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Local marina recognized for helping environment

WILMINGTON -- A local marina is being recognized for its dedication to the helping the environment. Masonboro Yacht Club and Marina employees applied for the voluntary designation, awarded by the state. Some of the requirements include not allowing waste from boats to be dumped into the water and not allowing fish cleaning. The marina staff is trained for various emergencies including fire, hurricane and storm water management. Marina manager Tammy Brown says it's all part of going above and beyond. "This is our environment and it's important," Brown said. "We want everybody to be educated on a better way to do things and we want to make sure we're doing it better." Masonboro Yacht Club and Marina is the second marina in Wilmington to receive this award and the 14th in the state.

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Masonboro Eco Friendly?

Masonboro Marina Environmentally Concerned? Yes it MUST be a VOLUNTARY DESIGNATION! Masonboro appears to be jumping onto the ECO bandwagon....Masonboro has a long history of having very few concerns for the environment. When the new docks were install in 1997 Masonboro had plumbing installed for a waste pump-out station, but then they never spent the money on the simple pump required and said it would be too much trouble to provide 'pump-out' services to boaters and it was not worth it. The "Closed-Head" Marina policy has never been enforced. The boat yard contributed years and years and years of pollution to the creek. After a rain the creek basin would look like a rainbow from all of the bottom paint and other boat yard dust washing into the creek from the yard area. Bottom paint contains copperous-oxide and other heavy metals. Waste fuel from boats from the boat yard was regularly for weed killer around the site. The forklift has had numerous hydraulic spills at the slab which drains directly into the creek. Masonboro even had to quit selling fuel due to fuel spills years ago. When the operation changed hands a few years ago the new owners have had no problem with cutting down several very old Live Oak Trees to suit their needs for business expansions, nor any problems with bulldozing various other lots along Trails End Road for personal interest. It is going to take a lot more than banning fish cleaning and boater waste to clean up Masonboro and Whiskey Creek.


Obvious blow boater

Masonboro Eco Friendly

Thank you for the opportunity to enlighten the public on the improvements that have taken place at Masonboro. Here at Masonboro we are dedicated to our environment and we voluntarily incorporated better practices and made changes to help the environment. This is now Masonboro Yacht Club. Much of what you stated is history, comments that do not apply to the marina today. Masonboro does not provide pump-out; there is a lift station for the sewer system to provide service to the houseboats on site. The "Closed-Head" policy is strictly enforced. The pollution from the boat yard ended years ago when the marina changed ownership. The new ownership brought many improvements to the area such as new forklift, new policies, and much more. Many tons of contaminated material had been excavated out and new fill brought in. Masonboro monitors its stormwater and all other issues that effect the environment. Masonboro stopped selling fuel 25 years ago due to it not being economical for the previous owner. I encourage you and everyone else to visit Masonboro Yacht Club and see how great the marina is today! Thank you for your comments that show the radical change the marina has had since new ownership. Tammy Brown Marina Manager P.S. Yes, Clean Marina is a voluntary designation, but it is not given. Please review this site to become familiar with the Clean Marina program and its requirements.

Masonboro Yacht Club and Marina

Kudo's to Masonboro Yacht club and Marina,Good job.I am local to Monkey Junction and Myrtle Grove.Born and raised here.I remember the day's at Whiskey Creek when there wasn't a lot of concern for the creek and ICCW.Masonboro Yacht Club has done an incredible cleanup and revitalization to the Trails End road area in Myrtle Grove.Going up the creek at mid-tide on Thursday and really noticed the improvements.The new steel bulkheads,the dredging which helps keep Whiskey Creek navigatible at somewhat of a low tide.I know you can not change the past,but you can improve the future.Thankyou Masonboro Yacht Club for improving our neighborhood and public waterway's.