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Light at the end of the tunnel

READ MORE: Light at the end of the tunnel
With an unemployment rate of 9.7% in January, North Carolina rose to the sixth highest unemployment rate in the country. With tourist season right around the corner and support from the economic stimulus package on its way, however, more jobs could be around the corner. In southeast North Carolina, the construction industry has been hit particularly hard. With companies like Louisana and Georgia Pacific closing their doors, and International Paper holding a temporary shutdown, all area counties have been affected. The bottom line in any of that is they aren't selling. Their products or whatever they might be aren't moving right now,” said Charles Garrett of the Columbus County Employment Security Commission. With tourism season right around the corner and increased optimism with the economic stimulus on its way, the tide is already turning. “Some employers that have laid some of those people off are starting to call those people back to work,” said Walker Biggs of the NHC Employment Security Commission. With the stimulus package will come more training for workers, which should lead to more jobs. “The more we can help prepare our workforce now, get them some additional job skills, the more we'll thrive in the future,” said Eli Smith of the Brunswick County Employment Security Commission. The economic stimulus will also mean a few more dollars for the unemployed. As of March first, unemployment checks will increase by twenty-five dollars. It could be some time however, before that money shows up in unemployment checks. The state government is still organizing the distribution, but all increases will be retro active when they begin.

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Tourist Season

pre bookings are reported to be down. Cancellations of pre-booked reservations are up. If those items, reported on this website are correct, how is the arrival of tourism season going to help? How will an increase in unemployment benefits, even if temporary, help? Isn't it time to take the stars out of your eyes and face reality?

Lots of jobs

Lots of jobs and business opportunities out there now being done by "Illegal Aliens" while citizens do without. I guess the State and Federal Government likes it that way since they provid social services to them on the backs of fewer and fewer people working. Is the goal to take us down to third world status? When is enough, enough? Maybe we need to boycott the businesses that hire them and wear the ICE phone line out. Isn't it time yet?

Be careful, the light might

Be careful, the light might be a freight train bearing down on you. Here is an idea...if you want to help unemployment in the area, stop blocking the contruction/addition of new businesses and industries. Oh like, Titan!!! How many construction jobs, permanent employment opportunities is this community going to kill before they realize they cannot rely solely on the "tourist" industry. And don't give that enviro-BS. There are so many regulations enforced on the books with the EPA that it is amazing we still manufacture anything in this country.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Who wrote this? Quote "As of March first, unemployment checks will increase by twenty-five dollars. It could be some time however before the money shows up in unemployment checks". What does this mean? When the stimulus money ends for this increase, guess who gets to pay for it then. You do! Where are these jobs "at the light at the end of the tunnel" Typical liberal article, lots of words with no meaning. If the light is shining now, where is it?