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Lil' Wayne no-show a trend?

New details are emerging tonight over the Lil' Wayne concert fiasco. He was scheduled to perform at New Hanover High School last weekend, but Lil Wanye, never showed up. Now NewsChannel 3 has learned this may be a pattern of behavior for the star. Lil' Wayne was also a no-show for a concert at West Craven High School outside of New Bern last month. More than 200 concert-goers nearly started a riot after the performer didn't show up. Fans there are still trying to get their money back and the Sheriff's department is investigating the no-show as a possible scam. Even though Lil' Wayne backed out of the concert here, too, the promoter of this concert is blaming the school board. The promoter's lawyer says controversy early on surrounding the Lil' Wayne concert at New Hanover High School led to poor ticket sales. At one point, the school board canceled the concert amid threats of gang violence. School officials eventually gave the concert the greenlight, the promoter only sold a quarter of the tickets for the show at Brogden Hall. A representative for the promoter says that caused Lil' Wayne to pull out at the last minute. Tuesday, NewsChannel 3 learned the promoter is suing the New Hanover County school Board for damages in excess of $10,000.

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in response to someone who stated that all of lil wayne's fans can't speak english, i strongly disagree. i am a HUGEEE let me say HUGEEE lil wayne fan, and i know proper english like the back of my hand. also, im attending a lil wayne, drake, young jeezy, and jeremih concert at the saratoga performing arts center in july, and i really hope that he shows. i know the whole capital region of albany is looking forward to this concert, and if lil wayne does not show, the one who im sure mainly everyone is going to see, they better hand out refunds like food at a food pantry. lets hope for the best :)

Lil wayne is just a little

Lil wayne is just a little kid. He doesnt show up for his concerts just like he prob never went too school. He doesnt deserve to drop another album. He didnt show up in rochester,ny last weekend and didnt show up for another 15 or so concerts. The place was sold out just for him and they didnt give a reason why. They said lil wayne could not make it. If I ever see the chump in person hes getting a few words from me.

It might be a scam. But now

It might be a scam. But now this situation affected all the other concerts in North Carolina. The promoter shouldn't be sueing no one. Lil' Wayne probaly didn't know that the event was back on or even schedualed in the first place. The promoter just need to give that money back or he will get countersued by the school board or sued by concert goers. Think about it. The same thing happened to Miley Cyrus.

Hello readers. First and

Hello readers. First and foremost will eveyone who can't spell worth a damn please learn that most modern computers have a function called spell check!! Use it. Anyhoo, I attended the Wes Craven High School Lil Wayne / Soulja Boy concert in which neither artist showed up. My son and I paid $40.00 for tickets at a clothing store called It's Fashion in Washington. We were very excited about seeing Weezy and Soulja Boy and were EXTREMELY pissed off when they didn't show up. The female who organized the event named Lakendra assured us that if we got in touch with her that we would recieve a refund. One month later and after many calls I still have my ticket stubs and no money! I think she should be sued along with anyone else that sold the tickets. I believe that they were all part of a scam and I hope investigators lock them up and get the fans their damn money back. I will still listen to Lil Wayne's music but I will think twice about attending another one of his shows.

Regaurdless of how many

Regaurdless of how many people showed up he had an obligation to perform.I hope evryone in this area stops supporting him dont buy any more of his music or any thing else with his name on it.And anyway from the get go I tought it was a bad idea.How are you going to get someone to come and perform at a Stop the Violence concert when he has pending charges in 2 different states.And any way he is a known gang member so WHY ask him anyway it's not like we dont have enough of them around here as it is now.No one should be surprised its not like this is his first time bailing out on his fans...

T. Richardson

You are correct! Its ALL about the money. His fans can go to hell. Oops did I say that? How dare I say that about the people that gave him ALL that money. Sometimes its all about doing the right thing instead, and thats exactly what he did. He stayed his lower than whale spit self on the bus and did us all a favor! Thanks Wezie thumbs up to you!

Maybe a local lawyer could

Maybe a local lawyer could really help out and sue the promoter to make sure the folks get a refund. A nice class action suit seems right.

Right, because lawyers are

Right, because lawyers are all about "helping out." The plaintiffs would be lucky to see a fraction of their original ticket cost after the lawyers were done with them.



T. Richardson

In response to you comment, if this is all the guy cares about is money and sales then I would hope he would find another way of counting how many people would attend BEFORE he takes their money. Just one more layer of iceing on the cake, the dude is worthless, and to all that supported him, I laugh at you!

Yea your right because its

Yea your right because its HIS PERSONAL responsbility to keep track of all upcoming shows ticket sales, media coverage, security issues, building usage and tour schedule along with recording, acting, writing, etc. Im not saying the man is a workhorse, but lets be real. This is the entertainment industry, this kind of issue has been around for years. Get a clue.

Lil wanye

I feel that he should not be sude because they was short 6000 dollars. Will you work when you short haft you money?



Its funny how those of you

Its funny how those of you who support him are the same ones who cant speak or write PROPER ENGLISH!

You expected him to have a strong work ethic?

