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Local nursing grads hope to fill vacancies

READ MORE: Local nursing grads hope to fill vacancies
WILMINGTON -– It's estimated there are more than 100,000 vacant nursing positions nationwide, and that number is on the rise. Local nursing graduates are looking forward to making a difference. Thirty-one people graduated from UNCW's School of Nursing this past weekend. Some are taking jobs in other part of the country to combat the shortage and the majority are staying in North Carolina. Twenty-three-year-old Alex Scarmeas is one of the new grads. She's studying for her boards and already landed a job at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. She decided on nursing early on in college when she was impressed by how well nurses took care of her father when he had surgery. It's that personal part of medicine that comes with nursing that she says draws her to the field. Scarmeas says a big part of the national nursing shortage is the need for teachers she encourages people to go for their masters to teach. Scarmeas said, "Your adrenaline just gets going. It's not boring at all, nursing is not boring. If I could think of any other career where you leave work at the end of the day knowing that you changed lives, there's nothing that beats that." I also spoke with nursing manager gabby pike who says it's exciting to be part of new nurses' experiences and to be part of fulfilling their dreams. Pike also says there are four nursing programs in this region, so the shortage doesn't really affect this area.

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New nurse grads are probably

New nurse grads are probably not going to stay in the Wilmington area because NHRMC is not very competative and NHRMC owns everything.


The nurses at NHRMC are not treated with any respect these days, so I don't think there is a big rush to get jobs there. From what I've heard recently, the nurses are having to do the work of the Nurses Aids and Phlebotomists now because the hospital is wanting to save money and cut back on personnel to help pay for the new additions to the hospital. More work for the nurses means less time they have for patient care. They look at nurses like McDonalds does at it's employees. Work them until you can't get anymore from them and replace them.


Personaly i would not send my dog to NHRMC...Last time i have been in that slummy place was 15 years ago...The nurse Greggory Scott told me he rather be a plumber than a nurse..Well!!!Why in the hell did he not go to a trade school to become a plumber?...I mean give me a friggin break!!!!You know what is so ironic..He still at that dead end job 15 years later....