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Local reaction to postage increase

READ MORE: Local reaction to postage increase
People stand in line for the strangest reasons. On Monday, postal lines were a bit longer than usual due to the price jump of a first class stamp from 42 to 44 cents. "I'm going to have to stock up on those tiny two cent stamps and plaster them across my envelopes to make everything more complicated,” said Julia Pleasants. Chris Hayes added, “I don't really mail anything anyway. I'm a digital guy. I can't even remember the last time I mailed anything in the mail so I don't see how it will affect me, but I'm sure it'll affect others." This is the third straight year rates have gone up in May. Annual increases are allowed as long as the increase does not exceed the rate of inflation for the year before. That does not seem to matter to some postal customers. "I think it's bad. I think it's ridiculous. It's because the government is so broke," said Jacob Darvin. The postal service lost nearly 3 billion dollars last year. It is already over 2 billion dollars in the hole just halfway through this year.

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I can't believe people are whining about 2 pennies extra to mail a letter! What's 44 cents? not much to have mail delivered . Not everyone does the impersonal e-mail bit for birthday cards, invitations etc. In my family we still hand write and mail letters, cards etc. It has much more meaning. I can see complaining about $4.00 for a gallon of milk or something similar but 44 cents is not much for mail service!

Postal Rates

If they didn't pay the employees so much then they wouldn't have to go up on stamps. Ask what a Postal Employee makes and it will shock you. That is what is wrong with the USA. We pay high Wages to certain groups and low wages to another. If you work for a Ford, Chev. or another car maker or the Postal Service,Federal Paper you will make more. It seems that you have to be a member of certain groups to make good money.

Over paid postal employees?

Obviously you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. I am a rural carrier for the Postal Service, have been for 19 years. I am required to furnish a vehicle large enough to hold the amount of mail I deliver, has to be dependable, and it has to meet state inspection and postal inspection too. My route is 33 miles long and takes around 4 hours to deliver. I am paid 23.00 per day for using my own vehicle. I have to make my own payments on the vehicle. I have to pay my own insurance, inspection fees, taxes and tags too. I have to fill up with gas 2 to 3 times each week and yes, I have to pay for the gas. I have to buy brake pads every 3 or 4 months because I stop and start 600 times each day at mailboxes. I buy new tires at least once per year, more if I buy cheap tires. I have to pay upkeep and all repairs out of my pocket. All I am reimbursed is 23.00 per day, the rest comes out of my pocket. Look at it this way, I am paid 138.00 per week to furnish my vehicle, after I buy my gas I have around 50.00 dollars left to furnish it and keep it going with. As for being over paid, we just finished a mail count in March. This is how our yearly salary is determined. This includes such things as how many miles we drive each day, how many vehicle stops we make, how many boxes we serve, the type of boxes we serve, how much mail we deliver and how much mail we pick up each day, plus about 4 hours of office time each day to put our mail in delivery order and get it ready to go to the street, etc.. I usually deliver between 15 to 30 feet of mail and 50 to 100 packages per day. Since the count, I am delivering just as much mail and driving just as many miles and stopping at just as many mail boxes as I was before the count, the only difference is: I am making 4 1/2 hours less pay per week. Yes, it is taking me just as long to do my job as it did before the count, but I am short 4 1/2 hours in my paycheck. It is normal to lose money during the count, about 10 years ago I lost 11,000.00 per year after a count. The only way to make up this loss in pay is to be on a growing route and over an extended period of time add enough new boxes to make up the difference. Right now to make up my recent loss in pay, I need to add about 76 new boxes. With this economy the way it is, that is impossible in most places. I bet you thought all we did was make this HUGE paycheck, drive a postal furnished vehicle, filled up with gas each day by the Postal Service and put mail in boxes all day, such an easy and profitable job, huh? If you want to talk about this type of job, look at UPS and FedEx, yes they have to get out at each delivery, but they furnish nothing and get paid the big bucks for it. We deliver more pieces in a week than UPS delivers in a year. Oh, and UPS makes a stop at the Post Office each day and leaves packages for "US" to deliver for them the next day.........LOL

It is a measely two cents.

It is a measely two cents. You would have to mail fifty letters a week for it to cost you an extra dollar, and how many people can find something to waste a dollar on? I used to mail in all of my monthly bill payments. Now, with the exception of one payment per month, I pay them all online. I'm sure many people do the same, and that translates into a severe decrease in revenues for the USPS. Everytime the USPS mentions taking an extra day off per week to save money, closing up earlier in the day, or closing a non-performing satellite office, then it creates a major outcry from those who say they will be inconvenienced. Convenience costs money. When you can send a letter anywhere in the country for less than it costs you to drive it to the post office, then it is ridiculous to complain about an increase of two cents.

"Hey, Joe Blow, I have this

"Hey, Joe Blow, I have this letter here I want you to deliver from North Carolina to California. And all I am going to pay you is 48 cents. You want the job or not?" The postal service is the single greatest bargin in American history.


Who uses mail? I bought some of those forever stamps when they first came out and I haven't even used half of them.


they are digging their OWN grave...all this means is that I need to make sure I EMAIL more and force my customers to use EMAIL for correspondence, newsletters, etc. Of course...if the current administration can find a way to put a stamp tax on each can bet they will. The NEW...Virtual Postal Service Department will be created and along with it...THOUSANDS of new jobs...:)

postal stamps

Once again it's time to change with the times!!!! Postal service is no longer needed on such a huge scale. It is time to downsize to the extreme!!! Same with many other things: house phones are about gone, greeting cards have been replaced with computer cards,boom boxes are replaced with ipods, etc... It's just part of life. Some of you postal guys and gals will need to find a new line of work. Out with the old, in with the new. There is one funny thought I always pondered on though.Why is it the government will pay for an automobile, gas, and good human wages to have someone personally bring your mail to you,yet, if you try to save them money and use your own time, car, and gas to go pick it up yourself, it costs big money for a post office box?


Along those thoughts, why go through a self checkout or bag your own groceries when you pay no less for them than if they do it for you? Never understood that, either.


Because usually the wait in the self check out is only a fraction of the wait in the regular lines.

Until the system screws up

Until the system screws up or doesn't recognize something and you need a human to come and fix the problem, which happens 1 in 3 times you go to use it. Self Checkouts are awful.