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Local mom questions recent crib recall

READ MORE: Local mom questions recent crib recall
A design problem in drop side cribs is being blamed for the deaths of at least four infants. A Burgaw mother who has had her problems with that type of crib said more needs to be done to protect children. "In 2006, I walked in to my daughter’s room to check on her, and her head was caught in between the mattress, the frame, and the bedrail,” described Deanna Doria of Burgaw. Deanna daughter, Michaela, was three months old when the accident happened. Luckily, Michaela was not seriously injured. Deanna said, “When I called the company and told them about it, they offered to send them a repair kit, which right there told me they already knew about the problem and hadn't said anything.” That was three years ago. It was not until last year, that a law was passed, requiring safety testing and permitting the government to set tougher mandatory standards for childrens' products. Still, the deaths of four children have been linked to a malfunction in the design of the recalled cribs. The recall affects 2.1 million cribs made by Stork Craft Manufacturing between 1993 and October of this year. Nearly 150,000 of them carry the Fisher Price name. “The hardware can crack, a depression is made in the bed, and the baby's head gets caught in that depression and the baby can strangle and die,” described CPSC former Chairman Ann Brown. Deanna Doria considers herself one of the lucky ones. “If I hadn't gone in at that time, then I wouldn't have my daughter right now," she said. In the past five years, nearly 5 million cribs have been recalled for a range of problems. Earlier this month, Maclaren recalled one million strollers after 12 children had their fingertips amputated in the stroller's hinges.

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As a parent

we are responsible for our children's safety and well being. Before I allow my child to use any new toy, bed, or crib I perform a complete check and ensure that the product is safe for use. From the picture above it seems that space was an obvious hazard. It is a tragedy that children died but WE are responsible. You can take almost anything in this world from a stick to a lego block and it can prove to be fatal to a child. Parents examine your purchase and go the extra step to inspect and check for any possible flaws.

Okay....I'll bite

NOWHERE in the story does the woman or reporter say exactly WHAT more she wants done. Lynch the CEO and board of directors? Ban all imports from Canada? Outlaw cribs? Increased safety testing of cribs and putting teeth into the law is less than two years old. They may have identified a problem earlier, but there was no mechanism in place to force a recall. Right or wrong, prior to that law being passed, any company would balance the cost of litigation against the cost of providing two-million repair kits. Keep in mind, too, that one of the main reasons these cribs are being retrofitted is because the drop-side has been installed upside down by consumers who didn't bother to read the instructions. They share equal responsibility with Stork Craft, who obviously didn't make the assembly idiot-proof. (It's called contributory negligence.) So please tell us....they are sending out millions of retrofit kits....what more should be done?

here is an idea. build your

here is an idea. build your own!