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Lincoln Elementary may find out Tuesday about school uniforms

Parents and students at Lincoln Elementary may find out Tuesday night whether they will have a new dress code. School leaders hope uniforms will help create an equal playing field between students. They said the uniforms are cost effective and less distracting. The Brunswick County School Board will meet Tuesday night to discuss the uniforms. Parents are welcome to attend the school board meeting and give their input. It is at the David R. Sandifer Administration Building, County Commissioners Chambers at 30 Courthouse Drive in Bolivia at 6:30 pm.

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boo hoo uniforms cost too much

Waa waa waa cry me a river. The cost argument is such a strawman. Uniforms are way cheaper than the junio gangsta and slut in training clothes currently worn by a lot of the kids. Just buy some uniforms for school and then you won't need as many of their other clothes because they won't need those for school. Use some logic and figure it out. Quit whining and crying. The kids need to learn to adhere to some rules, that's why no learning goes on the the public indoctrination system. They need to learn how to dress appropriately so they can hold a job and not be welfare leaches like so many of their pathetic excuses for parents.

So the school board snuck

So the school board snuck the policy in on two additional schools. I know Leland Middle is trying to push this policy. They can't seem to enforce the policy they have now - what makes them think they can enforce this.

School board and Uniforms

Yes, the school board SNUCK in two other schools. They are public servants who should listen to the public!! I think all parents in Brunswick County should force the school board to go back and reconsider Belville and Town Creek, it should be open for discussion not thrown in at the last minute like cowards.. I wonder when the rest of the county will get tired of SHIRLY BABSON and her underhanded tricks and finally kick her off the board. I guess if the county wants to start cleaning up the schools they should start at the head and work down...

Take a look around....

Take a look around you next time you go out to the grocery store, walmart, even around you at the local gas station. you know what I see, a child standing there worn down clothes, maybe holes in their shoe and not to my surprise anymore but what is mom or dad buying, alcohol or maybe even a 4 dollar and something pack of cigs. not just one beer.. a case, not just one pack.. a carton. This does not apply to all must bet your bottom dollar it does to most. So to those that fall in this VERY LARGE group of complainers about hardship of price of uniforms and continue to spent this extra on cigs and alcohol. Just spare all the drama. Next time at check out look down in your sweet childs face and know that money you just spent on the unnessary alcohol and cigs could go to put a decent pair of shoes on your child, or clothes thats not to small. Dont get me wrong as with another commenter on here i am also a smoker. but i also dont put my smoking needs first over my childs needs and then have the aldasity to complain about I cant afford a uniform for my child for school. I truely agree with uniforms in our schools I just feel like its wrong that only a few of Brunswick co schools have it... ALL SHOULD.

Cultural ignorances

The problem is in the homelife and the culture. We don't all see the need to be educated and beneficial to our country. I teach school everyday and I have common sense. I work with teachers who care no more than to make sure that they have "some rims on day kar". Their home is a government issued project because they shack with some dude who is "the fater of day tird bebe". They don't care where their children sleep at night or if their clothes are clean the next morning, just so their car is clean, the rims shine and the music thumps. On the other hand, I work with teachers who care about their home, their family and what others think of them. They keep up with their children and teach them morals. They teach them to set goals to be someone productive when they are grown and to benefit society. It is cultural differences, parasites, gutless money hungry government, hideous liberals and the working class. Which category do you fall in? Uniforms will change school environment, but at the same time, you must change the culture and stop supporting the certain culture that we all know does not benefit the USA. I don't have to call them out but you know who they are. There are black ones, white ones and yellow ones. We need to rid ourself of these parasites who leech off of America and drag down others who have a capability of contributing to society. Clean up your cultures in America. Cerain ones SUCK!

I don't smoke or drink and I

I don't smoke or drink and I have children in school and NO I do not see a need for the added expense of uniforms when there is no proof that it is going to improve education. Do you think all people who are stuggling financially are drunks and cigarette smokers? I just got laid off from my job of fifteen years and don't know how I may keep a roof over my head if I don't find something before the unemployment runs out. My kids are clean and their clothes stay mended. I have one A student and two who are A-B. So you are telling me to skip paying the house payment and go buy school uniforms and all three of my kids will automatically be A+ students right? Is that why you can't spell "audacity" or punctuate? No one bought you a school uniform?

