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Leland Town Council approves $50,000 project

Driver's in Brunswick County could have a new road to drive on. Leland Town Council approved $50,000 to survey the project that would go through the Clairmont Shopping Center. The new road would link Thomas Garst Lane and Fairview Road. The project would help ease traffic and safety concerns on Village Road.

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What about cutting

What about cutting $50,000.00 from the budget and lowering taxes? Why do we need another study-let the DOT do the study. The past town council mistakes are going to be repeated unless the Leland town council learns from past mistakes regarding roads.

This is good news....

So instead of dealing with the "real" traffic problems in Leland, someone on the council wants to fix their drive to work. How about finding out how to deal with the NC 133 traffic problem that puts hundreds of people getting to work late instead of one council memeber??

hate to let you know but

hate to let you know but Leland can do nothing with US 133. it has nothing to do with the town. the city stops at the over passes on village rd. so yes they are dealing with the real traffic problems "in" Leland, how ever I can not say that I agree with what they are trying to do. I think that it will cause more of a problem then it helping. they need to make that area a turn right only road.

Fairview Rd

Hooking Thomas Garst road to Fairview will just cause more of a back up on Fairview. You can barely get out of the grocery store and gas station parking lots now as it is. The light on Fairview stays green just long enough to let 3 or 4 cars thru. Good thinking town of Leland.