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Local unemployment numbers continue to increase

READ MORE: Local unemployment numbers continue to increase
The national unemployment rate has hit a 14 year high at 6.5 percent. There are now 10 million unemployed people in the country. Locally, the numbers are following a similar trend and unemployment agencies are having a hard time meeting the demand. In New Hanover County, in September, the unemployment rate was 5.4 percent; Almost 6,000 people were unemployed, and JobLink employees expect that number to be up for October. Michael Lunsford was laid off from his delivery job in Wilmington two weeks ago. “It was staggering, it caught me off guard. I put all myself into that job. It was surprising, it kind of hurt, it really did,” he said. Many others are in the same boat. At the JobLink Center in Wilmington the lines are long. JobLink usually sees about 200 people a week. This week they saw 500. JobLink manager, Walker Biggs, said, "There will be an increase just because of the increase in traffic we're seeing in here locally." The non-profit, Phoenix Employment Ministry, is at max capacity and had to turn 30 people away last month. Michael was able to get help from Phoenix and is now searching for his next ideal job. "We're going to find you not just a job, but a job that you like to do something. That gets you up to go to that job and you’re just raring and ready to go," he said. Phoenix Employment gave him a personality test. It reaffirmed his passion for cooking. With help, he tailored his resume to apply for a line cook position in Carolina Beach and already has had an interview. "I'm hoping for that job at the Marriot. I really want to work there. It gives me a chance to show my skills in the kitchen,” said Lunsford. If you are still looking for work, Lunsford has some advice: "Be patient, be persistent and be positive. There's job out there." Phoenix Employment Ministry runs on donations, and donations are down when their services are needed most.

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We're in a contracting economy

Unemployment ALWAYS rises during a contracting economy. When people aren't building houses, construction workers are out of work. When people aren't buying cars, salesmen are getting pink slips. When people aren't going out to eat, restaurants close; cooks and waitresses lose their jobs. People need to remember two things about the current economy, however. The first is that a contracting economy accelerates its downturn because of the self-fulfilling effects of sitting on your money. The psychology of a recession is difficult for most people to deal with. You want to sit on your cash because of an unpredictable future, but sitting on your cash is the worst thing you can do for us to get out of recession. The second thing to remember is that a certain large percentage (I'd guess 20-25%) of our current woes are pure hype. Yes, we are in a bad time financially. We have several problems to address, some of them huge, such as our national debt. However, we have also just concluded a year of the media and a major political party beating the drum non-stop about our economy verging on total collapse. It was in the best interest of both Obama and those entities supporting his rise to power to paint a picture of devastating doom and gloom. It's bad, but not as bad as you have been led to believe. So there's good news and bad news on the horizon. The good news is that like every other economic downturn in the history of the world, this global recession will end. The bad news is that while governmental action is required, history has shown that the efforts will be stumbling and faltering, with both good and bad policies being adopted. Right now the LAST thing we need is another trillion dollars in debt on top of the trillion we just borrowed, but that's what seems to be in the plans. There are about a million lessons to be learned from our current economic woes, but I fear the most important lesson will be ignored. Forget Wall Street, forget the housing bubble, forget light manufacturing's migration overseas; forget blaming anyone. There is but one lesson for YOU to learn, and that is Aesop's fable of the grasshopper and the ant. If you're hurting now, scared now, or starting to worry now, when the economy starts to pick up again, what are YOU going to do to prepare for the next downturn which WILL eventually come? Yep! The Grasshopper and the Ant. It should be required reading in every grade of school from Kindergarten through doctorate. Maybe then it will sink in.

Get Over It

Hey you plan to have this chip on your shoulder for the next four years? Instead of looking back to the Carter years, when by the way, the make up of our economy was drastically different, you only need to look back 8 years. I'm sure you and some others will continue to defend George W. Bush and blame everything on every Democrat that has ever held office. Anger and ignorance makes for a dismal existence....get over it!

Hey Jeff

why don't you learn to read. I just re-read my post. No defense of the Bush Administration anywhere in there. Also, I was comparing the leadership background of former President Carter with the lack of leadership experience of the incoming President. Whether you like it or not, the exportation of American jobs began in the Clinton Administration. Whether you like it or not, the current housing woes began in the Clinton Administration with the deregulation of the mortgage market. If you're going to comment on one of my posts, take the time to read the entire post so you don't spout off like a beached whale. The next time you want to chat about ignorance, save yourself some time and look in the mirror.

