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Local protesters gather for Wilmington tea party

READ MORE: Local protesters gather for Wilmington tea party

Tax protesters took to one of Wilmington's busiest intersections Wednesday for one of the hundreds of so-called tea parties that took place across the country.

As passing drivers honked in support, the battle cry of "Don't Tread on Me" was sounded. Rebellious US colonists sent that message to England back in the 1700’s when they bristled at the notion of taxation without representation. The people who gathered feel our country is headed in the wrong direction with big bailouts and bigger federal deficits.

New Hanover County resident Mark Rife said, "I'm here for my children and grandchildren and for them to have the opportunities I had and they're all being taken away."

"I've never done anything like this before but I felt I had to come and I'm so glad that I did," added Columbus County’s Glenda Potter.

Glenda lives in Riegelwood and got off work early to be a part of the protest. Protesters hope their voices, combined with thousands of others across the country, will be heard in Washington.

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Tea Party

I would like to know where were the protesters seven years ago. If they had gotten out there then our country would not be in the bad shape that it is in now. Yes greed and our former government brought this country down. If it wasn't for the former government we would not need any stimulus packages. Actually the former government started the stimulus package. I wasn't for the package then and I am not for it now. Our country has drowned but instead of giving it CPR some people are still holding its head under the water. Come on folks let us work together and make American a powerful,fruitful and Great country again.

Uh, we were there...I guess you weren't.

Our local meetup group has been protesting this since 2007. Where have YOU been?

Having your voice heard

I think the TEA parties clearly illustrate the taxpayers' dissatisfaction with our federal government's tax policies. But, as pointed out in the story, protesters can only HOPE that their voices will be heard in Washington. Please remember your concerns come election day. Your VOTE will definitely be heard in Washington, whether you attended a TEA party or not. Please, if you are not happy with the way your elected officials are behaving, VOTE them out!