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Local teen concerned about speeding in his neighborhood

A New Hanover county teen is fed up with speeders in his neighborhood. Corey Miller is 14-years-old and lives in the Brittany Woods subdivision. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour, but he sees people driving much faster than that and he wants the speed limit enforced. Corey Miller and his friends like to walk around their neighborhood and shoot the breeze. Miller said fast drivers make it hard for them to do that safely. ”I guess I care because it's a danger and having cars go that fast, something is going to happen eventually.” said Miller. The speed limit is 35 miles per hour, but he and his friends say not all drivers obey. “Well some of these cars come really close by you because there are no sidewalks,” miller said. Miller came to Newschannel 3 asking for help in getting the speed limit enforced. Sergeant Joseph Jewell with the Safe/Traffic Unit for the New Hanover County Sheriffs Department said concerned residents should call 911 to report speeders. “Let the teller operator know that it's not an emergency, but they are having a speeding problem in that area and what that will do is let us know, we can dispatch one of our deputies over their to look at the situation.” said Sgt. Jewell. If officers find that speeding is an issue they may also set up equipment in problem areas to track speeders. If you are concerned about speeders in your neighborhood, call the Patrol Division at the Sheriff's Department at 910-798-4220, or to talk about speed limits in your neighborhood, call the State Department of Transportation at 251-5724.

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Altered speed perception???

I live in Alamosa and drive out of the neighborhood different ways every day. The speed limit is 35 and sure there are times when some might be doing a little faster than that, but when you are standing on the side of the road it is really hard to tell how fast someone is driving. I was talking to my neighbor the other day about this after we saw the article on here and he said he yelled at his wife because he thought she was speeding. She told him she was only going 38 (she has a digital speedometer). He thought she was going at least 45. So, for this little boy to say people are speeding up and down the road, for someone that doesn't even drive, I think his perception is a little altered. Like I said, I know people speed, but I don't think it's as often as the paper would like us all to think. And for the record, the past two weeks I have seen a deputy sitting on Murrayville Rd, Alamosa, and Harris Rd, as well as driving thru Brittany Lakes

Cars do not own the road

All these peaople complaining that people, bikes, etc. are on the residential streets seem to think that they are the only ones on the road. There aren't sidewalks in a lot of these neighborhoods, so people walk in the street. They have every right to be there and they generaly have the right of way. They have no obligation to get out of the way. The roads are designed for all traffic - auto, bicycle, and pedestrian. Someone even said that they hit the gas to make people get out of the way. That is called assault with a deadly weapon, even if you don't hit anyone. What a moron. If you aimed your car at a cop (or anyone with a gun for that matter) and acted like you were going to run them over, they have every right to shoot you. Bunch of selfish idiots in my opinion. All this kid is saying is that people are speeding in a residential street. As densely populated as these 'burbs are, someone is going to wind up running some kid over.

Ms Murrayville, I agree

Ms Murrayville, I agree that the kids should not be in the middle of the street but hit your gas one day and one kid won't be paying attention to your car "hitting the gas" and you hit that kid either killing them or messing them up for life. How would you feel about that?

Need a Report On People thinking they own the road!!!

I just want to say that I grew up on Murrayville Rd. and the cut throughs through "Your Neighborhoods" were created by DOT for a purpose, so people have easier access to get to there homes and Market st. without having to go to Gordon and all around the world. There are speeders in every neighborhood, but what I notice, is that in Brittany Woods, Alamosa, and Farrington Farms is that a bunch of Yuppies are always walking, jogging, or standing in the middle of the street like they do not have to move out of the way so you know what I do...... I hit the gas and let them know I am not playing, and you know what they do? GET OUT OF THE ROAD.... so when you want to complain about speeders lets address all issues, and please people call your precious HOA's and get some freakin side walks........Oh and for the lady with the toddler, shouldn't you be outside with the toddler anyways, I don't think if you were watching them they would run out in the street...You must be one of those mothers who's older kids "Babysit" outside while you watch TV.....

