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A local neighborhood looks to brighten up Christmas Eve

READ MORE: A local neighborhood looks to brighten up Christmas Eve

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- The night is bright in a Brunswick County neighborhood this
Christmas Eve.

The residents of Highland Shores may have different plans for the holidays, but on Christmas Eve they all have one thing in common.

"Uniformly in our neighborhood what we like to do is to put out our
luminaries so others can enjoy," said resident Pat O'Bryant. "It's an opportunity for us to do
something together."

Suzanne and Pat O'Bryant live in Highland Shores and always look forward
to this time of the year. The O'Bryants and their neighbors spend time lining the streets with luminaries. This only happens once a year but they say that's what makes it so special.

"Oh it's just peaceful," said Suzanne. "It's something different and it's a great way to
spend the holiday."

The O'Bryants say the luminaries that line the neighborhood are a treat for the neighbors and people who pass by in their cars.

The luminaries are quite simple. They are white bags, candles and sand that are placed along the street.

The O"Bryants say every house is different in their neighborhood, but when they look outside on Christmas Eve the luminaries bring everyone together.

"The neighbors are great and everyone gets into it," said O'Bryant. "It's a nice thing even if it's just for one night a year that we all walk outside and see each other and just see something magical at Christmas time."

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Merry Christmas North

Merry Christmas North Carolina !! FYI: This longtime TRADITION is only something which has been done for hundreds of years here in a quaint little town on an island on Cape Cod. So perhaps these people should get their own original idea doing something else ! Again this is only done once a year in this VERY SPECIAL PLACE and although it's during the same month every year nobody ever knows the actual date until it happens and it is MAGICAL in a place that is truly PARADISE !!

Bitter Yankee

Wow. You took the time and effort to write a nasty comment about something nice in a town far away from your own. I truly feel sorry for those around you, Mr. Miserable!

Quaint little idiot...

This cupcake loves his quaint little town so much he takes time out of his exciting routine to read our local news. How very quaint.

jeez, get around much?

With that parochial attitude, you should have stayed. In fact, get out! Go! Get out now!

wow, how silly and nasty

wow, how silly and nasty your comment is! luminaries are not unique to the north, they are done in many neighborhoods all over the country. it's great for any neighborhood to pull together to make any night special, esp. christmas eve. peace on earth, GOODWILL towards all men. that's what it's all about. merry christmas!

History lessons abound

History lessons abound tonight. So this cape cod town actually started the tradition huh? Sorry man you got beat by a couple of hundred years...

"luminarias first appear historically around the 16th century, as a Spanish tradition of lighting bonfires along the roads and churchyards to guide people to Midnight Mass on the final night of the celebration of Las Posadas."

I would say Merry Christmas but you might retort back that you created that too...

We don't care

We really don't care what, how, of when you do anything up North.