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Undocumented local plans to continue education

READ MORE: Undocumented local plans to continue education
BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- A recent order from the state Community College Board requires all North Carolina community colleges to admit undocumented aliens. It fuels the on-going immigration debate. One local women living here without documentation spoke about the board's decision and her story. She didn't want her identity revealed but she is so passionate about education, she wanted to tell her story. "Everyone who is here without documents, it's like a fear that we have." Those are the words of a 20-year-old Mexican woman living in Wilmington without documentation. She has lived here with her family for five years. For her being here means being able to get an education. "It's important to have an education, because that way you can help your family, you can be better informed about what's going on in the community," she said. She says she's happy about the recent directive to allow undocumented aliens into community colleges. She's a student at Brunswick Community College, a school that didn't require documentation. She pays out of state tuition, which is required for all undocumented aliens. Brunswick Community College's out of state tuition is $1,033.30 per semester hour compared to $42 per semester hour for North Carolina residents. "It's kind of like a dream to students that graduate from high school. They want to go to college, but since this opportunity was being denied to them before, now they're going to accept them. I think it's great that students will be able to have an education." She says right now it's not worth it to her to go through the legalization process. "It's not that easy since I was brought here by my parents illegally. That's why I can't, there is no way I can get documents, get documented right now." Immigration attorney Ken Hatcher said, "There's nothing they can do." He says becoming legal is quite a process. "If they're out of status, particularly if they came in the United States illegally, they cannot get their status changed. They have to leave the country and there's a ten-year penalty for those who have been in the US for a year. When they leave they cannot return for ten years," Hatcher said. The woman NewsChannel 3 spoke with says she plans to continue her education here in North Carolina and has no plans of returning to Mexico.

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I plan on reporting them

I still plan on reporting illegals every chance I get. One of the best ways if there is a slum household of several families is to report child abuse there. You're not lying if there are too many people for the apartment or house/tenant property. INS and ICE might not get off their butts and do anything, but the county Social Services will be there in a minute! Especially if you "suspect" they have any drug activity going on.

You people seem to have no clue...

Undocumented illegals bring millions (if not billions) into this country. The ones who work on fake SSN's still pay taxes. However, since their number is fake, they can NOT collect those taxes back in any way. They will not get a refund check. They will not qualify for Medicare or SSI should they become disabled. The ones who slam illegals are the same ones who slam gambling... Yes, there's a negative side... but the flip side is the contribution it brings to the economy. The dollars they bring in are FAR FAR FAR greater than the dollars they take out. I'm all for anyone bettering themselves through education... and I've attended college through graduate school and know that I've been in classes that were cancelled because there were NOT ENOUGH students enrolled. UNCW and CFCC are not typical for enrollment throughout the state. All other schools are not bursting at the seams... Maybe some of you guys need to head back to school. Wilmingtonians never fail to disappointment me with their ignorant rhetoric, old boys network, and complete and total lack of understanding of different view points. PS, enjoy your new craptastic convention center. I wish I had that much money to just toss into the river and not care that I'm screwing over the next few generations of your kids. Positive choices... so keep arguing about this... b/c it's sure to fix all the town's issues if we stop an undocumented individual from deciding to take a welding class. right?

More of the same, read history

It conjures up the alarm bells that Benjamin Franklin set off about German immigrants in the late 18th century, who he insisted could never adopt the culture of the English, but would "swarm into our Settlements, and by herding together establish their Language and Manners to the Exclusion of ours." It popped up in the mid-19th century amid worries that Chinese immigrants were "unassimilable," which led to Congress approving the explicitly-named Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. And it helped welcome the 20th century when Massachusetts Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge warned that immigrants (read: the Irish) were diluting "the quality of (U.S.) citizenship" and others complained that Italian immigrants were uneducated, low skilled, apt to send all their money to their home country and prone to criminal activity. Where have we heard that before? And when will we hear it again? After all, Hispanics may be the latest group to find themselves in a culture war with nativists. But they won't be the last.

No Clue?

The menial taxes they may pay in no way covers the cost of services they receive. Go to the emergency room, health department, Schools, county jail...and look around. Here's a few clues; Illegal, undocumented, fake social security numbers and drivers license, driving without insurance, DUI, gangs, crime, bringing in and spreading diseases...


instead of whining and complaining about the situation i suggest next time we vote for a governor who will reverse the situation and put a stop to this easley has been governor too long and its time for a change.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CAll AND EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS WHERE IT COUNTS!!!!!! MIKE EASLEY 800-662-7952 MARC BASNIGHT 919-733-6854 JOE HACKNEY 919-733-3451 If you buy from or do business with a company that hires illegals then "YOU" are the problem.


will never stop until our government ABSOLUTELY BANKRUPTS ANYONE who helps, harbors, hides or hires an ILLEGAL ALIEN! I'm tired of the BS PC undocumented worker phrase. THEY ARE ILLEGAL and should be treated with the SAME respect a criminal is treated!

Gov. Easeley and the NC Gov.

