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Local flounder in decline

READ MORE: Flounder in decline
Flounder is a popular seafood treat in our area, but the problem is that it is on the verge of extinction here in North Carolina. Flounder is a seafood favorite for avid fisherman Tim Barefoot, but his favorite dish is quickly disappearing around North Carolina's coastline. “Flounder fishing is a huge economic engine for all the coastal communities. More money is spent on catching flounder than anything,” Barefoot said. Barefoot said recreational fishing is a $2 billion industry in our state. Between tourism and chartered boats, fishing is big business. Demand for flounder is high and supply is low. People keep fishing for them, but the population can't reproduce fast enough. Barefoot is the director of Fish for Tomorrow, an organization that is trying to breed more flounder. All flounders caught during Saturday's Flat Bottom Girls Fishing Tournament will be sent to UNC Wilmington to produce more of the fish. Proof of their scarcity may lie in the fact that only 26 have been caught during the tournament. Barefoot said that is 20% less than what they should be catching. Barefoot said he plans to bring the issue before newly elected legislators to try and make a difference. More flounder in the water means more fish to catch, sell and eat. Fertilized eggs also go to South Brunswick High School for protection. At the school, flounder hatchlings are raised until they can be released into the ocean.

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water pollution the blame ??????

bo you are giving me the impression of fresh water, lakes, ponds and rivers freshwater fish and pollution ,or maybe you are one with a commercial fishing liscense the one whom is trying to sell your cfl after you seen it was so overcrowed with fellow neters it was impossible to get your money back we are talking salt water atlantic ocean and hundreds of thousands of miles of salt ironic water it would be virtually impossible to pollute the atlantic ocean . storm water runoff into the ocean is not stagnant and sitting like in a lake the water is steady being circulated by tide change and world spinning furthermore i talked to boat captians of small cruises and fishing charters and also veterans of fishing here in wrightsville beach area and they all agree it is the commercial fisherman and there nets that are deminishing the population i can tell you that everybody and there uncles, cousin, nephews, aunt wants to go into commercial fishing and be there own boss and work on there own time clock,think about all the other species of fish that get tangled up in commercial nets and are thrown overboard dead or that were too small for the size limit dead thrown overboard,this is even not to mention oysters and shellfish ,shrimpers too ,bo there aint no more good ole days with grandpa at the bridge or pier catching flounder or shrimp with a hand net all that is memories of extinction of species of fish from commercial fishing nets , storm water run off pollution are not the problem but maybe a 25% of the problem in rivers that feed into the ocean .

Recreational fishermen aren't the culprit.....

Sorry, but there simply aren't enough recreational fishermen available to deplete the flounder population, even if they ALL caught fish. The stocks sre being depleted due to water pollution, commercial fishermen, net fishermen and the the wasted bycatch. I don't believe I've ever ordered flounder at a restaurant and seen one on my plate that even came close to the size limit.

Your part

North Carolina fisherman are regulated and pay for licenses.They are also fined if they take illegal size or quantity.This revenue from license and fines is suppose to go to conservation and management of fish populations. Where is that money going? Pollutants wash off driveways and those factories, farms and homes that use fertilizer that washes down stream or chemicals and pesticides that alter how the fish breed or warmer coastal waters are possible causes.If you have used these products,you may be guilty too.There are other numerous possible causes of the decline apart from fishing.Should we have regulations to start checking garages too?

More wildlife officials

More wildlife officials should be stationed at all boatramps.Looking in coolers and checking boats. Flounder have a bag limit of 8 fish. But, on any given day I see more than that in coolers that are kept and are less than 15 inches long.Net fishing in my opion is a way of cheating and should no longer be allowed unless you have a commercial license. The bottom line is, theese fish should be availblie for generations to come and if we don't have more wildlife officails staffed we will loose this population of fish.

yeah just pay a visit to the

yeah just pay a visit to the public boating access on any weekend at wrightsville beach and you will see why there are no fish left this is no joke ,commercial fishing liscenses are about $2500 obtained by the state of nc wildlife resources division ,now this is what just i think dont make much sense unless you can prove the fish are going to a church or homeless people or that you are using this in the proper way ,you can also obtain a liscense to catch the same amount of fish as a commercial fisherman liscense but you can not sell the fish for $35 dollars,yes you can buy a liscense from nc wildlife commision for $35 dollars that enables you to catch the same amout as a commercial fishing liscense , now you say where are all the fish in the hands of our wildlife commisioners.

Flounder Nets

The State needs to stop people from using flounder nets, or limit on how many nets you can use...

Flounder article

Are you aware of the work being done at NC State University on fresh water flounder? If not, contact Dennis DeLong at Lake Wheeler Reserch Station - part of the university field laboratory near Lake Wheeler in Raleigh - for more information.

Too many boats fishing!

Used to be established sea captains fishing but there are way too many people out there now.


THIS is what happens when the catch leans in FAVOR of commercial fisherman all in the name of jobs instead of taking care of our resources....Red Drum are NEXT...



Damn turtle

why is it always the commercial fisherman when a sea turtle stops a fishing industry and those turtles leave here and go down to jamacia and other islands so they can eat turtle soup so you damn dummys can talk about people that made a liveing on the water all thier lives. A turtle should not take the place of a commerical fisherman & gill nets should not take all the blame. You are takin the living from alot of people that has always had there income from the water & alot of them are old enough they don't no another occupation or don't want another one. This living has come down through there generations & that is all they no & want to do. Why take it away from them when its there way of life & has always been that. I am one of those people who has been on the water ever since I was 12 years old, now I'm 59 & still love it but have to do something else because the sea turtle seem to be more impotant than people living.

Commercial fishermen have

Commercial fishermen have been regulated out of business. Go out and try to find a handful of them. This is an excuse that the pleasure fishermen use to make themslves feel better about the situation. If they would just catch and release, then so many would not be wasted instead of using them for pictures. Pleasure fishermen has pretty much killed the commercial industry!!