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Lifeguard struck by boater

READ MORE: Lifeguard struck by boater
A 54-year-old lifeguard is now recovering after a 28-foot boat hit him on his way to rescue two jetskiers Friday. "We know the boat didn't stop," Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue Director Simon Sanders said "So we are working with life guard and Coast Guard to further investigate the incident." After the boat struck Daniel Anderson in the Carolina Beach inlet, police say it kept going. Anderson spent the night at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, where he underwent surgery. "He's got a laceration to his left leg," Sanders said. "At this point it looks like it's going to be repairable and extensive rehabilitation." Police say Anderson joined the Carolina Beach team this year and is the second fastest swimmer. With the increase in population over the holiday weekend, this is a warning for boaters and swimmers to be aware of one another.

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Boater qualifications.....

Some people just have no busines being in a boat or around boats. I fully believe in a qualification program based on boat size and power for recreational users. I have encountered far too many people that have the financial ability to purchase a $100K boat with twin 200's and lack the common marine sense it takes to get the boat off the trailer. My 3 passengers and myself in a 17 ft skiff were almost mowed over by a fat guy with his hat turned backwards. I was at slow speed hugging the dock pilings on the side of the waterway channel when he passed me just 10 feet away with his bow high while plowing. The channel was 75 yards wide, but he had to pass at 10 feet, gave me the middle finger and screamed that I should be going faster. He almost swamped me and shoved me into the pilings. I seriously thought he couldn't see me and was going to run me over as he approached before he passed and I had nowhere to go. This was very rude, void of adherence to ALL safe boating rules, horrible seamanship and extremely dangerous. My passengers were out of town guests of mine and they were terrified at this incident. We didn't go out again this weekend. This kind of situation is not that uncommon. I believe that required training and proof of qualifications would be of benefit here. I hope this lifeguard comes through everything okay and that the boater is fully prosecuted, especially for not returning to the accident in assistance and to accept responsibility.

Maybe video cameras should

Maybe video cameras should be standard equipment so you can catch dangerous boaters in the act and turn their sorry selves in to the authorities.

I was on the North End this

I was on the North End this weekend and saw a person on a jetski in the break where people were swimming and a few boats that were to close for comfort. I hope they catch this horrible person and charge him with everything they can. I hope the lifeguard recovers and I think everyone of them for being there when people are in trouble and need them most. Did anyone get the name of the boat?? That may be best way to catch this person.