This article only brings to light some of the growing, serious problems in NC. We have law enforcement run amuck, judical systems that cater to the criminals and we get to pay for illegals to get school for free. It's time for change. When it comes time to vote, get there and vote. Get these people the governor, sentors, judges, sheriffs, police chiefs and the rest of this crime wave out of office. I cannot believe that they really expect us to pay for illegals to have education, health care, food, housing..WHILE THEY SEND THEIR MONEY HOME.

Looks like you guys missed

Looks like you guys missed this part.... "She says she's happy about the recent directive to allow undocumented aliens into community colleges. She's a student at Brunswick Community College, a school that didn't require documentation. She pays out of state tuition, which is required for all undocumented aliens. Brunswick Community College's out of state tuition is $1,033.30 per semester hour compared to $42 per semester hour for North Carolina residents."

Criminals on Campus?

How can they not be doing background checks? With several of the killings on campuses around the nation in the last few years and some of them here in and around Wilmington, this makes me want my kid to go to a private school all the more. I guess it will take an illegal pulling a killing spree like Virginia Tech to make the lawmakers see the error of their "interpretation." They need to be held accountable before that happens in the next election. Can you sue as a LEGAL American if your kid is displaced by an illegal alien and deprives your hardworking kid of an education? No!


we should all go to the collage sign up for classes an when they ask us for our id ss# an all that tell them we dont have one see if we get in NOT! you know that is what pisses me off here they know these people are illegal an what are they doing not a damn thing,maybe everyone should not vote then see how far they get with getting this mess under controll i just cannot believe the things they get handed to them all our hard earn tax paying money going to support them,

Absolutely not fair

Absolutely not fair that I'm still paying off student loans, paying health insurance barely making ends meet and this illegal mexican gets all the same FOR FREE! This country is in need of a REVOLUTION before it is run into the ground


Can illegal aliens, residents or w/e they are called this week VOTE??????????? Don't you have to have a SS# to register to vote? Ok. Why do the politicians give a damn about the illegals and keep catering to them? Can I go vote in Mexico if i want too?

Call Easley's Office Every Day

Call Easley's Office Every Day!!!!!!How do you and should you feel as a citizen of this state and if it was your dream to attend BCC to improve your life and you were denied admittance while illegals are accepted? Aren't our elected officials supposed to be working for the betterment our state and it's citizenry? Maybe they're getting them ready to VOTE in your place since you're complacent about the privilege. Wear the phone lines out! Don't let them conduct business as usual!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If someone should be in jail

If someone should be in jail for a crime, would that person be allowed to attend college. Let's break every law in this country and get away with it just like they do.


If I could have gotten into a NC college as an out of state student (the requirements were more stringent for us), I would have had to pay very high tuition back in the 1960s. Now you can be a person without any proof of citizenship and NC colleges are required to take you?! My how things have changed. Governor Mike Easley must really want to curry favor with the people here working the factories and farms of his supporters and contributors. But what will follow is that their kids will get educated and be too good to work on farms and do day labor so there will be a new bunch who will come in and then they in turn will end up too good, jumping in front of everybody in this life and throwing us old people out with the dish water. Citizens from other states need not apply. The same rules still apply for you that existed in the 60s and in this new day, Mex-Carolinians preferred.


I came to the US almost 10 years ago. I did it the right way by applying for a visa and getting a green card. It was a huge process and very expensive. I work, pay taxes and speak english with only a little accent. I never asked anybody to learn german to communicate with me. I am only a legal resident here and this is even a slap in the face for me. I'm sick of the US catering to all the illegal immigrants. Just going shopping - most of the labels are now in Spanish - What's wrong with this picture?


Okay for starters she is an ILLEGAL alien. Im tired of this pc crap. She has admitted to breaking the law and is still free. Why is she not in jail and being shipped back to Mexico. My taxpayer money is being used to support her education. Her arrogance is amazing in this article. She has just spit in every taxpaying citizen in this county. Where are you Ron? Haul her sorry a%^ back to Mexico.

WTF! That is a slap in the

WTF! That is a slap in the face for ALL AMERICANS. I can't imagine going to another country and expecting that country to educate me and I AM NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE! I AM DISGUSTED!


HOPE things like this get overturned. Illegals are part of what is all WRONG with this country these days. NOT ALL OF IT mind you, but a slice of it!

illegals education

It is'nt right, and I for one have had enough of what is'nt right in this country,,, and don't give me any of that crap about being "politically correct" the truth is, there is no such thing, I don't believe in it.. it's just a phrase thats used to try and dance around the truth... If you can't accept the truth about anything, then thats your problem.. You better wake up out there America and get a grip on reality.. which is.. your future and your childrens future is being flushed down the drain and soaked up by those illegal persons here that have never paid a red penny into the system that "we the people" have supported all our lives... THINK!!


This is insane, if she wants an education in the USA, she should be here legally, as it stands, she should be deported ASAP. this country is heading for a nasty wreck, and the bleeding heart liberals are driving.

