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Local high school dropout rates on the rise

WILMINGTON -- Statewide numbers show dropout rates among high school students have been increasing every year since 2002. State education officials are meeting in Raleigh to determine how to fund a program dedicated to preventing future dropouts. Over the next two days a dropout prevention committee will decide how to distribute a $7 million grant to help public schools and community non-profits keep students on the path to graduation. In the 2005-2006 school year alone more than 22,000 dropouts were reported statewide -- that's a rate of 5.04 percent. School officials from New Hanover and Brunswick Counties have already applied for grant assistance to continue funding dropout prevention programs they have in place. Brunswick County Director of Education Deanne Medows says there are a number of reasons why teens choose to dropout. Medows said, "Most of your students that are dropping out they start to show some issues early on, even in elementary schools, with attendance issues they start to get a little discouraged about school or have some behavior issues so that's when we have to start looking for some ways to get them focused back on school." The unofficial 2006-2007 numbers New Hanover County recorded more than 400 students who dropped out. In Brunswick County there were more than 200, and there were more than 100 in Pender County. The official dropout rates for the 2006-2007 school year are expected to be released by next month, including how those numbers compare to previous years. If the committee does approve more funding for local dropout prevention programs, they could stand to gain around one hundred $50 each. That would pay for more supplies, buses and teachers.

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Dropout laws

I'm currently writing a persuasive paper over the legal dropout age of 16 being increased to 18 in the state of Iowa. I'm starting to run out of places to look. Can anyone help me find this new law and/or bill to help prevent so many of the U.S. youth dropping out of high school?

Take heart! Perhaps they will get their GED....

...while attending Raleigh Central Prison?

Senior Project

I large number of kids do not want to do the 'senior project'. This project is pretty much a waste of time and can cost the parent large amounts of money. The school should teach something the kids could use in real live. I know of kids that have dropped out of school because of the 'senior project'.

Give me a break

Kids are not dropping out of school because of the senior project. That is a copout answer for anyone not wanting to do a little work.


My daughter dropped out of high school because of senior project because she could not bare the stress of doing it while applying to college. Once she dropped out she finished her high school at CFCC. Oh and did i mention she had an SAT score of 1340 and was the the top of her class? Senior project is stress because of nit picky little details and deadlines.

You can't be serious

If your daughter couldn't handle the senior project and applying to college, she will never make it in the real world. Look at how many others have had no trouble with this.

Shame on you...

for allowing your daughter to drop out. I, for one, don't buy the excuse of "she coudn't "bare", should be bear, the stress of a senior project while applying for college". Your daughter hasn't a clue as to what stress is. When she grows up and enters the adult world, she'll either suck it up or fall apart. If 1340 was the top score in her class, that in itself speaks volumes...and not in a positive manner.

Though I do agree with you,

Though I do agree with you, you must realize that at that age, a person has not developed the skill, so to speak, to handle such life altering decisions. So don't be so harsh on either because the mom might not of been able to do anything about it.


WoW!!!!! Aren't we just the perfect teacher..

Not a teacher...

but a parent who was actively involved in my childrens' education from Grade 1 thru graduation. Sadly, too many parents don't take an active role and wonder why their children make some of the stupid choices they do.

Good for you

Good for you sdsurfer and your children. They most likely will end up being productive members of our society. After reading some of the statement left by local students and the 'hood boys' is enough to make your head hurt.

Productive citizens they are...

With my oldest graduating in the top 10 of her class, with a Masters Degree and working full-time in her field of study, 2nd and 3rd children currently in college.Sadly, far too many parents look to the school system as glorified baby sitters and take no interest in who their children's teachers are or what classes their children take.

message for TW

TW, I don't know if your a senior in High School or not; however, I read and analyzed your response. I recommend more education in spelling and writing[sentence structure]. I certainly hope you are not representative of the norm.

when will these kids and

when will these kids and their parents realize education is the only way to achieve true equality and to make a better life for yourself. If you don't even graduate high school you've already lost the game before it even started.

They won't...