I guess you failed to read

I guess you failed to read something.... the person said not all fall in this catagory but ALOT. I have trouble with my spelling and yes punctuation, but then again i graduated from this fine education system in Brunswick co, however you did get the point. Im sure there is also alote that fall into your catagory also. but at the same time as with me im sure there are a few spending habbits we could all improve on to HELP YOUR CHILD, and just cause your child dont fall into a troubled catagory with slutty and thug, your childs education is still affected by it when he/she is trying to learn. Thats the problem with these school issues, if it dont directly affect your child you basicly dont give a flip, but unless you sit in class with your child you have no clue how hard it is to learn and keep your grades up with so much distractions. dress like a thug act like a thug, it plays a roll in class when your child thats not this way is trying to learn. I agree with the uniforms, i welcome all the help i can get to tame some of these WILD kids in my class, so yes i can TEACH your/someones child.

I sincerely hope that you

I sincerely hope that you are not telling us that you are a school teacher. I have corrected the spelling and grammar in communications from my childrens' teachers and returned it to them at times. Were you one of them? If you are a teacher, try taking some extra courses yourself. Your punctuation skills are non-existent, and please do not sit on your high horse and preach to those who have apparently become unemployed due to the economy. At least I could read and comprehend that post. Maybe we should let them have your teaching position. BTW, the clothing industry's claim that the "clothes makes the person" is grossly overrated. My children have attended schools in the past which require uniforms. Thugs and punks and "slutty" little girls are a product of their environment and upbringing, not their wardrobes.


You hear stories all the time about kids being beaten or even killed for a pair of shoes. If they all wear the same thing at school then the playing field is level. So to the greedy lawsuit happy fool, go ahead and waste your money you will lose and your child will then be known as the one with an idiot for a parent. One more point if the students don't have to worry about the fashion show at school then maybe they can concentrate on getting an education for once.

If you are wondering why

If you are wondering why they want a "uniform" watch this video, it might help you understand.


This video blew me away!! I could not believe how many weapons were able to be hidden. If this does not make a parent's heart skip a beat then I don't know what will!

no uniforms

The kid on youtube is wearing uniforms and even kids in uniforms can do that.

no uniforms

well our school doesn`t have uniforms and nobody has ever brought a weapon in. Uniforms are a waste of money.

Not so

Not if their shirt is tucked in and belted.

no more uniforms

there could still be concealed weapons in their pockets like Knives Tasers or Hand Guns.

Good Point

You make an excellent point. I am glad to see a student at LMS posting here. Yes, a student could still conceal something in a pocket. What shocked me about the video was the sheer amount of weapons that could be concealed.

Come Clean

Why don't we take the time to come clean about this entire uniform ordeal. First it was the redistricting plan approved by the Brunswick County Board of Education that essentially made Lincoln the dumping ground for minorities. The plan was sold as a plan to make the schools equally diverse; however, we all know that redistricting is basically the legal way of segregating the schools. Is it a true reflection of Brunswick County's school board? Absolutely. Afterall, it is Brunswick County. As state in the previous article regarding the uniform issue, Lincoln is currently populated with minorities and disadvantaged children. Although I still cannot believe it was written that way, I have respect for stating the obvious truth and intended message. Anyway, the one-sided diversity is there. Now, the next step is to distinguish them from other students and schools. What better way to do that than have them wear uniforms. Is this ridiculous? Absolutely. There are two questions that should be asked. Does the wardrobe of the students (elementary school aged children)impact the effectiveness of the teaching they receive? Will uniforms guarantee academic achievement for every student? If so, then by all means make the kids wear uniforms. Truthfully, there are no guarantees. We are talking about elementary school kids whom are probably still being dressed by their parents. So, why is their wardrobe such a level of importance. We're talking about kindergarten to fifth grade. What do they know about fashion or high dollar clothes. Please spare me the drama. Why don't we call this for what it is. The uniforms will be a way to identify Lincoln closed. My daughter is in middle school. I have always made sure she was clean when leaving for school, and I never spent an excessive amount of money on her clothes. Since when does a child going to school nice and neat mean the parents spend alot of money on their clothes. I believe the entire issue has a hidden agenda and it has nothing to do with kids becoming jealous or envious of another classmate's wardrobe.

Parents worse than the kids

Where do elementary school age kids get the ideas about fashion or high dollar clothes? From parents, that's who. Do you really think that there are parents out there who don't pass that down to their kids by what THEY wear? Some of the parents dress worse than kids. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If responsible parents are the ones dressing little Johnny or Cindy for elementary school then how come there are kids going to school with their pants hanging off their butts or skirts so short it would make Brittany Spears blush?

