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Local shelter donations the lowest in 25 years

READ MORE: Local shelter donations the lowest in 25 years
The Good Shepherd Center in Wilmington serves hundreds of meals a day to the homeless and needy. This holiday season the shelter has seen the least amount of donations in 25 years. Verna Mansfield, an administrator with Good Shepherd Center in Wilmington said the center serves 3 full meals a day to hundreds of people. They can go through 50 cans while preparing just one meal. “Right now is not generally a time where we find ourselves short of food,” said Mansfield. “But when you serve 400 meals a day it can wipe it out very quickly.” The downturn in the economy could be the reason people are not donating. Mansfield said typically folks tend to cut back on donations during the summer months because of vacations and kids being out of school. It is around the holiday season they count on organizations, businesses and people to beef up their food donations. Mansfield said if donations were to stop today, they would only have 4 to 5 days left of food for the less fortunate. “Now is the time where people are thinking, people are hungry. It's Thanksgiving. Christmas is coming up, but right now we are seeing a shortage that is not typical for us,” she said. Officials from Good Shepherd Ministries said this is the lowest amount of food that they have seen in 25 years, yet they are still optimistic the community will donate. “Just that we have to start taking steps to let people know that we are in a shortage and once they find that out we usually can depend on them to come through for us,” added Mansfield. Good Shepherd has served hot meals to the homeless since 1983. Administrators hope people will continue to donate, so those less fortunate are not left out in the cold. The Good Shepherd Center is located at 811 Martin Street in Wilmington, if you would like to donate. You can also call 910-763-4424

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Hate to say it

But some of those folks in the picture look pretty well attired. Look at those folks from left to right. I wonder if any of them are giving back? Do they volunteer janitorial services at the Shelter? Will any of them be ringing the bell for the Salvation Army?

A sad story

when people stop giving to people who are hungry. Maybe because some people have decided that this non profit has been taken over by that adminstrator Mansfield. Talking about shady, those mansfields are on their way to taking over. The head lady is just as guilty. Loosing good employees, she hasnt stepped in yet. I bet if that board new how they run programs, some changes would be made. I wouldnt stop giving though. The people dont need to suffer.

I donated, and have for

I donated, and have for years now. I have also volunteered at the GSM. However, as of January 20th I will cease my donations. That is what happens when the government takes my money and tries to redistribute it. I will not feel bad about it either, because they seem to have more sense than I do about who to help out.

Check out the size servings

Check out the size servings on the trays. No wonder the food supply is running low. I didn't get this much chow when I was a Marine recruit at Parris island, SC after training all day.

Quite True

and the servings were no larger at the Basic School in Quantico. But then my butt was so tired, I don't think my jaw muscles could have handled servings that size. But then I ask again, do any of these folks being served give back? Do they help out at the Shelter? Are they ringing bells for Salvation Army? For that matter, where do they get the money for the cigarettes they enjoy. At $3.00 or more per pack, they could get a meal a day at any of the Fast Food joints from the Value menue just by giving up cigrattes which are not good for the health anyway.

SurfCityTom....I was at

SurfCityTom....I was at Quantico,too,from 1966-1968 in HMX-1. When were you there?