For the 10th anniversary of her "Twilight" series, Stephenie Meyer is offering a gender swap for those millions caught up in the saga of Bella and Edward (Source: GMA)
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‘Twilight’ anniversary edition reverses genders

Call them Edythe and Beau.
Gov. Pat McCrory checks out flooding in Brunswick County from a helicopter on Oct. 6, 2015. (Source: NC Governor's Office)
3 hours ago
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McCrory visiting area to give storm update, impact on farmers

Gov. Pat McCrory says North Carolina was lucky despite all the rain, flooding and other impacts from the past several days, especially compared to our neighbors in South Carolina.
In markets that offer McMuffins, you can't get the Egg White Delight or the steak, egg and cheese McMuffin, but you can get this.
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McDonald’s breakfast: What you can’t get on all-day menu

The first day of McDonald's national roll-out of its all-day breakfast is here, but before you get your hopes up, here's what you can and can't order.
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Carolina Shores begins flooding recovery efforts

The recovery process is underway for Carolina Shores after more than 18 inches of rain fell in the town in four days.
Paul Frederick McNally (Source: New Hanover Co. Jail)
4 hours ago
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Man charged after business break-in attempt

Investigators with the Wilmington Police Department said a man is in custody for trying to break into a business.
(Photo: CNN Money)
6 hours ago
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General Mills recalling 1.8M Cheerios boxes on allergy risk

General Mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios produced at a plant in Lodi, California, saying the cereal is labeled gluten-free but actually contains wheat.
(Photo: Sheriff John Ingram, Facebook)
7 hours ago
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UPDATE: Highway 17 back open following flooding issues

Flooding and ponding on the roads following heavy rain forced some road closures in Brunswick County on Tuesday.
18 hours ago
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Former middle school students look for missing time capsule

Former students of a central Florida middle school were hoping to crack open a buried time capsule to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hoover Middle School. The problem is no one remembers where it was buried.