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Libertarian Senate candidate defines win differently than opponents

READ MORE: Libertarian Senate candidate defines win differently than opponents

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Election Day is just 11 days away, and political candidates and their advertisements are all over the place. But there's one candidate for US Senate you may not have heard of yet.

Unlike Richard Burr or Elaine Marshall, Michael Beitler is not a household name for most voters. He's the Libertarian candidate for Senate, and by all accounts a huge underdog in the race. Still he campaigns on.

"In the past, we've heard people say, 'Well, don't waste your vote on the Libertarians.' I think now most people are saying, 'Well, why should I waste my vote on Republicans and Democrats who will just give us more of the same? Maybe it is time for the libertarians.'" Beitler said during a visit to Wilmington Friday.

Beitler believes there are many frustrated voters out there. He says he is one of them. That's why Beitler is excited to be part of the movement toward giving voters an alternative.

"I think the excitement is we're going to have a third party," he said. "It's just a matter of time. The two parties are just out of touch with the average voter."

But while some may think Burr and Marshall are out of touch, polls show they have the support of more than 90 percent of voters. Because Beitler has less than 10 percent of the vote, the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters did not include him in Thursday night's Senate candidate debate in Raleigh.

Despite his campaign struggles, Beitler is excited for November 2 even if he doesn't win the Senate seat.

"A win for me would be double digits," Beitler said. "If we could get 10 percent, there is no way the other two parties can ignore us, because they can't just blow off 10 percent and hope to win a statewide race."

Beitler's definition of victory is certainly different from Burr's and Marshall's, but he just wants voters to know they have another option.

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