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Local gathering held to protest against war

President Obama spent last week convincing other countries to send troops to Afghanistan. Sunday some people in our area held a peaceful protest against war. The Food Not Bombs program gathers unused food from local farmers, supermarkets and restaurants to make food for the community. The group holds the event the first Sunday of every month. Food is free for anyone that attends. Organizers said the program has simple, but lofty goals. “To eliminate hunger and protest war and poverty because it's ridiculous to be spending money on war when there are people here starving,” said organizer Selena Shissler. Food Not Bombs is a global program that started in Boston in the '80s. Shissler organizes the program at the Community Action Center on Castle Street. If you would like to help out you can volunteer at,

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This article was definitely

This article was definitely taken out of context. This event was NOT in response to Obama sending more troops overseas. The article did not include that this event is the Really Really Free Market which has been taking place every month for the past year or so. Food Not Bombs serves food at this event each month. The main and most important goal of this event it to bring the community together. CommonSense: maybe if you stepped away from your computer and stepped outside, you will see that there are many people in Wilmington who are without homes and access to healthy food.

No home? No food?

Go blame the man or woman in the mirror. If I was a drunken nutjob who couldn't hold down a job, or a simpleton who kept producing children with no hope of providing for them, I likely wouldn't have a home either.

Being a pacifist only works.....

...if your opponent also subscribes to pacifism. If he doesn't, your pacifism is a unilateral suicide pact. It's criminally naive and negligent to think that defense spending should take a back seat because of people (here) that you people claim are starving. (Where are they?) Let the United States fall from the role of superpower (faster than it already is) and see how many people are starving then. Here's what you fail to grasp about Islamic fundamentalists - they don't WANT your food. They don't WANT to sit down and sing "Kumbaya" with you. They don't WANT to be your pal. They want to kill you, kill your family, and kill your dog. They hate you with a religious fervor that borders on total insanity. I guess we just view the world differently. As I watched those planes crash into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, I never once thought, "Gee, I'd like to buy those guys lunch." Perhaps you should spend more time studying the sacrifices men and women made to insure your freedom, and less time daydreaming about your Sesame Street and Barney-like Utopia.

re: Being a pacifist only works.....

Dr. King, and Ghandi would like a word with you. Why don't we ask terrorists what they want? That would be the first thing to try. War should be the last resort, only after all other avenues have been exhausted. I come from a military family, and we despise war most of all.

Ask terrorists what they

Ask terrorists what they want??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I could care less what they want, they deserved to be tied up and tortured. What they want is the last thing on my mind

I agree - war should be a last resort

The idea of making war extinct however, is pure fantasy. We will ALWAYS have wars, and need the option of war to achieve national goals and protect our strategic interests. I fear that like the earlier poster I responded to, you confuse domestic political issues and civil disobedience with pacifism in the face of a war involving a foreign power and the protection (to include possible survival) of your country. It's not a matter of what the terrorists "want." (What if we are not prepared to agree with what terrorists want?) It's a matter of doing what is necessary to protect your homeland and way of life. In the Seventies the Marine Corps had an exceptional recruiting poster that stated one simple truth: "Nobody likes to fight, but somebody has to know how."

War is the last resort

"History teaches that war begins when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap." -Ronald Reagan

Exactly right!

That's why we should never leave a doubt in anyone's mind, that attacking the United States or it's allies will exact a very severe cost. But we don't do that any more. We have become the Paper Tiger the Chinese one labeled us. My God, we can't even do what Thomas Jefferson accomplished two-hundred years ago, because we refuse to exact a toll on the Somali pirates! We have no stomach for the slaughter required. We've had a seven year lesson in how NOT to fight a "war," thanks to Bush and Rumsfeld, honor graduates at the Johnson-McNamara School of Military Incompetence. We are now embarked upon a journey to convince the Arab world that we love them, and they really ARE our best buddies. I fear that we have simple replaced incompetence with naivety, and will pay an even higher price in the future.


