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Lifeguards say stay out of the water

READ MORE: Lifeguards say stay out of the water

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) -- Tropical storm Colin left beach visitors seeing red this weekend. Red flags, that is.

Ocean rescue says Colin and a new moon caused extreme rip currents throughout the coast this weekend. Saturday Wrightsville Beach lifeguards saved more than 200 people. In a normal season they make fewer than 300 saves. Sunday the beach was under red flag conditions to keep swimmers out of the water and safe.

"We advise people not to go into the water, because all it takes is one wave to knock your child down, and if they're in a rip current, they're going to be pulled out to sea," Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue Director Dave Baker said.

Ocean Rescue called in extra lifeguards at Wrightsville Beach to help with the extreme conditions. If you are caught in a rip current, relax and swim parallel to shore until you're out.

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i don't get it . why is a red flag "swim at your own risk "? In NJ a red flag means you can't go in the water.

cause you are not in joesy

cause you are not in joesy anymore.


I wish the yankee peanut gallery would just keep their MOUTHS SHUT about how they did it "up" there...if you like it that much..GO THE FLIP BACK!! I'll pay for your one way ticket!


joesy...that was funny. made me smile and i needed that.

Nasty day

It was nasty out there this weekend, I saw red flags as early at 10am on Saturday, which means swim at your own risk. I guess they could have closed the beach, but they really should have marked off the rip zones, as they were HUGE.

Common Sense

How stupid can people be! There was a tropical storm out in the Atlantic, red flags were flying at every life guard stand. Rip Current warnings had been issued all weekend long! Waves were bigger than normal. What else do people need a stamp across your forehead? I watched as lifeguards pulled people out left and right. Rip currents are not something to mess with you. You can be a big strong swimmer all you want but it doesn't matter. Rip currents will pull you out and under quicker than you know.

I give all the life guards credit for having to deal with stupid people like this. Yes I know your at the beach and want to have fun but common sense and safety comes first.

If your coming to the beach, have your common sense with you, safety is first you want to be able to go home saying you had a great time at the beach.


This call was made WAY too late. Also, if it weren't for the presence of surfer's at Wrightsville Beach, someone may have drowned. WB board of alderman may want to think about that next time they try to black ball the beach to surfers.

Pay attention to the news and radio

This call was not made to late at all. They were calling for strong rip currents mid to late last week, plenty of time to know by the weekend! Those red flags fly for a reason not just for looks. Where is your common sense? Yes you come to the beach to have a good time but hello safety comes first. Those big waves were not crashing ashore for no reason!

I give all the life guards credit for putting their own lives in danger for the idiots that go out in the water, with red flags flying and strong rip currents.

Just think if the lifeguards were not out there and you got stuck who would save you than? Some other people may risk their lives for you but hey you were the idiot that went out there in the first place think your some big hot shot and can swim in the currents!

The warnings were all over the radio, new, & internet. No excuse to say this call was made too late!!!!!!!!!

hey abby, red flag

hey abby,

red flag conditions were not put up until sunday. saves were made saturday. the call was made too late!!!! if the warnings were all over the radio, news and internet why wasn't there red flags flying? hmmmm? also you ask who would save them if the lifeguards were not there? well....surfers were busy out there too. maybe some of these lifeguards should get some information from the surfing community before flying yellows.

Sorry folks, this is a free

Sorry folks, this is a free country I thought.
Where in the constitution is this covered?
Yes or No.