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Local leaders meet with members of Congress in DC

READ MORE: Local leaders meet with members of Congress in DC
This week county leaders from around our area are in the nation's capital. Bacon and eggs were on the breakfast menu for Congressman Mike McIntyre Tuesday at the new US Capitol Visitors Center in Washington, but there's little doubt the subject on the mind of the county leaders from southeastern North Carolina is trimming the fat from their budgets. “It all boils down to economy, and the money. Anything in the world that either the house or the senate or both can do together to get us whatever funds we need just to keep going,” said New Hanover County Commission Chairman Ted Davis. The county leaders had a chance Tuesday morning to lobby their congressman for help. They are in Washington for the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference, which is a chance to meet with their representatives This is Charles Warren's first trip as a Brunswick County Commissioner. "I came up to bring a package to Congressman McIntyre regarding water and sewer for the town of Caswell. And also I brought up a proposal for the senior citizen home in Leland." While the leaders may not find all the answers their looking for, they hope their meetings in Washington can get things moving in the right direction.

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Business as usual. People

Business as usual. People are being laid off everywhere, but the honorables still travel, eat, lodge and who knows what else at taxpayer expense. I assume the trip had to do with a lot more "pork" than the bacon thgey had for breakfast.

Local Leaders in Washington, DC

While meetings with representatives are important, it would seem that this could have been done more locally, rather than incurring the expenses of traveling to Washington, paying hotel bills, and the cost of meals. What is the total cost of this unnecessary trip to local taxpayers? It seems that politicians just don't get it, either locally or nationally. Just spend, spend, spend.


The video gives a lot more information. The commissioners were in DC for the National Association of Counties Legislative Conference. Meeting with Congressman McIntyre was something additional they were able to set up. Brunwick County saved money by only sending one representative and NHC only sent two. I think it's great for our commissioners to be able to do this and meet other people from around the country to hear new ideas.

How About Teleconference?

Its the year 2009! Why can't they just teleconference and grab a $4 Porkroll egg and cheese sandwich from a street vendor instead? Would save alot us (middle class taxpayers) alot of money! ahhh things that make ya go hmmmmm.