She intends to continue at BCC

She has no intention of trying to become a legal resident. She has no intention of ever going home to her own country. She's here to stay. "Muchas gracias, suckers!" Folks, don't forget to pay your taxes on April 15th. We wouldn't want Senorita Freeride to suffer any delays in her milking of the system.

Shouldn't they report her

If she is ileagl, shoudln't the college report here to the authorties? Isn't that something like helping a criminal? I know when I went to BCC and my son who goes now, we had to show ID. If she wants to get a degree and NOT go back to Mexico, where does she intend to work? When you get to that level of work, I doubt that there are many companies that hire ilegals. I nkow I really lok at the papers people give me for the I-9 form. I have had enough Americans give me bogus papers because they are wanted for something or don't want to pay child support, I don't want to even talk about all the mexican construction workers I have had there were all named Jose Alverz with the same SSN becasue they would rotate every 6 months back and forth with a family member. Yes, they pay taxes and can't get them back. Yes, we also lose money with unpaid medical and car accidents. We also lose money from locals that run up hospital bills, don't keep car insurance, pourposly buy things with no money, and just plain steal. If we at least gave them 6 month work visas, that might be the start of some control. If only we could control the low-life locals too!

Blatant disreguard for the law

"The woman NewsChannel 3 spoke with says she plans to continue her education here in North Carolina and has no plans of returning to Mexico." So illegal aliens are now telling us outright what they will continue to break the law and take advantage of our system and politicians and law enforcement still do nothing? Where the heck is ICE?

Undocumented? Who pays the Tab?

Boy this is just great; another fine example of government misguided. Every institution of higher learning has caps on the number of students admitted and the number allowed in each of its programs. So now the very real possibility of legitimate aspiring North Carolinian students being turned away due to lack of class size now that anyone who is undocumented can step forward and avail themselves of a higher education. What's next? Will the colleges be required to offer seperate but equal classes in Spanish or whatever language prevails from those foreign countries? Some other questions arise. How do the illegals get to class? Public transportation or driving without a license and insurance; you have to possess a social security number to acquire both. Who pays their tuition? Does this divert grant and scholarship funds from worthy legal residents, who may be working part time to fund their education, to those who are not working because again they are here illegally and do not possess a social security card? In 1995, my duaghter applied for, and gained, admission to UNC. There were admission limits for both instate and out of state applicants each year. I believe only 6% of the out of state applicants were admitted that year. Priority was given to in state applicants whose parents' taxes supported the UNC system. Made sense; out of state students paid significantly higher tuition and fees. Also made sense. The way our society is turning, we will likely see "preferred" tuition and fee levels for the undocumented and the illegal. Will that lead to higher government assistance to the college system as legal applicants fall by the wayside; and thus the fees and tutition their parents would have paid go out of state as they are forced to look outside our state for education opportunities? What was someone thinking when they dreamed up this? Sadly, it will probably get worse as the 2008 elections approach and heaven only knows what the Democrats will offer as inducements to garner support and votes. One can only hope the local Sheriff and Police Departments will assign "Resource" Officers to every campus in an effort to identify those who are here illegally and may actually pose a threat to the safety of legal resident students. Who can honestly say there are not terrorists, posing as illegal students, waiting for a call from abroad to rise up with guns and bombs. Nothing in the law says that can not be done; although some bleeding heart will probably call that profiling. It is -- if you're not here legally, we should escort you quickly back to the Border. THAT is exactly what happens south of the Border should you be there ILLEGALLY. Senators Dole and Burr should be outraged at this and should offer the services of an INS contingent of agents to assist local law enforcement officials in assisting those here illegally to return to their homeland. More likely though, we will hear a call for the Pleadge of Allegiance and our Nathional Anthem to be conducted simultaneously in Spanish at school and athletic fucntions.

College for Illegals

Who the heck is this girl kidding? She states "She says right now it's not worth it to her to go through the legalization process" Really, that's nice that it's not worth it to her to become and American, just to take advantage of our hard work to build and education system that she can now take advantage of for free. This is what I have to say to her and all the other illegals here..BS..GO HOME, IM SICK OF PAYING YOUR WAY. SICK OF PAYING FOR YOUR FOOD, HOUSING, MEDICAL, DENTAL, SCHOOL, CLOTHES SO THAT YOU CAN SEND YOUR MONEY HOME. BUY A BUS TICKET BACK TO WHERE EVER THE HECK YOU CAME FROM AND BUILD YOUR OWN COUNTY.

illegals education

Excuse me - but am I missing something. This girl wants to continue her education on the backs of legal - tax paying North Carolina citizens. Perhaps her "education" might include research into becoming legal. Give me a break!

What about the illegal

What about the illegal aliens who pay taxes and work as hard if not harder than other legal citizens. Get your facts straight before you start saying unsupported comments like that. Maybe you're the one who needs to go to school and learn a little something.

What about the Illegal

Come on, get real. How are they going to pay taxes without a Social Security Card. Who are you another illegal?