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Local students petition bowling alley to go smoke free

READ MORE: Local students petition bowling alley to go smoke free
A group of local students wants a local bowling alley to stamp out smoking. The bowling alley's owner worries that losing smokers will also mean his business will be losing money. The local youth group organization is Question Y, which promotes tobacco prevention in the community. The group is presenting the case for going smoke-free to the owner of Cardinal Lanes Bowling Alley. John Russell, Laney High School Student, said, "It's not very pleasant because of the smoke. It's just not fun to be around." New Hanover High School student Kaitlyn Reynolds said, "This is a very youth friendly place and usually they have birthday parties that are like two hours, and two hours of exposure is an irregular heartbeat, so we just want to bring awareness to him." Armed with a petition with more than 150 signatures of people wanting the bowling alley to go smoke free, the group is hoping the owner will change his policy. Cardinal lanes owner Ron Schnell doesn't smoke, and says he would love to go smoke free, but when it comes down to dollars and cents, going smoke free doesn't add up. "There's no question your business will decrease. If you can sustain the hit long enough, typically most centers take three to five years to recoup back to where they were, but long-term after that typically you'll do as well or better, but that adjustment period is tough," said Schnell. Schnell said his business is moving in the right direction by designating three days out of the week where no smoking is allowed before 6 p.m. The students hope he'll continue to head in a smoke-free direction -- not just some days, but everyday. Schnell hopes the state will mandate every public venue be smoke-free so it will make the transition easier. The three bowling alleys in Wilmington all permit smoking.

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I am appalled by many of your responses to this. Teens in our local community are actually working toward something to benefit a large amount of people, and instead of supporting their action, you claim that your rights are being taken away. Let me two things for you. 1. A smoke-free business does not ban smokers. It bans the actual action of smoking. If you have to have a cigarette so often that you can't even go somewhere for an hour without having a craving one, you're addicted, which is exactly what cigarettes are made to do; they trap you in a self-destructive addiction, milk you for all they can get, and leave you a hollowed out husk. You should be thanking a business that asks you not to smoke. 2. The idea that smoke-free designations takes away your "rights" is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, you do have every right to smoke yourself to death, but you have no right to subject others to your fate. Most non-smokers don't take well to the idea of being exposed to carcinogens against their will. You have said that non-smokers can just avoid establishments that allow smoking. That impedes on our rights to visit places of business. We shouldn't have to go out somewhere and be concerned about our health and that of our children. Why should you be free to go anywhere you want when we are limited? Some mentioned that you should respect those around you. How about you respect non-smokers by not causing us problems because you have an addiction? You elongated suicide is entirely your choice, and is your burden to bear. Don't force it on us. I'm not going to tell you to quit, though that would be the best for you, but at the very least, respect that the rest of us are aiming to lead a long, healthy life.

Question Y

Is anybody forcing anyone to allow smoking? Or from opening or operating any business which does not allow smoking? Why do We want to live in a society where choices simply outlawed? Is that a future to look forward to? How many other choices do We want to take away from others by trying to do whatever it takes to ban whatever others may like or enjoy? How long before some of Our Own choices become an issue? flex

Smoke free

I think that the people that are saying, "What about smokers rights..." and all that crap should think about it. No one is making you STOP SMOKING. They are just trying to have a smoke free environment for people to hang out, and without getting exposed to second hand smoke. 1 minute of exposure to second hand smoke= Smoking 5 cigarettes 20 minutes of exposure= Smoking 1 pack of cigarettes 2 hours of exposure= irregular heart beat Second hand smoke is the number one cause of Asthma attacks. Therefore, you bring your child into a bowling ally to have a lovely day bowling, and you bowl for about an hour. If 5 minutes of exposure equals the same thing as smoking 1 cigarette then your child just smoked 60 cigarettes. Way to hurt their young, developing, fragile lungs. Also, since second hand smoke is the number one cause of Asthma attacks then I guess that just sucks for asthmatics.... right?


I will have to say that all though your argument has good intentions, your statistics must have come from the bottom of the lets make up statistics file, I will bet that 50% of all the statements that you make are BS 100% of the time. I do not smoke, I did and quit, however it is my belief that if all the non smokers quit going were people were smoking, that non smoking establishments would become a very popular place. i also bet that if there were smoking only places that instead of going to the non smoking places the non smokers would scream that they have a right to go there too. bottom line is you do not have to be anywhere you do not want to be.. unless you are in jail.

how about

How about we kick all the sever over weight people out too. Also we should ban little kids and babys from most restraunts. I go out to have a nice meal at a nice place and some couple has a baby crying or a small child screaming. Where is their respect for others around them?

I smoke but I smoke at home,

I smoke but I smoke at home, in my car and when I go out to eat I chose a restaurant which has a smoking section. I try to be respectful. One thing I do agree with you about is all these screaming and crying kids. When I go out to eat and pay for a nice meal I don't want to listen to your screaming meanies. Leave them at home with a babysitter or eat at home. When I go to the grocery store I don't want to hear your kids screaming and crying. Leave them at home with a babysitter, your Mother, your Mother in law, your best friend or who ever but I don't want to listen to them.

