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Life Chain lines the streets of Wilmington with Pro-Life message


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- For the 20th year, Wilmington joined more than 1400 cities in the U.S. and Canada to participate in the national Life Chain.

The event is designed to be a silent protest by Christians to voice their opposition to abortion. Those who took part in the protest say they have no animosity towards those who disagree with their point of view - they just want to express their own beliefs. They say the pro-life cause is something they truly believe in.

"Very much matter. they matter to God so they matter to everyone that belongs to God" said Sue Whitmore, who participated in the protest.

Hundreds of people participated in the protest by lining high traffic streets with signs and decorating antique cars with calls for their cause.

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Why do people try so hard to push their own beliefs on to others? It is just sad, just like the parade of protesters standing out there. How about next time, you take the hours of wasted time spent standing on the street and go volunteer at an organization that helps people.

Most of those people that

Most of those people that you feel were wasting their hours not helping, do indeed volunteer above and beyond the hour of prayer. That is what Sunday was not a "protest" but a peaceful hour of prayer, hoping to raise awareness of why abortion is so wrong. Women that seek abortions are often desperate and are not always aware of the lifetime of heartbreak associated with it and then there is the innocent baby that
1. Did not ask to be conceived
2. Does not have options
3. Does not have a voice. I am so glad these people took time out of their day to spend praying that all people will realize why abortion is wrong!

I am sorry you feel that they were pushing their beliefs on you; I assure they were not! Why do people like you feel so threaten when people express opinions different than your own???

Life Chain

Saving the life of an innocent, unborn baby identified in the science of embryology as having their own unique DNA, human life at conception, has no rights for protection by the people who believe in this human right given by God, our creator, and endowed by the US Declaration of Independence and natural law say you! Who is pushing whose agenda and legislating morality? An irony is that pushing agendas to limit carbon dioxide emissions/global warming governments, collective salvation, save the baby whales - seals - polar bears, protect puppies from extermination and abuse, PETA's agenda, wealth redistribution, fundamental transformation, religious freedom restrictions, communist/socialist tenets, and much more is acceptable and you question our motives for the life of an unborn baby!

Oh really?

...and the homosexuals, the muslims, and anti-American groups aren't trying to push their agenda? Give it a rest. These people are standing up for what they belive is right - someone has to speak up for the unborn. And no matter what is said, God will have the final say in it all.

Many of them do serve in other organizations and help in service areas. Do you? Put up or shut up!!

You don't have to be a

You don't have to be a Christian to know abortion is wrong my friend.


I know this saying has been around for awhile; what if your Mom had an abortion.....

What if Hitler's mom had had

What if Hitler's mom had had an abortion?


If that were the case you wouldn't know it.

Women's bodies are their own. Unintended pregnancy is horrible but no one is perfect and makes mistakes, if they do not want a child they have the right NOT to.

People love to push their own beliefs in others faces. Instead of wasting time breathing car fumes why don't you all go to a boy and girls home and ADOPT ALL THE UNWANTED KIDS ! Put your money where your mouth is.

to Dis

Duh ? I said YOUR Mom, not mine. My Mom was a Christian. I was a "surprise" baby. She was 39 and my Dad was 45. Killing babies is wrong. I guess you are one of those people that think it's alright for a dr.(?)to suck the brain out of a baby so that it crushes the skull. I've read many of your rants on here woman and all I can do is pity you. You make an awesome troll. Jesus reins.


I am only a troll to people that disagree with my posts, (like you)and people that cant handle reality. I have been a registered user on this site for a long time and use the same name to post every time, unlike you.

Hun, you have no reason to pity me, in fact you should be jealous. I live free from the restraint of religious toxic guilt that thrives in your environment.

radical much?

Radical pro-lifers fight for the lives of children and then murder abortion doctors. Does this mean that they place more value on the life of a bundle of cells and tissues than they do on a human being?

Pro-lifers are close-minded, immovable radicals.
The important thing, they believe, is that these children will be living, yet the unborn child will be brought into a loveless, lonely, and uncaring world with a good chance of child abuse and neglect. BUT that's OK the child is alive. Pro-lifers would rather see these children grow up as wards of the state, living a life of sorrow and misery.

There are 130,000 children in the U.S. foster care system waiting to be adopted. Most of them are victims of extreme neglect, victims of sexual, physical or emotional abuse..... mentally or medically fragile children born to drug abusing parents, minority or biracial (most adopters want healthy white babies).

How many more would there be if abortion was totally illegal?

I never said I liked abortion and I do NOT approve of late term abortion. I wish abortions were not necessary , maybe in a perfect world where we all loved our children they wouldn't be.

