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Local reality show to air on internet

There is a new reality competition coming to the Cape Fear region called the ‘Nation's Next Top Model Home’. In this web-based challenge, seven interior designers will have the chance to decorate the primary living areas of seven new model homes in the Compass Pointe Community in Leland. The competition heats up June 15th, when the designers begin competing for $25,000. The month-long competition will broadcast weekly webisodes on "Because it's a national competition, a national web-based competition, I think it'll bring attention not only to Compass Pointe and to the individual designers that are here, but also to the Wilmington and Cape Fear area. I think it'll bring people here during the reveal of the homes, and it'll also bring people online so they can see what's going on, on the coast,” explained Susan Johnson. If you're an interior designers interested in participating in the competition, you can apply online at Nation's Next Top Model Home's website.

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firecracker that did not explode

This is a dud...

Just too lazy

I think they are just too lazy to do it themselves and want to see how much work they can get out of people for free, before having to shell out the prize money. Why else would you have an interior decorating contest for so many different homes, unless you have a deadline to meet before these homes go on the market.

Lazy and Cheap

I am going to apply --I went out there to scope out the model homes last week. Some of them are already furnished. The lady told me they will be clearing out the existing furniture and decorating so that they can use these model houses in the contest. So there goes your 'lazy and cheap' idea. My only complaint- it is a bit of a drive out there for a townie like me but I am excited about the contest and think I stand a good chance. Wish me LUCK!

the cheap way out

They get 7 homes decorated for around $3500.00 a piece and free publicity. People are not exactly beating down the door to buy homes out there- And these "great" designers are going to have to provide their own transportation, meals and lodging during this entire thing if they are from out of town. Can't wait to see how this pans out.. I think they should go with the 80 year olds. Desperation brings out such bright new ideas.

The designers aren't putting

The designers aren't putting in their OWN money, the builders are. Read the rules.

developer as a banker?

I read the rules, they get $5000.00 up front.They can spend another $5000.00 out of their own pocket. Then they have to try to get the other $5000.00 out of a developer-good luck with that.... • Spending Limitation: No designer may spend more than $10,000 on his/her design project for The Contest. $5,000 will be delivered by the developer of the 2009 location, Compass Pointe, upon the commencement of the contest and any remaining funds the designer may choose to spend (not to exceed an additional $5,000) shall be the sole responsibility of the designer. • Expense Reports: a. On or before August 21, 2009, each designer shall provide Nation's Next Top Model Home with an expense report setting out on a line-item basis all of the expenses he/she incurred to complete the design project for the contest. Each designer must attach all receipts, bills of lading or any other evidence of amounts paid by the designer to complete the design project to the expense report that it submits to Nation's Next Top Model Home. b. Nation's Next Top Model Home shall have the right, but not the obligation, to audit the expense report or any information submitted by the designer in support thereof. c. Each designer acknowledges that his/her failure to comply with the spending limitations or the rules related to expense reports will be grounds for disqualification from the contest.

So it's a reality

So it's a reality competition that happens to be on the web which explains needing a photo.... just like a casting call... I would think diversity in the designers would bring better ratings so I doubt they're being discriminatory. And if its a legit competition they would need to make sure the designers were licensed, otherwise my mom could do it.... and she has NO taste at all, but would be funny on camera ;)

qaulifications are very limiting

Not much of a contest with all the restrictions. Read the rules. DESIGNER SELECTION: • Seven (7) designers will be selected to participate in The Contest. They will be selected by a panel of Nation's Next Top Model Home Judges on the basis of portfolio, professional qualifications and personality. 12 finalists will be selected. Finalists will be required to participate in an in person interview. The interview portion will determine the judges' selection of the seven (7) designers who will participate in The Contest. Sounds more like a job interview.