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Local basketball coach arrested

READ MORE: Basketball coach in trouble with the law
Freddie Lamont Wilson is best known as a basketball coach in this community. Friday, officers arrested Wilson for charges of sexual assault. Parents today are shocked. As the Hood family enjoys a stroll down Water Street in Wilmington. Their happy mood turned to concern when they heard Freddie Wilson, a Wilmington basketball coach was arrested for having sex with a child. “I'm a teacher and I would hate to see someone do something like that.” said Linda Hood, a concerned parent. Wilson, a coach who organized the father's day basketball classic in Wilmington, was active in the brigade boys and girls club. The New Hanover County sheriffs department said the victims parents reported the inappropriate behavior in August. Wilson is charged with sexual assault and failure to report child abuse. In the past week, Wilson isn't the only authority figure to be in trouble with the law for inappropriate activity with a child. Just last week a former Boiling Spring Lakes officer Luke Stidham pled guilty to second degree rape with a 14 year old in his patrol car. Stidham will serve four and a half years behind bars. “You have to be aware of the things that they're doing and be present and see what's going on and know where they are.” Hood said. Simple advice from Hood to warn parents. The Wilson family would not offer a statement. Freddie Wilson is awaiting his first court appearance in the New Hanover county jail under a 50,000 dollar bond.

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Who told the girl to do this is the question

I am very concerned about how many coaches have been accused of inappropriate behavior in this area, because the SRO at the schools the kids go to often advises these girls to do this kind of stuff for more attention. How about investigating the whole situation by filing a formal written complaint with the Attorney General, follow up by sending it to the news stations in Raleigh and WWAY. He is up for re-eletion and it's a good time to figure out who he really is.

Don't you just love how the

Don't you just love how the media prints only half a story? Mr Stidham did plead guilty but only after his attorney worked with the DA to have him convicted. Mr Stidham wanted a new attorney but the judge would not give him even that. His so called attorney at the time did nothing the entire 2 years, he DID NOT interview one witness or anything else that would have helped his client. If he would have interviewed the same witnesses that the state did he would have found out that this so called "child" has been accusing others of the same for some time now, including her father and brother.He would have found out the dna test for semen was NEGATIVE.
the state charged Mr Stidham with Indecent Liberties with a child because she claimed they engaged in kissing, If the state thought she was telling the truth about that then ofcourse she was telling the truth that 2 friends were there to witness this exept that her 2 witnesses both stated they didn't see any kissing, one even went on to say it was weird, like a crush kids get on their teachers.And as for the state saying they had a witness that the so alled victim told everything to about the relationship as it was happening. BULL, their witness was her best friend and she stated the so called victim never said anything until AFTER Mr Stidham was charged. As for her so call suicide attempt, 8 TYLONAL PILLS???? Give me a break.Why did the state lie in open court? "NO FORENSIC EXAM WAS EVER ORDERED ON MR STIDHAMS COMPUTER" I guess she forgot that she faxed Mr Stidhams attorney one month prior to court stating she would be getting those results from his computersfrom the SBI agent the next day.Conviceted with NO EVIDENCE at all. I believe the dept Mr Stidham worked for saw a chance to save face because of all the trouble they were having s Mr Stidham was the back they would stand n to fool the pblic into thinking they gave a crap. It ticks me of that this mans life has been ruined and his family has had to go through what they have.You don't have to believe me, look his case up on it's all there

Freddie coached me in the

Freddie coached me in the summertime from the time I was 10 until I played basketball in college. In that entire time span I never saw him do anything inappropriate with kids or adults. Usually there are whispers or some type of signs with things like this and there were never any with Freddie. He raised two great kids and coached for 40 years without any type of incident. I would bet anything he's not guilty of what he's being accused of and I hope our justice system does its due diligence in finding out the truth. All it takes is one person out of the thousands he coached to lie about this subject and it will ruin him for life, even if he isn’t guilty. Although If he is guilty, I’ll be the first one to cast the stone, but let’s hold off judgment on someone who’s done so much for the community until all the facts are in.

This stinks

I was coached by Freddie and his 2 sons, from 7 to 10 years old and they all were some of the nicest people and did so much to try and keep kids out of trouble. It unfortunate this has happened. I hope the truth comes out and whatever the outcome I wish him and his family well and hope that they can move forward and continue to do good outside of his (Freddie's)mistakes.

It is sad


OH no! Poor child! The

OH no! Poor child! The people that "lead" our children should be screened better.

No Wonder

OMG, no wonder that the Boys and Girls Club had to disband itself. In light of this news, I smell smoke. Time to put out the fire.

I hope there's an investigation

I used to talk with Freddie at the gym. He was always talking about Basketball and how it helps the kids stay out of trouble. It seemed he was always doing things to help these, I hope there's an investigation into this because I can't see Freddie doing something like that.


It is an unfortunate fact others such as teachers and police officers have been accused and convicted of similar misdeeds. Let's hope the investigation is two-fold. First the crimminal investigation to determine the alleged crimminal's guilt or innocence. Second, a follow up at the Boys and Girls Club to determine what, if anything, could have been done differently. Boys and Girls Clubs offer today's youth a structured environment in which they can develop self esteem and team skills. It would be a shame to see all of that destroyed through one person's misdeeds. Boys and Girls Clubs have given excellent starts to many of today's leading citizens.