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Libertarians are hard to find

READ MORE: Invisible Libertarians
You may have noticed something new on the ballot on Election Day, the Libertarian party. However, no Libertarians won races in our area, but the party candidates may have changed the outcome. The State Senate District 8 seat had a seemingly unknown Libertarian on the ballot. Rachel Joiner Merrell earned five thousand plus votes without so much as a campaign sign. This may be the first time you've heard about Rachel Joiner Merrill, yet she ran for a State Senate seat. She challenged a 40 year veteran in the North Carolina legislature. We called the state Libertarian Party to find out how she ended up on the ballot. “I met Rachel at a convention in downtown Raleigh. We chatted, she discussed her interest in the Libertarian party, and discussed about wanting to run. The executive committee approved her nomination,” said John Evans, the NHC Libertarian party chair. Merrill did not respond to questionnaires provided by Star News and Brunswick Beacon. The Pender Post and Whiteville news reporter also called her, but got no response. We tried as well, but nothing. So far, nobody has learned of any public appearances or events Merrill attended. Still on November 4th, she received 5,413 votes. “The Libertarian votes probably would have gone to me had she not filed,” said Bettie Fennell who was the Republican running in the 8th District. Here's a look at the numbers: Incumbent and long time senator Democrat R.C. Soles beat Republican challenger Bettie Fennell by about 2,800 votes. Merrill got more than 5,000. “Whenever a Republican or a Democrat sees a Libertarian getting votes, they figure those are their votes that have been stolen. I have news for those folks. The votes belong to the people,” said Evans. He also said Merrill, like all candidates, was asked to respond to reporters phone calls and questionnaires. “She probably could have campaigned harder. If she had, that would have been great, but just to be an additional option for the voters of that district was a good thing.” Merrill was not the only invisible candidate to get a significant number of votes. David Martin pulled out of the race for New Hanover County School Board, but because he did it after the ballots were already printed, his name was still an option. We suspect straight-party voting gave him many of his 38,000 or so votes. He was one of three Democrats on the ballot, in a race where voters could make 3 choices.

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>>"“The Libertarian votes

>>"“The Libertarian votes probably would have gone to me had she not filed,” ...and if you had not filed, there certainly would have been many more votes going to Rachel. Regardless, RC Soles should be on the poster for term limits.

Don't miss it Bob Barr is going to be in leland!! use that link to get all the details: Welcome, Leland & Wilmington area Libertarian Supporters! Location Leland, NC 34.21-78.04 28451US Meetups 3 so far Members 10 Libertarian Party Supporters Rating No recent ratings Meetup topics Bob Barr, Libertarian, Political Cafe, Local Politics Founded July 27, 2008 Meet other local supporters of Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party!! Come learn about Bob Barr and the third party option, get involved with people who share your interests!

Libertarians are relics

Yes, that's right hands off me Libertarians and anti-big government Republicans are relics now that the economic collapse is well under way. A couple of years ago, Bernie Madoff himself famously said that under current economic regulations, it's impossible to do anything illegal in the financial world. The US has long been of the free market capitalism on the way up, socialism on the way down variety. Now that the economy is in free fall and it's apparent that the government was looking the other way while corporations were handing out billions of dollars in bonuses to incompetent managers, people like Barr who want the government's hands out of everything look like the people who believed the world is flat or that the Earth is at the center of the solar system.

Bernie Madoff was just imitating government

After being arrested for his Ponzi scheme, Madoff was asked during police interrogation where he got the idea to pay off early investors with the proceeds from early investors, and he told them -- from Social Security.

All right, so the above exchange actually took place only in an editorial cartoon. It's still a valid point! Madoff and his ilk are small fry compared with the big-time scam that's still playing right in front of us. He's in jail, while Bernanke, Geitner, Bush, Obama, etc., are not.

How can you get all worked up about corporate bonuses and allegedly out-of-control capitalism while ignoring how the Fed has been busy creating trillions of dollars out of thin air and bailing out those very corporations? Look at who actually *controls the money*! It's the GOVERNMENT, stupid!

The two-party cartel must go!

We need alternative parties like the Libertarians in order to have real democracy and choice in the United States. The two-party Demopublican cartel has been shutting out alternative candidates and parties from power for too long, while running the country into the ground in order to maintain their own power to spend our money and run our lives. Enough is enough! If you value democracy and choice, please support the alternative party candidates of your choice in the next election. The status quo is wrong, unfair, and ultimately unsustainable, as the economy is teetering on the brink of collapse, destroyed by mountains of government spending and debt.