As a matter of fact

I am outside with my 3 year old son. My yard is only about 20 feet from the road, if that. You try to catch a toddler when they are running away from you thinking that you are playing and then dart towards the road. They are pretty fast when they want to be. As for watching TV, I rarely do. I would much rather read a book. Also, I as grew up in Murrayville as well. I wouldn't consider myself a "Yuppie." I don't thinking a 1200 sqft. house would allow me to qualify for that status. Thank you very much for you concern though.


Well yes we have that too. People drive at 50 and someone is going to get hurt. Of course the street is not a playground but that does not make it ok to act like a nascar driver. It goes with the rankings of NC... worst drivers in the country. The driving age should be 18 and illegal to use cell phones while driving

I am so proud of the way

I am so proud of the way people support the youth of this community. A young person sees a concern in the neighborhood that he lives and wants to make it right, and what do we do? We support him in the belief that trying to make a difference is pointless and annoying by telling him to stay out of the road, that he doesn't know what he is talking about, that he didn't vote for the speed limit, and that he is well on his way to being fat. I am so very proud. Corey is seeking help to have people adhere to the speed limit. He is asking for help to have people follow the rules they should be following to begin with. Why? Because he is trying to promote a healthy life style by walking outside, and being with friends instead of sitting inside on a computer or video games. He is just trying to make things safe for everyone. I say - well done Corey. Keep up the good fight. You have a voice, and you are a part of this community. I am proud of you for using it - and don't let anyone tell you any differently.


the city of Wilmington creates dangerous traffic situations along with the DOT..look around at signs, traffic lights and no crosswalks for pedestrians..they are poorly designed or non existent

The area in question has

The area in question has absolutely nothing to do with the City of Wilmington. Those streets are maintained by either the NCDOT or the HOA. As for those claiming that the street is not a playground, you are wrong. The local residential street has historically been an outdoor living room for a community. Years before cars took over the world, playing in the street was quite normal. Cars used to be guests on local streets, now their drivers think they own the road.

Really people

I can't beleive that some of you would say some of the things that you are saying for this kid to stand up for what he believes in. Calling him a future fat person trying to get free food is STUPID. Then asking how can he tell they are speeding? He didn't quote a speed, just said speeding. I think any of us can tell when someone is speeding and if you can not get of the road you don't need to be driving anyway. Really people...... COREY MILLER keep on standing up for what you believe in. I know that some will bash me for standing up for this kid and I really don't care. I will sleep tonight anyway!!!!! WAY TO GO COREY MILLER!!!!

local teen concerned about speeding in his neighborhood

I'm always concerned about my neighborhood's speeders. Whether or not the kids are on the street or not you should NOT be speeding through places where people are living. They are not freeways and the speed limit is too high anyway! I can hardly believe the lack of caring I was reading from people for others lives. Keep your damned pizza and save a life even if you don't care about your own!

Well on his way...

When I used to deliver pizza, it never failed that when you entered a residential neighborhood doing less than the speed limit, some fat lady walking her dog (it was always a fat lady) with nothing better to do would yell at you to slow down. Then she would call the pizza place to complain and try to get a free pie out of it. This teenage boy is well on his way to becoming a fat chick trying to scam a free pepperoni.


you are a very disrespectful person, people like you really need you keep your comments to yourself.

I don't understand....

how anyone can speed in Farrington Farms. The amount of cars parked on the wrong side of the road as well as other things(trailers/boats) make that road an obstacle course. I'm scared to even drive 25 mph down there at night. Two cars can't fit side by side without hitting something. As for Brittany Woods, I think they should drop the speed limit to 25 mph in that subdivision. There are way too many curves that will impair your vision to walkers, bicyclists, and joggers to be going that fast through the neighborhood.

Ohh they do it, I think it

Ohh they do it, I think it was last summer the HOA sent out letter about the constant disregard for the speed limit, by both residents and non residents. People who live on Farrington Farms Rd put out "Slow Children at Play" signs. It is almost as if the fact they have to dodge to miss "objects" makes it a little more fun. Its even worse when the inexperienced younger drivers are dropping their friends off after school. Regardless to which of the many connecting neighborhoods you live in something has to be done weather it is put in speed bumbs or the sheriff patrol the area more instead holding conversations and sipping their coffee at the Kangaroo.

