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Local companies could bring new jobs to area

WILMINGTON -- Two local companies could bring nearly one-thousand new jobs to the area. New Hanover County commissioner Nancy Pritchett says negotiations are still in the talking stages, but the county is offering $13 million in incentives to GE-Hitachi and Invista to expand. The offer would add 900 jobs to GE's Castle Hayne Plant, as well as $10 million in exchange for investing $900 million. The Invista plant would gain 50 new jobs along with $3 million for investing $200 million. Pritchett said, "These will be good jobs. These will be people, most of the hires will be from the local community. People will need to prepare for those jobs; they're not going to be something you can walk into. But you've got time to get ready for a very nice job that will keep you for a long time." Negotiations can't be completed until a public hearing in October.

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The Old Switch Aroo

Verizon said they would do the same thing,but after they got the money.They gave all the good high paying jobs to people they brought in from out of state.If they have to have hard earn tax payers money to build in wilmington.we don't need them.

Generous Electric

Yes, it's great to see any new job come here, especially if it offers good wages and benefits. That's the bright side. On the down side, it's a shame that the American public has been placed into a position of forced blackmail by corporations. Wouldn't be nice to see exactly what has been paid out of OUR money to these thief. The last time this dog and pony show happened (about 2 years ago), Julie Boseman, Tax Hike Mike and a parade of others boasted their accomplishment loud. The facts are that 95% of the "new jobs" were simply jobs that had been moved from San Jose, CA and Memphis, TN. Still, good for our local economy. This new incentive appears different. It looks like most will be new jobs for their Silex Enrichment operation. Remember that most of the jobs will be engineering jobs that will require 4 year degrees, most of which are not offered at UNCW. This weeds out most of the people in Wilmington. The comment on the Human Resources was right on target, except the "Brown Shirts" in Nuclear are just as rotten, unless you are in the salaried ranks. This just isn't GE, it's happening to blue collar folks all around the US. It's the trend. Bottom line is that if it looks good and smells good and being paraded by Government and or big business, it certainly isn't for you. Wait until the perfume and make up wear off, you'll see.

In Aircraft, it seems "phone

In Aircraft, it seems "phone calls" to Corporate HR are becoming a weekly occurrence by the hourly work force, because the ones in charge of Human Relations are bending their own company policy rules as they see fit. Bad move here! Yes, the perfume cover up is all to well known there in Aircraft as well. Twenty something in age, been with GE a full 6 months, and they know absolutely "nothing" about working with individuals on family matters, etc. Matter of fact, they seem to want to entrap employees into a situation that can become job threatening. If any of these 90 day wonders have a degree in sociology, heaven help the future of our world. They can keep it up, and their jobs will be on the line through the labor board as well..."right to work state" or not. I honestly hope these people in HR read the news comments here at WWAY, and realize these comments aren't slanderous, they are just informative to the world whom has the illusion that the work force at GE are all rich and living a life of ease. The people there are trying to make quality aircraft components, and reliable Nuclear efficient materials, and having to deal with a "baby HR department" group of people which makes their jobs twice as hard to accomplish.

Now, all GE has to do is

Now, all GE has to do is straighten out its Human Relations Department personnel in Aircraft, and they will be "Rockin' and Rollin'". Undoubtedly they are the worse group yet in Aircraft's 27 year history in Wilmington. Don't believe me? Just ask anyone who works there.

GE Jobs

How many of the new jobs will be people that transfer from other plants. What that means is the ones of us who have lived in the area for years will paid for these so called new jobs. GE will not close their plant if we do not give them money and if their busy is growing the jobs will be there without us giving them money.

I guess if you are qualified

I guess if you are qualified for the job, you could have it too!

900 jobs for $12 mil, with a

900 jobs for $12 mil, with a $900 mil company investment sounds like a good deal. The development of this facility will significantly improve the tax base of this property...better to have them building, rather than demolishing. Hooray for positive growth.