Not only will Lincoln be

Not only will Lincoln be wearing uniforms, but Belville and Towncreek Elementary as well. Leland Middle school is also pushing for uniforms in the middle school next year. Granted Lincoln did not get an equal playing field on redistricting but the staff had been working on a uniform proposal long before redistricting was even talked about!

Brunswick County school uniforms

Leland Middle School sent home a letter today about this also. They have problems more important than what their students are wearing!

They have to start somewhere

They have to start somewhere cleaning up the mess our schools are in. I agree there are a lot more issues that need to be addressed but most of these issues fall short due to our great government. sex in schools.. a biggy.. i watched just this morning at shallotte middle several little girls crawl out of their parents car skirts so short their butt cheeks showed, this isnt a one time thing i see this every morning. boys with their underwaer just showing to the world. well when you let your butt hang out yeap sex issues are gonna be there, and parents what were you thinking when she got out that car or where you not thinking? fighting/bullies... another issue... dress like a thug act like a thug. but its also the teachers, i had a meeting at the school the other day, i counted 6, 6 i tell you, female teachers with their shirts so low cut you could either see down their cleavage or you could see full tops of their mounds. so yes i see where attire is also a major concern. like i said gotta start some wheres. And to the female teachers at shallotte middle please put on decent shirts i really would be thankful to you if when you came to my 13 year old sons desk to help him with something and he could pay attention to what your teaching and not what your sharing. Thank you


I think that uniforms are great!!! When my kids were in school, they were on the receiving end of the clothes chain. We could not afford the Izod, Nikki, Tommy, and all the other brand name clothes. It really did hurt sometimes when my kids wanted something so bad because others were wearing them and we just could not afford them. With uniforms, you do not have that very "social" division in dress. Everyone looks alike and no one is singled out because of their economic status. I believe that more emphasis then is put on their studies and not on "who is wearing what".

If they make my kid wear a

If they make my kid wear a uniform, I will sue.


Then start suing, because it is going to happen. Get over it!

yea, right

Good luck with that. What are your damages you are trying to recover? Another greedy nutcase.

To the one wanting to sue

To the one wanting to sue, good luck to you. Honestly your dreaming but take the money yor gonna spend to sue and use it on your child buy those uniforms. The problem with kids now days is NO DISAPLINE. Kids are unruly, rude, have no compassion, no self respect, nothing. and a secret to everyone, it has started in the home, then in the schools, they are not made accountable for their actions. Yes a child has a right to express themselves but not at the expence of others. Just as you say "ILL SUE" step up be a parent and teach the child to follow rules set, they are set for a reason, make a child greatful and respect their personal time more. Teach your child the rules of life not if you dont get your way get even, thats part of the problem with our youth, the examples the parents set.

They tried to force uniforms

They tried to force uniforms in Duplin County about three years ago. So many parents showed up against it at the meeting that they called the Sherriff's Dept. to escort the school board members out to their cars afterwards. The kids are still wearing what they want to at school. If you are truly against it, then show up in numbers and make yourself heard. When it was pointed out from very large numbers of voters if the policy passed it would be the last term the school board members would serve, then it was tabled. Many children wear the same clothes to school that they wear at home and out to play. When you force a family, especially families of several children, to basically purchase second wardrobes for their children it creates an economic hardship. It isn't like they give you the uniforms for free and in most cases you pay more for the uniform that you can purchase everyday clothes for your kids. With the economy the way it is, it presents an undue hardship on some families. Enact the basic dress code and enforce it and get on with teaching them something.

Re: Added economic hardship-Bull

I am glad that you received an education that allows you to use words such as enacted and economic hardship. However, if you were truly aware of the costs of a uniform you would see that it is not such an economic hardship. Children need at least 5 outfits to wear to school in a week. With uniforms children can get by on only having 1-2 uniforms a week. I know the next argument would be well you have to have everyday clothes and yes that is correct but if some is wearing a uniform 5 days a week then you don’t need so many casual everyday clothes as well. I know first hand as my son wears a uniform to school everyday. I find your story distressing that parents won’t show up at school board meeting when they are deciding the items that matter, such as, curriculum, redistricting, but they will show up when they think someone will decide how their children should dress. What are we striving for here a generation of well dress undereducated children or a generation of children focused on what matters at school getting an education and becoming a valuable member of society.