Magnolia Greens Bowling Alley

Rumor has it that the bowling alley being built at the front of Magnolia Greens will be smoke and alcohol free. Yea!

What Rights???

Why do you smokers say, "what about smoker's rights?" What rights do you have? The one promised to you by the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence? Not one!! The one promised to you in the US Constitution? Again, not one!!! I am not sure of the rights you speak of. Smoking in public is just like driving and owning a driver's license. It is a privilege granted to you by fulfilling certain obligations. When you mess up bad enough driving, you lose your license. Well, you smokers have long since worn out your privilege and your welcome. You are rude, inconsiderate and if that is not bad enough, you dispose of your nasty property on the sidewalk, grass, my yard, the roadway...everywhere that you have NO RIGHT to do it. The way I see it is, the rights you speak of or nothing more than a privilege and a choice and the grace period for blowing smoke in our faces and on our clothes because we want to eat and play in a clean, smoke-free environment, is used up!!!!


Where might this clean enviroment be? Certainly you don't mean that any where near a coal fired power plant or just about any other manufacturing plant that the air is clean do you?

Always the Same

That is the only argument you smokers have..."what clean environment"...In context of what I was saying was a clean, smoke-free one...Meaning without cigarettes and cigarette smoke and playing in cigarette butts. No mention of manufacturing or any of the other environmental issues out there. But, whoa, stop the presses because I choose to not be where a smoker is and question where you feel you have the right to smoke in a public place, litter, and blow smoke in the face of people who choose to not smoke. As far as I am concerned, if you blow it directly in face, that is an assault, punishable by 2 years in jail.

Smoking is a choice, breathing isn't

Heres the bottom line. Smokers choose to smoke, people do not choose whether they want to breath or not. I have asthma and I have every right to go to any public building I choose to and not have to breath in peoples second hand carcinogens. Smokers do NOT have the right to smoke somewhere where non-smokers go. If you smoke, that is a choice you made for yourself and where you smoke in public deserves to be regulated to protect those who do not smoke. I did not choose to be born with asthma, you chose to start smoking. If you cannot be courteous and respectful of non-smokers and smoke outside or in your car, you deserve to be restricted and prohibited from smoking in public buildings. Don't put my health and wellbeing at risk to satisfy your uncontrollable addiction.


If you own a business it should be up to you smoke free or not. Patrons don't have to go there if they are non-smokers. If enough people stop going because the establishment allows smoking, and profits go down, then the management will probably be change the policy. But it also works the opposite way, if your business goes non-smoking and profits go down because of lack of customers maybe smoking should be allowed. There are plenty of non smoking establishments and plenty of smoking ones, pick the one you need to go to. Just like you go to a certain restaurant because of the food choices. Another solution might be smoke free nights. And I'm a non-smoker.

smoke in bowling alleys

i don't smoke but do go bowling a lot. what people need to realize is that 80%plus of the bowling alleys clients do smoke, and taking that out of the bowling alleys would greatly effect the majority of thier clients. these people are bowling in these bowling alleys 2-4 times a weeks and spending a lot of money in leagues and in merchandise. these people are the back bone of the bowling alleys income. i would love to see the bowling alleys go smoke free too, but it does not make good business sense for the owners to do so. but all three bowling do have hours when the bowling alley is smoke free and the causal bowler that does not like the smoke is encourged to bowl during those times. so until the whole town or all three bowling alleys go smoke free, find out when the smoke free hours are at your closest bowling alley and go bowing then and enjoy.

Smoke FREE

Please Please Please consider this petition to go smoke FREE!!! Give it a try. Once everyone knows you're smoke free bet you will have more patrons coming in simply because they wont have to worry about sitting next to a bunch of smokers. I love to bowl and I don't go because the cigarette smoke is just so unbearable sometimes plus you reek of cigarette smoke long after you left the establishment. :(


What did we all do before we had YOU "smart" folks to tell us how to live our lives? Oh, yeah we just used our commonsense. If you don't like smoke don't go in, if alcohol bothers you don't go in, stay home cause you are probably no fun anyway. Seriously, I think the owner should make 1 whole day a week non-smoking, just for the kids. Like a Monday night.

Don't be mad at the non-smokers

I am very disappointed at some of the comments posted here-like the person who said that kids should be studying instead of bowling. First of all, I for one am grateful that these kids are doing things like bowling instead of getting drunk or other illegal activities. While it would be nice to make the bowling alley smoke free, perhaps it could have a designated nonsmoking section. Don't be a hater because you smoke and others don't. You can kill yourself slowly if you want-but count us out of the fun. I grew up in a household where both parents smoked-one is gone from lung cancer. I did not ask to be subjected to secondhand smoke, I had no choice.

re: Don't be mad..

