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Local meat cutter proves to be Grade A

READ MORE: Local meat cutter proves to be Grade A
Getting the right piece of meat can take both a butcher and an artist. One Wilmington meat cutter is trying to prove he's a cut above the competition. Bruce Phillips spends most of his days inside the 35-degree meat freezer at Texas Roadhouse. And that's just fine with him. “You're pretty much your own boss back here. You don't deal with all the hustle and bustle that's out in the kitchen. You work at your own pace in here. You come in, you do your work, you go.” Phillips trimmed the fat against more than 200 meat cutters to make his way to the semi-finals of the Texas Roadhouse meat cutter competition. There he sliced through 50 pounds of meat including two sirloins, two rib eye loins, and one filet loin. “Everybody has their own preference, mine is filet, I love to cut filet it's actually what I normally do the best on,” Phillips said. Next month, Phillips will travel to San Francisco to compete against five other meat cutters in the finals of the competition. But winning the title of meat cutter of the year and the $20,000 prize will take more than a few quick cuts. “It's cutting it, getting it the correct size, getting it the correct weight, and having the least amount of waste,” Phillips explained. Despite spending most of his day in the meat freezer, Phillips is now worried about staying cool under the pressure. The competition is part of the company's meat hero program that honors meat cutters who take pride in their job by exceeding Texas Roadhouse standards. Phillips displays his work in the lobby of the Texas Roadhouse on Eastwood Road. Customers are encouraged to pick out their own steak from the display case. In an average year, Phillips slices more than $1 million worth of meat.

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beep beep

I am doing my best to figure out how you and obama will be making my mortgage, house, grocery, and every other payment I have in the near future. I did not vote for the flip flopper but will be taking advantage of every "opportunity" he sets forth. so when you hear a beep beep you know it is me. LOL

meat cutting

good luck to ya man!! I hope you win it. It's hard to find a butcher anymore. Keep up the tradition!!

Hard to find a butcher?

"It's hard to find a butcher anymore." >I think it would be fair to say that Obama is a fine "butcher"...of our economy and American way of life.

You have been out voted...

...The majority has spoken as to whom the next president shall be. Obviously, YOUR American way of life doesn't really exist! (Just like the Stock Market!) Please be quiet and wait your turn, if you ever get another one!

Stock Market

You probably feel like the stock market doesn't exist, because you have have had nothing but a minumum wage job and could never invest in it.

We may have lost this election...

but there's another one coming in 2010. The Conservative Movement in this country is far from dead. The next time you see me...honk if I'm helping pay your mortgage with my tax dollars.