What about the right of that

What about the right of that child that did not asked to be conceived. If my mom (who was 17 at the time) would have decided to do away with her "horrible unwanted pregnancy" then I know three people that would not be alive today me and my two sons! It's is pretty simple, don't want to get pregnant, then don't have sex! Then you can be guaranteed that you won't get pregnant and got through that "horrible unwanted pregnancy"

Those people are not "pushing" their beliefs, they are expressing them. Just like you seem to do on WWAY ALL THE TIME..............


You are sooo very right Das. I love how right-wingers and Christians want to do away with abortion but don't consider the consequences. Three things would immediately happen if it were made illegal:

1) More botch at-home abortions
2) More black-market illegal abortions
3) A new travel industry to countries where it's legal

While I don't think abortion is a form of birth control, I do NOT think the government or anyone else has a right to tell a woman what to do with her body. Without abortions, you would have tons of unwanted children in bad homes or worse, in government care. You point is so well taken...if these people would spend more time caring for all of the unwanted children already in the world, then they wouldn't come off as such hypocrites. Their answer is always "god will provide" or "god wants all children" FINE THEN!!! Let GOD feed, clothe, raise and shelter them. Somehow I won't be holding my breath for that to happen. Like it or not, abortion is an effective form of population control. There are too many people on this planet as it is. You see people like these idiots who have 19 children on tv and claim to be christians. If they were really christian they would have started adopting long ago and quit breeding

No No NO

This is not Wright-wing or a Christian point. It is a Human rights point. Are human beings protected or just a weed that grows today and withers tomorrow? If they are just a weed then you are correct, that means if it is convenient to kill an unborn human, then it is not a problem, it is just weed or as the liberals and open minded elite call it a “blob of tissue”. if a human life is to be elevated or held at a higher level than a weed, and since you are not smart enough to decide when life begin, then it is a human rights issue. Then it is permitted murder.
The world is not filled with unwanted children; it is full of irresponsible parents. Your solution to kill an unborn human for the fear of it being unwanted or miserable or sick is ridicules at best and murderous at worst. A lot of Atheists believe that like Hitler, Stalin and Mau. You are in good company. It is not a matter of choice, or convenient it is a human right.

I love the statement that

I love the statement that women's bodies are their own. Well, the body that is growing inside you is NOT yours and not yours to do with what you want.

And something completely outside the pro-choice side of it. I would love to know why a man has no say in this matter. He is partially responsible for that child which means he should have a say in what happens. If you don't believe he should have a say in it, then you shouldn't expect money from him when you decide to have the baby if he doesn't want you to.

Pro-Life Stand

Good for them, and I support them for standing up for their beliefs. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that abortion is wrong, they just do not want to admit it or accept it.

Abortion is not wrong, and

Abortion is not wrong, and it should be easier for women who want or need to have one to get it done. What is wrong is a person trying to raise a child while they are still a child or drug addict or homeless or a criminal. Not all people are fit to raise children and they shouldn't be having them. I guess the more important question is, how do we stop them from getting pregnat in the first place? Maybe that's where the attention should go.

Not only wrong, but murder

Abortion is not only wrong it is murder. Where is the choice for that WOMAN that is getting ready to be slaughtered because her mother believed the lie that it is a blob of tissue not a life. She was convinced of that by those so wise and educated that KNOW exactly that it is not a life. It is murder anyway you look at it, it just happen to be permitted murder. And yes people need to peacefully stand up and oppose this because the unborn can not.

Hmmm.. at 7 months I force a delivery...but leave the head in so it isn't "delivered" take a pair of scissors, jam them into the skull and scramble whats inside, pull the "thing" the rest of the way out and VOILA...abortion....THAT is OK to you? I couldn't do that with a DOG OR CAT without going to jail for it....our morals are ALL SCREWED up in this country and its MOST of what is causing things to go so wrong! I am NOT a hypocrite...I believe MOST would agree that an abortion pill taken right after an incest case or rape, while still murder, is understandable. I would even venture to say that up to a certain term...if my wife's life was threatened...I can't say I would have the faith to put her in harms way...HOWEVER..there comes a point in a pregnancy...where it needs to STOP..and the late term abortions are SICK! You will NEVER get the far right to agree to ANY type of abortion, even though they themselves WOULD do so if they or their daughters were raped...You CAN however get the center and left/right of center to agree to certain abortions...again even though it's still murder.

Then they shouldn't be

Then they shouldn't be having sex. The problem is our society has turned to where it's acceptable to push the blame off on other. Kids are learning that they can do what they want all they have to do is blame someone or something else and it's ok