I agree. Don't give these kids trouble for wanting to hang out in a bowling alley. They could be doing worse stuff on the streets like the rest of the kids in gangs selling drugs and getting shot at. I'd rather read articles about them coming together because they want to pass no-smoking rules vs "another one dead" articles

To each their own

I don't care if someone wants to smoke. It is a choice. I do mind the smokers that do not have any common courtesy or respect for others and will sit there and smoke like a train and blow the smoke in your face, food, children, pregnant women's faces. I find that extremely rude and disrespectful. I do not complain or try to ban smoking or anything of that nature, but I do want a little common courtesy. Is that really so much to ask? I just don't understand why people are just simply rude and disrespectful to each other. What happened to being polite, respectful, manners...when did people forget these things? I can't even blame that on parents raising children poorly because the majority of the time it is adults that are acting this way. When did everyone decide to start acting like this and why does society accept it?

While we are at it...let's

While we are at it...let's do something about the smell of gas fumes in traffic as well. Heck,let's do something about pollution itself. Tell the people in Beijing to tone it down a bit so their fumes don't engulf the world with their factory fumes and millions of SUV they are now driving with little pollution laws and controls. Maybe they should all put a giant cigarette filter over their smoke wide!!! I agree with taking alcohol out of the bowling alley as well as one writer mentioned. Let's start removing a lot of vices people want, but some don't. Tell the people 100 feet away to pour out their beer and straighten up and fly right while you are at it, because they may be the ones to hit and kill someone when they drive home after drinking. Removing alcohol from bowling allies/restaurants won't happen because people still depend on their BUZZ to get through life...just ask anyone that drinks and tell them you want them to pour it out...NOW!!! How many non smokers (but drinkers) just got their toes stepped on????

This sounds great!! where do

This sounds great!! where do i sign the petition.

Good for them

Good for students that are standing up to the establishment to go smoke-free. I think Ron will come around and go smoke-free, and while we are at it, maybe consider alcohol-free, as well.

I like how they are all high

I like how they are all high school students. How many of them are able to stay for the late night bowling, Id bet only a few are over 18. I know if it became smoke free I prolly wouldnt go. There are resturants in town that I wont go to because they are 100% smoke free. But they have a bar in them. The smokers have the same rights as non-smokers. Except that we pay a tax to kill ourselves.

Get Over

Get over it....The country is slowly moving to smoke free, thank God!!! I don't understand why you people cannot go out to dinner, movie, bowling, etc. and have a good time without chain smoking. Wear the patch if nicotine is that needed. I keep myself and my children away from smoking establishments as much as possible, and would frequent these places a lot more if they were smoke free. It makes no sense. Go outside, away from the front door please, and smoke until your hearts content and lungs are black as tar, dispose of the butt properly (NOT ON THE GROUND) and return to your meal, bowling, whatever...What is wrong with that scenario?

Butts on the ground

Keep your butts off the ground, two things I hate, smoking in public places (especially restaurants)& people who throw cigarettes out of car windows. Why wont police enforce littering laws!!!!


I don't smoke but it's a right of the owner to make that decision. It's a right of the American people! If you don't like the smoke don't's that simple. How many other rights are you going to try to take away? Don't smoke near me! Don't wear real fur? Don't drill off our coastal waters? Don't put that on television? Don't beat your kids in public? Want some cheese with that Whine? Plus you kids need to be studying not going to the bowling alley!

I have to say that many

I have to say that many people still have a great deal to learn about the effects of smoking. Smoker's rights are trying to be stripped away. Most people feel that it's a smoker's choice as to whether or not they smoke. The conflict comes when smoker's fill public places with smoke and affect the health of other people. Okay- then there's the "well.. just don't go in ." I don't get what's so hard to understand. When a smoker decides to smoke it should not have to make barriers or borders for those who don't. It also shouldn't put their health at risk. Smoke lingers so even if a person follows the go in later method. It can still be harmful to their health- heart lungs...exposure to 5min of second hand smoke is equivalent smoking 1 cigarette that's a bit dangerous and unfair to those who choose to not smoke.


I agree with BigB where are our rights? why take away the rights of the smokers??? I agree, that certain areas should be for non smokers. why can't we have our own designated area to smoke? I thought I was in America, not Russia

Smoke-free sections are a

Smoke-free sections are a big joke generally. I've yet to see the day where smoke fell like rain. Actually as many people know it rises and then drifts around a business. Smoke-free sections are like having peeing sections in a pool; it SPREADS. the issue with second hand smoke is that (it shouldnt be forced upon those who dont want to inhale it), Not to be aggravating or take the rghts of a smoker. it's the health aspect that makes it a concern to the community.

Smoke free

I also think all alcohol sales should be illegal, and once we get the state out of the alcohol business we should start on state supported gambling.

We should also outlaw gun

We should also outlaw gun ownership, automobiles, home ownership, and keeping any money you earn. Abortions should be legal but any other personal choice should not.