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Local Heroes Golf Tournament remembers Tarica Pulliam

READ MORE: Local Heroes Golf Tournament remembers Tarica Pulliam
New Hanover County law enforcement officers remembered one of their own today. Tarica Pulliam was murdered this summer. The annual Local Heroes Golf Tournament was held in her honor. One of Pulliam’s co-workers, Scott Perez, said, “Our squad lost a true friend. A true hard worker, and a true friend.” On August 6th, Pulliam was gunned down outside her Wilmington home. The hunt for her suspected killer, ended with his suicide. Pulliam's former boyfriend, Anthony Bowen, killed himself in the woods of a Jacksonville mobile home park. Pulliam had filed a restraining order against him just 4 months before her death. Money raised from the tournament will go to the seven year old daughter Pulliam left behind. “It lifts my day to know she's loved and still being loved,” said Tarica’s mother, Gracie Pulliam. Organizers of the annual Local Heroes Golf Tournament said when news of Tarica Pulliam’s murder spread through the sheriff's department, there was no question she would be remembered on this day. “You always have Tarica in your memory, as well as other officers we've lost in the past. Always when you wake up in the morning and you go to work, that's in the back of your mind,” said Pat Cullifer, Local Heroes Tournament organizer. More than seventy golfers played in the tournament. Gracie Pulliam said the turnout reminds her just how much her daughter was admired. “It brings a little more joy because it makes me know what my child was really all about. She was all about caring, helping and it just brings a lot more joy to us,” she said. The entire $75 per golfer entry fee, and sales of raffle tickets, will go toward Pulliam's daughter's education.

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This Fund?

Let me ask the voters of New Hanover County a question? Why is the High Sheriff the only one that has access to this bank account where this money is kept? Why is he the only person that decides who gets the money when needed? Is this even legal? Here we go again with "SID" the high Sheriff. He is more crooked than Ron was! All of the citizens that support "SID" and his croonies need to be whacked. Why is it that New Hanover County is the only county within North Carolina that has two yes two Chief Deputies at $115,000 a pop? Do we need them? Appartenly "SID" can't do without them. Great Sheriffs such as Marion Millis, H. G. Grohman and Joe McQueen didn't need them or want to waste the money on them so why do we need them now? Can't you do your job "SID"? We can find a place for you in the home. Check out the Sheriff's budget if you don't believe me. It's public knowledge and all of their salaries are too. Keep an eye out! I will be!

This Fund

To the idiot that wrote this message. I am the person in charge of the Local Heroes Golf Tournament, not Sid Causey. I am trying to do something possitive for the people that put their lives on the line for you and I. This has nothing to do with the Sheriff's Office. If you dont know what you are talking about in reference to this tournament, please keep your opinions to yourself. If you have issues about this tournament YOU need to talk to ME. I repeat, I recommend that you keep your opinions to yourself until you know the facts about what you are talking. Leave your phone number and I will call you.

this fund?

The money raised in this golf tourny has nothing to do with Sheriff Sid Causey. It was her co-workers who put on the benefit. Get uyour facts straight before you spit out ignorance. The $$ raised wasn't touched by Causey.

Other Fund then?

Apparently I was mistaken about this particular fund but the other one is still in question! You know the one? The one where all of the Deputies were told that they would purchase tickets or sell tickets or have to go before "SID". That particular fund is not even legal! Watch out you'll be next! I remember that when he became Sheriff and was gong to be elected as president of the North Carolina Sheriff's Assoc. he had all of the deputies make out their check for twenty five dollars to join because if they couldn't be a part of it then he would not give raises to those that didn't support him. Do you remember that? If not you haven't been around for very long. The man is a thief and a dictator! He needs to join Wright and Hewett in the cell. Didn't his wife Indigo have something to do with Wright's campaign too? If I'm not mistaken she was his Financial Secretary for his campaign. UMMMMMM?

Gum Shoe

Benson is that you???? You are an idiot. You really are. First of all I personally know a bunch of NHSO employees that are not members of the Sheriff's Assoc and they have received their yearly raises with no problems. Now, if you were talking about buying tickets for that fundraisers, while that might be a little questionable, the Sheriff himself has nothing to do with those funds. There is a committee that is set up and they are the ones that control the money for that fund. The Sheriff has no say in it.

I don't know of what other

I don't know of what other fund you speak; however if employees paid into it, then it's public knowledge. Why don't you go down to the Sheriffs Office and bring a law agency with to audit the fund. Otherwise, I'm not sure why you try to make it a conspiracy. Seems you think you know alot about the Sheriffs Dept. I played in the golf tournament with two road deputies. They love working for Sheriff Causey. I've met the man and found him very personable. I guess everyone has their own opinions.

God Bless you Gracie, and

God Bless you Gracie, and God bless the Child. Tarica, may you rest in peace, knowing that people care and will be looking out for your daughter.