For your uninformed

For your uninformed information, I have a son who attended a Charter school for three years and yes, they wore uniforms. So since I know all about uniforms, let me educate you and a few others on this website about them. There is a comment on here about a girl getting out of a car and her behind showing. The uniform policy at the school mandated so many inches above the knee for the skirts. Do you think for one minute these girls did not cut off and hem the skirts shorter and yes, they got away with it? Instead of coming back the next day in a mini, they would creep the skirts up little by little. Probably more effort went into re-hemming than they put in their studies all year. Robbing someone for their shoes? You are told what color shoes and type you can wear, but not price range. It does not stop that. It does not stop them from accessorizing with jewerlry, scarves, hats, gang symbols. As far as getting their minds on studies instead of sex, well you don't know teenagers or you would know you could dress them in plastic garbage bags and that wouldn't work. It has nothing to do with the clothes. As far as economic hardship, it says some of these schools are in economically depressed areas. So your child owns 1-2 uniforms and you do what? Wash clothes every night? Or do you let your child wear the same uniform all week to school without washing it? If you have your own washer and dryer, then you can do laundry every night to wash that one uniform. It adds to your water and electric bill, but so what? What about the families that do not own a washer and dryer and go to the laundromat once a week to do laundry? Are they supposed to make the trip every day or do their kids wear the same set of clothes to school all week? So, if you don't own a washer and dryer, you would need five unifroms to cover the week. Besides, if you only have one or two uniforms and you are washing them to death, they aren't going to last and you will be replacing them sooner. I know, I did it both ways. Another issue is to look at how the kids grow. If you think you are buying one size uniform in a year, forget it. If your kid doesn't go through two sets, you aren't feeding them. Add that to the personal clothes you are buying as well. They can't wear their uniforms after school because if they tear or stain them, they have to be replaced. Our school loved white and khaki, drew dirt like a magnet. As I said in my previous post, Most kids wear the same clothes in the evening and on weekends that they also wear to school. That puts the family with buying one wardrobe per child, not two. The dress code infractions at the Duplin County schools were mainly made up of boys not wearing their belts or the shirts not being tucked in. They also came up with the reasoning of there would be no diversity in what people were wearing. I have two teenagers in high school. I have yet to have one of them tell me they could not complete their work that day or got a lower grade because of something one of their classmates wore to school. And uniforms will not correct the most common dress code infractions anyway. If they forget their belts now and won't tuck in their shirts, then they will do the same with the uniforms. And I have yet to see any scientific study saying that school uniforms improve grades. There were just as many fights, teen pregnancies, etc. with the uniforms as not at the school my son attended. One thing some schools should look at is the way their teachers dress. There were some young female teachers at this school who dressed more like they were on the stroll. If anything was distracting to these teenager hormone factories, I would have said they were. The school board and the teachers need to get on with the business of teaching instead of constantly coming up with excuses of why they do not.

Not all need to be educated...

Not all need to be educated on this, i and my husband do speak on first hand experience, as he is from a catholic school where these such uniforms this county wants to mandate would have been everyday clothes to him, i came from yes good old Brunswick co school system, we have been on both sides. We do have three boys so yes we do know teenage hormones. As far as the dress codes and short skirts, yes if the adults, parents and school, were doing their job it can be stopped. example... she wears a mini to school, shes held accountable it happens again she no longer can wear a skirt, she has given up that right and is made to wear pants and short... guess what you just gave her.. the right to make her own choice... you didn't take no rights from her, she took it from herself. As far as the clothes and outgrowing etc.. many schools that have uniform drives to help low income or hardship families. Many business owners and the more wealthy love any chance they can get, to get a tax write off, guess what they will help with donations when it benefit them. Uniform drive also offers exchange program so there is no issue there. Yes sex will always be a big part of teenage curiosity but why let it get out of control, why flaunt sex, why allow it to be flaunted. Start teaching these girls to have more respect about their bodies, not to seek attention with it... start teaching our young men to respect a women again. We all put forth so much effort into fighting a change, that we missed dress codes are not changes its been around for years. what we have failed at seeing is the change was made while we were not paying attention, our children have lost respect for themselves and each other. While we were fighting for children's rights, they played us for suckers. They use excuses to act like and dress like punks and hoochies, and claim "I'm expressing myself" only thing they express is their lack of respect. If parents would do their job and schools would stop cowarding down to a bunch of KIDS we wouldn't have half the problems we have here. Be the adults, then teach the children, until then expect the generations to just get worse and we are the only ones to blame.