As one who has hired and fired several young people after failed "experiments in trying to do good," I assure you that committment and a strong work ethic are not common traits any more. I don't care if it's "I'll perform at NHHS at 9 PM" or "I'll be to work at 8 AM," far too large a portion of our population fails to recognize the importance of doing what you say when you say you'll do it. I don't care if they're Black, White, or purple, I'm sick and tired of employees who cannot speak, cannot write, don't know how to dress, and most of all, can't be to work on time. The second absence with sob-story earns them a one-way trip to the exit door. Lil' Wayne is simply a guy who got lucky and made it quasi-big. The character flaws that plague his generation are still resident inside him.

and at the same time, if

and at the same time, if your employer/promoter/whomever says they will pay you a certain amount for a job, then they better do it. How many people out there will go to work tomorrow if they find out they are going to only get paid half or even less than they are supposed to be? Lil Wayne was hired for a certain amount. He didn't get paid what he was owed, so he didn't perform. Also, Lil Wayne has been in the music industry for at least 12 years now. His work ethic must be pretty solid for him to hold his same job for that length of time. Either that or he's had over a decades worth of "luck" as you claim. The rest of your comments are too wack to even write a response to. All I will say is that those are your opinions, so please don't state them as facts.

I live the facts every day, pal

Advertise a job opening in this town and stand by to watch the freak show. I absolutely dread it when one of the employees leaves, and we have to list an opening. I'm pretty good at weeding out the bums and I still bat only about .700 or so Also, since when does a well-known and supposedly popular artist incur risk in scheduling a performance? Years ago I worked in the industry, and know that at a certain point an artist can say, "guaranteed, up front." All risk is then resident with the promoter/producer. Depending on the take at the gate for payment is what third-tier nobodies have to deal with. Guess Lil' Wayne must not be THAT big, huh? Oh, I advise not to use the term "too wack" on a resume or during an interview. No charge for the career advice....

rapper eater

He stated his opinion, not facts. But he was dead on correct in his opinions. Duh-Wayne Boy is on the way out to join the thousands of other washed up rappers in the public housing facilities..... LMAO


Was it explained to everyone that he was in the position to show up "if he wanted"? By the looks of the news it seems those girls were dead set on seeing him. Fact! Tell me now oh wise one...did they all know?????

Last no-show

I believe his last no show was at another high school about 2 months ago, maybe a little longer. Those ticket holders are still trying to get there money back


"Even though Lil' Wayne backed out of the concert here, too, the promoter of this concert is blaming the school board. The promoter's lawyer says controversy early on surrounding the Lil' Wayne concert at New Hanover High School led to poor ticket sales. At one point, the school board canceled the concert amid threats of gang violence." Could it be that NOBODY wanted to go see this Lil WayneR? YO YO YO. Again, no loss to Wilmington. Actually, it would be 10,000 WELL spent to have him not show up! Holla

Lil' Noshow

He has had a few no shows on bigger venues too. You can look him up online and see that as well. Unreliable is not a good character trait. He wont be around long. Probably end up like most the other "gang" type rappers, 6 feet under.



Lil Thug,,

I am glad that this concert didn't take place. We (parents) never wanted him here on our campus regardless of WHOEVER owns Brogden Hall. He is a gang member and you can't condone him being here and singing crapy lyrics to our young people. We are trying to run a good safe school. We are already having a bad beginning of the school year with our school being locked down. Please whoever is in charge THINK before you let this almost happen again. THINK if you want your kids where they COULD end up DEAD and GONE.I sat at the meeting held in the library last week and listened to everyone on the panel jump all around every issue that was brought up. Get it together people or you may find yourselves being replaced and voted out. As for the lawsuit going on , hey make the school board pay, this was their idea not ours. As for Lil Wayne, he is just gonna end up like Tupac.

When is the name of the

When is the name of the promoter going to be made public, I have read the other comments made on the site and itseems that Stan Ballard is the promoter. If thispromoter is a quality individual stand infront of the camera and be a man and let people know what is going on? Or could it be he has a questionable history.

just shows he's in it for

just shows he's in it for the money only and doesn't give a crap about his fans


You are ABSOLUTELY correct! The sooner his fans realize it, the better. It's To bad though, they just don't seem to have enough sense.

LIttle boy

It's too bad the school board has put themselves in this position, but it's also amusing how these gangsta wanna-be's are dumb enough to shell out money to amost see Shorty Big-Head. Just think, that forty dollars could have made a nice meal, but ended up in a promoter wanna-be's sock drawer...and now he wants to sue... because he can.

Mitchell Entertainment and Attorney are Idiots

I can't even believe a lawyer would even represent this case. Mitchell Entertainment should have done their homework and known that Lil Weezy might pull this "Stunt 101" - so why blame the School Board, they have a safety concern for the students in New Hanover County and all Mitchell Entertainment cares about is making money - irrespective of the students safety. Think about it - the area around New Hanover has had several murders this year alone amid escalating gang violence - and you bring a known rapper and self-proclaimed Gangster to the neighborhood to do a show??!! Please!! New Hanover County School Board did the right thing in showing concern for their kids! Additionally, can it be that ticket sales are just plain low and that Mitchell Entertainment just miscalculated their project sales??? Mitchell Entertainment is just trying to back-side on their on mistake and attempting to use the School Board as a "Scape-Goat". Oh by the way...yes, I am a young black successful male in Wilm and I do like some of Lil Weezy's music - but I also can think for myself and know the difference between right and wrong. Peace! "Fo-sheezy!

Lil Wayne promoters need to get paid

The cops blocked the show. The school board canceled it then the press talked bad about it. The man needs his money. And I seriously doubt Wayne had any concert sceduled in New Bern much less canceled it. Sounds like scam to me.