...until politicians stop giving them a free ride on our backs. To keep power over the people, ya gotta keep em down, dumb, Dependant and doped up.


Here we go again. Always showing NHHS as your backdrop to every thing that has to do with a school. Is it that WWAYS team of photographers don't know there way to any of the other schools in New Hanover County? I am sick and tired of the first thing we see is our school splashed with negative mess because you can't go and pick on Hoggard or Ashley High school in a negative light. Get it in your stupid heads to leave us alone and find your backdrop to your negative stories someplace else. We are no different than any other school in this town "LEAVE US ALONE"!!! Stay off our property and get your story someplace else. Go mess with the drug dealers at Hoggard, they will give you a better story there.


Then get your friends to stay in school.

Guesty I'm surprised you're

Guesty I'm surprised you're not an advocate of this story you've seemed to do pretty well for yourself after dropping out.

Past due

Isn't it time for you to get a job waggy? Quit living off my taxes.


I did drop out of high school but unlike you I had enough sense to go back and finish school. I have then completed college and possess two degrees and numerous computer industry (Comptia, Microsoft) certifications. Too bad you sit at home and lick windows. Don't worry, the mail man will bring your check very soon.

I "guess" that's how you

I "guess" that's how you bought your house on a slab huh, Everyone look at Guesty, I'm so proud of you certificates and all. :) BTW Cape Fear Tech doesn't really count as a real university institution


My son is going to CFCC now. He works full time, is married and has a daughter. It is all he could afford. He went to UNCW for a year, he hated it and is still paying for it. CFCC is more flexible for him. I know its not Harvard.

No disrespect to CFCC, Das,

No disrespect to CFCC, Das, I attended there also before transferring to UNCW. I'm married with two beautiful girls of my own. I'm sure you're very proud of your son and granddaughter. I know what you mean about student loans me and my wife are still paying them off. I was just messing with guesty which can be quite irresistible at times. :)


Yeah, I know guesty can be an irresistible target. :) A lot of kids go to CFCC then to UNCW, it is more cost effective. My son just turned 23 and since leaving UNCW has had major life changes. My husband and I have 4 kids 19+, I tell you what, at 45&51 we just can not see maxing out our dept to pay for them to attend anything other than CFCC. Can you imagine the dept we would have and have till we die? My husband was in the USCG for 21 years, not the type of job to have and be able to save up for tuition. My parents set my son up a hefty fund but he would not take it (i think it is because he knew he would hate it and if HE was paying what can we say?)Student loans are great but, like you they hang around a while after you graduate. At least at CFCC you can pay as you go and not have to suffer with dept. I really do not know if a "name brand" college degree is worth anything anymore. I know several kids that went to UNCW and cant find jobs in their fields and barely get by. Unless its medical or legal fields a community college may be a better idea.

don't be bitter

You shouldn't be bitter scally just because you are a loser in life. Don't be mad because I made better choices than you did. As far as I know, I've never made any reference to CFCC. I'm sure there are plenty of students down there that certainly could take you to task. BTW, has the monthly government check arrived yet?

Actually my reparations

Actually my reparations check came in yesterday, but seeing how financially I don't need it I would like to donate it to the less fortunate, you, and maybe you can FINALLY pay off that 1975 model trailer that you parked on top of a slab. :)

I'm not too proud to

I'm not too proud to beg...I'll take your check


((( raising hand )))I am less fortunate Scally !! I really need some more money for my vacation in May to Europe. Can you help?

no thank you

Nope, wouldn't want to deprive you of your government check. We can all see once again that you are consistent with being wrong and that you are happy in your uneducated state of mind. No trailer in my past, present or future. Must be thinking of yourself. Again.

Excuses, excuses

I guess it time to hand out some more teacher raises and bonus money for the superintendents and such. Reading the article I see that the writer must be a publicly educated student as well. If the previous solution isn't working anymore, why throw money at it? Find another better solution. Government schools are turning out inferior products, your kids. Why do we allow this? Why do we keep funding this? Why are the superintendent's kids privately schooled?