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Leland woman looking for refund after canceled concert

READ MORE: Leland woman looking for refund after canceled concert
WILMINGTON -- Hundreds of people are looking for their money back after a canceled concert on Azalea Festival weekend. The concert was independent of the festival. People like Laura Hardaway's daughter and four friends bought tickets and came to Wilmington from South Carolina only to hear the bad news. "If it was canceled it should have been something printed on the back to tell us what to do in the event of a cancellation," she said. Carl Thomas, Jon B. and Donell Jones were all expected to perform. The Enforcer entertainment group scheduled the event but backed out the day of. To add insult to injury there was no clear understanding of how to get a refund. Organizers say communication between The Enforcer and booking agent Walter Reeder broke down and the artists never signed a contract. A spokesperson for The Enforcer says people can mail a copy of their ticket stub to: Enforcer Entertainment c/o Carmen Johnson P.O. Box 363 Castle Hayne, NC 28429 Once they receive a copy, they say you will get a refund in 7 to 14 days.

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They must be in K-Hoots with

They must be in K-Hoots with Lil Wayne. Maybe they are the *opening non-showing warm up group* for the Lil Rapper. __________________________________________________ "A spokesperson for The Enforcer says people can mail a copy of their ticket stub to": __________________________________________________ Stubs in the mail...... I Googled Enforcer Entertainment and it showed a MySpace website. From the looks of their website, by the time they pay their monthly bandwidth bill...these refund checks will already have been spent :-(


Talk about a pathetic business practice... Why would you ever promote a concert much less sell tickets before you had contracts with the preformers signed? Why in this case? Because the promotion group has no business nor apparently no experience signing groups to appear. It would seem to me it would be fraudlent to sell tickets for a concert that does not exist although I could be incorrect..

rip off

jon b? carl thomas? & donell jones? in wilmington? can u say bogus, what a rip off. you dont have to wait for them to take your money, but you gotta wait 2 weeks to get it back? enforcer productions, who's gonna enforce you?

Sounds like the cancelled concert at New Hanover

Hey, just come down here and sell some tickets and you can collect without ever showing up. They've got us pegged for fools.


The artist NEVER signed a contract???? Then how do you promote a concert & take people's money? Yea, Enforcer, you make it bad for future artist who are serious about coming to Wilmington, People will hesitate before thinking about forking over there hard earned money! THANKS FOR NOTHING