Don't get me wrong...

I'm sure they do speed on your road. I know they do on mine and I'm still not sure why they use my road as a through way to get to Alamosa or where ever they are going. I'm just saying they would have to have a death wish to do it in Farrington Farms. I have small kids and I don't allow them to play in the front yard because of the way the traffic flies through my road. My oldest knows to stay away from the road because of the crazy drivers, but that reasoning is hard for a toddler to understand. So, until they do something about this I guess my family won't be enjoying the front yard for a few more years.

I think I am going to start

I think I am going to start raising a stink in my neighborhood because every evening when I come home from work I have to wait a few minutes for the 14 year old brats to meander OUT of the street so I can get home. But since they are precious kids I guess we should feel lucky to have to wait for them . . .

I didn't

I didn't vote for that speed limit son, did you? Now stay out of the road and tell your friends and neighbors to stay out too.


I live on Farrington Farms Rd. Alot of people use my road to get back into other neighborhoods, like Suncoast, Britney Woods and many others. There are ALOT of families with small childern who live in those neighborhoods. I've seen way to many cars, trucks and motorcycles flying down the road. The sheriffs department used to have speed traps by the retention pond, Ive yet to see one this summer. Its also a great place to hand out DUI's. Something really has to be done about this. Before its to late and a child is struck by a car. Ive seen parked cars hit on my road. It just as easy could have been a person.

Speeding Everywhere

There's speeding in every neighborhood. It just seems there aren't enough police to patrol every where, so people are getting away with it. It'll take the neighborhood to get together to stop the speeding. Encourage all your neighbors to park in the street (legally) and/or walk your streets during times when speeding is bad. Hopefully people will get sick of all the obstacles and finally drive somewhere else.

What a joke...

This is a low priority call to 911. The lowest of lows, by the time a deputy is free to get there, the speeders are long gone. Jewel is so out of touch with how patrol works that he didn't even give the non-emergency number to the center 452-6120. You want to really get something done, don't pressure deputies. Pressure the county goverenment. Pressure DOT. City neighborhoods have dealt with this time and time again. Speed bumps/humps, signs, actual enforcement, and god forbid sidewalks (the real solutions) only come if the neighborhood can get a handful of citizens bombarding the appropriate people for action and making themselves heard. Passive actions like calling 911 to report speeders will just get you a lot of frustration. Or you could do what Long Leaf Hills Drive did in the city and put a stop sign at EVERY corner. Deputies can't do anything anyway. There aren't enough and they have to witness a person speeding to do anything. Jewel is a joke for urging this action.

You're the joke

Yeah, call the non-emergent number and see how fast you get someone out there. People speeding is an emergency and you should call 911. And if you get a few people to call and complain about speeders you will see SAFE units set up somewhere along side the road running radar. I know, we've done it in my neighborhood several times and it works As far as speed bumps go, thats great...but why should I have to help pay for them when I don't live in the neighborhood. It's not my problem.

Local teen concerned about speeding in his neighborhood

Kudos to this young man! I live in the same neighborhood as Corey Miller and speeding is a HUGE problem. Some people do not even stop coming in from the Murrayville entrance of Brittany Woods. A light should go there or someone is going to get seriously hurt or worse one day.

How does this kid know that

How does this kid know that the people are speeding? Does he have a radar gun built into his head or something? I'm tired of people who are standing still perceiving that people are speeding by, when actually they may be doing the speed limit or a lot less.

I know that when I was 14 I

I know that when I was 14 I was told under no certain temrs to stay the hell out of the street - and if I went into it I would probably get run over. Maybe this kid and his friends should stick to the grass. Streets aren't sidewalks, basketball courts or skateparks. They are streets.

I know that when I was 14 I

I am in complete agreement, but don't dare discuss parenting skills, it's not "politically correct" in these days.