War,{grunt}...what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.......and so on. Hi Common.

nonviolent direct action works

Food Not Bombs provided food to the rescue workers at the World Trade Center so we have seen these things up close. Been kidnapped in Africa and lived through several riots and gun battles. But I have also participated in nonviolent direct action against very violent governments and I have seen nonviolent direct action work and at the same time have many friends in prison accused of using violence. I did two years in jail, was tortured and faced life in prison yet I still promote the use of nonviolent direct action to defend the earth and end war. Consider reading Gene Sharp's books about the use of nonviolence to stop Hitler. he hated nonviolence so much he gave guns out to his enemies so he could justify killing them. Something you don't learn in high school history.

End war?

Sure, pal. Right after you end volcanoes, babies crying, and the Sun rising in the East. Are you waiting for the Easter Bunny this weekend? As Von Clausewitz wrote, "War is simply an extension of politics in another direction." In other words, when your enemy and you come to an impasse regarding your respective needs and interests, you can yield to his wishes, surrender your own...or you can go to war. History proves that war is a natural progression of political will and a necessary tool for achieving national objectives and strategic goals. "War" is going to be around as long as man inhabits the Earth. Our most serious problems over the last sixty years are due to our sudden, inexplicable inability to wage war, instead opting for some ineffective "war lite" that achieves nothing. Interesting comparison - you dedicated your life to ending war, I dedicated my life to first fighting it, then studying it, then writing about how to do it better. Yet in the end, we are both ignored, you because it's nonsensical to think that war will ever vanish, I because we once again believe that being nice-guy-buddies is more effective than destroying the enemy and his will to fight. We'd rather "negotiate" than show the enemy why Sherman accurately assessed war as hell. In the end, our long-term effect on the issue will be remarkably like pulling one's finger out of the ocean....but rest assured that men will be fighting and dying in wars long after you and I are gone. That gives me some comfort, for if we ever reach the day when men will not fight for their homeland or liberty, society will basically fail, fall....and woe unto this nation...

i am reading these comments

i am reading these comments back and forth, and it is clear without even looking at the context which are the voices of pacifists and which are not. common, no one is attacking you on this message board. why do you need to speak with such anger and sarcasm? your opinion is respected and honored within your rights of free speech. i understand how people feel that war is the only inevitable option. it's significance is a culmination of many many many years of varying belief systems and a structure of logic that paints things in black/white, right/wrong. but please also consider the importance of peace. if it were not for programs like FNB, who knows what state the world would be in. as long as there is war, there should be people protesting war -- especially if they are providing food to the hungry. (even if it is not a homeless person, i'm sure everyone appreciates a free meal in this economic crunch!) if the grim prediction of the future stands true, and the existence of war goes hand-in-hand with humanity (which i wouldn't completely disregard.... we, as humans, are in a bit over our head, much deeper into this military complex than we realize) ... i'm glad that there are people keeping things positive, sharing hope & love. but, i personally can't ascribe myself to any facts proven by history. we are standing on the shoulders of the past, learning from the mistakes, etc etc. if this moment is fresh and new, the next moment can only be more so. with endless possibilities for growth and change. it's not necessarily an end to wars that i look forward to, but the end of the NEED for war. a day when you don't have to fight for your homeland, or anything else for that matter. harmonic coexistence... if you support war, i'm sure there are beliefs you believe in fighting for. food not bombs is how pacifists fight... you don't have to prove anyone wrong :) we're all swimming in the same fish bowl. i appreciate you sharing your perspective... while one finger taken out of the ocean won't make much of a difference, your finger (and mine) are one of many.

More fantasy, denying human nature

"it's not necessarily an end to wars that i look forward to, but the end of the NEED for war. a day when you don't have to fight for your homeland, or anything else for that matter. harmonic coexistence..." What exactly is a nation to do when its strategic interests are threatened by another and nothing can be accomplished by talking? What exactly IS worth fighting for, in your mind?

that's what i'm saying... i

that's what i'm saying... i hope for a day when there is no need for war. when there is no threat, when there are no strategic interests. just harmonic coexistence. i'm not saying i will see that in my lifetime, but i want my actions & the things i support to reflect the world i wish to see. i think anything is worth fighting for, i just don't like others to suffer at the extent of my efforts. people have different priorities & different interests. that is unquestionable - but why do we need to infringe our ways on others? (and i mean "we" as in all of humanity, not just the us, not just you and me)