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Local invention may save lives

In the event of an emergency, every second counts. A Wilmington man's invention helps emergency workers better track your location. It's called the 911 light, and it's made by Alex Monroe of Cape Fear Systems. All you have to do is plug the adaptor in to your phone line. If you ever dial 911, the light will flash. The device is useful to both homeowners, and businesses. "Every second wasted in an emergency could literally mean the difference between life and death," said Monroe. Lt. Kevin McDonald of the NHC Fire Department said, "When you arrive and get close to the area it's going to aid in pinpointing that house." The 911 light costs $70. You can buy them by going to Cape Fear Systems - located at 215 Water Street, or contact your local fire department.

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There is also a gadget that

There is also a gadget that you replace your porch light with. It makes the light flash and is only a few dollars, not $70.

I used to have one of the

I used to have one of the gadgets that works with the light bulb but you have to turn the light swicth on for it to work. When I dialed 911 in an emergency, I didn't think about cutting a switch on so it didn't work for me. I like the 911-Light because it activates AUTOMATICALLY when I have an emergency!

Neat Idea

This sounds like a GREAT idea and I am all for it. I just have a question. In this day and age of cell phones, may people no longer have a house phone. Is this something that can have an adaptor for cell phones? Just something to think about.