened but if you were in either of there shoes, you probably wouldn't know what to do. I know Norris and everyone that has been around him knows that he is a good person, he don't bother no one unless they bother him. Everyone, including the victim knew his medical history, so it could have been avoided by letting him calm down and leave him alone instead of going outside and trying to talk to him alone. He probably felt closed up at that moment and felt afraid. I have the same disorder as him Iknow how he feels. Everyone has something to say but they don't know the circumstances when it come to Bipolar and Schzephrania people. If it were you what would you do?


You sound really childish Tyasia, we have known them since I was in middle school, so come with another excuse, also his condition does not justify what he did. I've know people and treat people with Bipolar/Schizophrenia everyday but it has nothing to do with this case, last time I checked he didn't plead guilty to mental insanity, he was very competent and withstood trial. You asked the question, "If it were you what would you do" but you didn't answer it yourself. You speak of things that you cannot personally say you've felt, because of your condition do you yourself have the urge to kill someone for simply trying to help or better yet trying to calm a "friend" down? This was a person that was like extended family, not some random person! You yourself don't really know all that happened because you were neither in Twaynnes' head nor my brothers. Yes I am responding to an old post from a few years ago but I could not allow you to pretty much say my brother caused his own death by trying to defuse the situation. Hope you are blessed and taking your required medications for your condition. Love, peace, and blessing!!!

We miss "Tran"

We have been knowing Tran for over 11 years and still cant believe that he is gone. He was getting his life together and being the best person that he could be. He looked 'at peace' laying in his coffin. Norris dont know what he did to everyone. he will PAY! He will see Tran face every night that he goes to sleep.

Cursed Forever- Norris

What becomes of a coward who has taken the life of such a great father,freind, and parent? I sincerely hope that him and his entire family "suffers" and endures great pain when they smell their families flesh being burned off of his body, while being executed. "Tran" was a supreme being, he was the opitimy of the word"intellectual blackman". He was the foundation to his entire family, through his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Norris has taken his life because of envy,jealousy, and greed. He could never be "Tran" This is a direct reflection of his heritage. If a person is born of a harlot and bastard, then they do the deeds of the devil. Therefore I pray that all in his family and children (if any )suffers until his day of judgement! To the family of such a wonderful man, I will keep praying for your strength during this time of sorrow. With all of our hearts and prayers... Tran, you will never be forgotten.. We love you!!Peace



Sorry about your lost

Hi to the family of the person that was killed. I'm sorry about your last but just hold on and god will make everything all right. And for the person who shot him, it other ways of handling things and killing him is not one of them. So now you have to ask god to forgive you for what you have done. ps. getting drunk and using guns doesn't sound like a good plan... To the family who lost there love on keep tour head up.