Another point...

Also I believe that the majority of the problems that we are facing results from the fact that we as individual americans tend to blame the government and other people because in some small way it helps us cope with our insecurities. Laziness and an inept ability to comprehend that we are all to blame and it takes everyone to contribute to the solution. Complaining and blaming are the only way some individuals can contribute because it makes them feel big and important.

Please Reinterate

Being an American non union "factory worker" for most of my life, I cannot fathom your response. I would be a liar if I stated that I have never seen a lazy worker, however, for the most part, I have worked with the best of the best...true craftsman and women. In my experiences, I have worked mostly with flag waving, God fearing tried and true blue blooded conservative Americans. In todays world, skilled and unskilled jobs have been leaving the US in multitudes leaving a middle class work force in the dust. If you don't think that this is part of the current economic issues we face today, then it's not even worth discussion with you. I humbly invite you to my home to show you my collection of American craftsmanship, mechanical and electronic. Furniture and textiles. From the 1850's to the 1990's Americans were the best. We still are. Please go to the Western part of North Carolina and ask someone who lost their job if it was due to victim mentality, laziness or globalism. You will find globalism at fault. I totally agree that we have a large population of do nothing lazy people, criminals and subhumans but they didn't loose their job...they never had one to start with.

You can blame globalism...

... but moving light manufacturing overseas was an eventual certainty. As soon as it became cheaper to manufacture an item overseas and ship it to the United States than it was to simply manufacture it here, the handwriting was on the wall. Whether we're talking about undershirts or steel, reducing costs and maximizing profit are essential elements of running any business. Sad fact of life - providing jobs for the local community is priority ninety. I'm not going to destroy my company by allowing my product to become non-competitive. If that happens, you'll lose your job anyway! Had companies not shifted manufacturing overseas, they wouldn't be in business right now. They wouldn't be able to compete with offshore products that would be produced by offshore companies and sell for substantially less. We can never, EVER return to "the way it was" fifty years ago. The United States is no longer capable of being totally self-sufficient and telling the rest of the world that we'll go it alone. Global trade is here, it's a fact of life, and it benefits America in many ways.

The GIANT Sucking Sound

You are mistaken to believe that it was only "light manufacturing" that left this country. All types of manufacturing and service jobs left, including those that are life critical. Understand that I inspect, test and evaluate thousands of different electrical, electronic and mechanical devices as a profession. I see it every day. The quality standards of most Mexican and Asian products are in the woods. American products are notably much, much better. There are some exceptions but you will pay the price. One of many examples would be the Fender Stratocaster. Fender allows you to buy a Mexican model for around $450. For twice that, you can purchase the American model. The American model wins hands down for tonal quality and sustain. The Mexican model is generally for those who cannot afford better. Try to resell a Mexi-strat verses an American model. The older an American model is, the more it sells for. Listen to music on a Kenwood system verses a Bob Carver Sunfire amp. Plop your posterior down on the seat of a Harley Davidson verses a Yamaha. The examples go on and on. A company that I have worked for outsourced some life critical parts to be made in Turkey and Brazil. Bad, bad mistake. From what I understand, after 10 years of this, they still fight quality issues from those suppliers. I did say LIFE critical. Don't try to twist my words, you and I have gone over these issues before. There is nothing wrong with free trade as long as it is fair. It's not. America is held to a much higher environmental standard. Other free trade nations charge tariffs on American products. Foreign governments give subsidies to THEIR companies when our Government gives subsidies to American Companies to offshore. Lets also not forget that most R&D has been done here in America, only to be handed to foreign governments. On a final note, you (and those like you) are your own worst enemy. When American heard that giant sucking sound of jobs going overseas, they reacted. Unfortunately, they turned left rather than elect a person who was a moderate with nationalist overtones like Ron Paul or H. Ross Perot. Now we are going to get a Global Village. Check out yesterdays Drudge report headlines. I challange you to show me how offshoring, as a whole, has benefited this country and the majority of it's people. Sure, you can get a tee shirt for $7.00 but you pay more in the long run to keep food in the mouth of the worker who lost their job. I think you will feel this pinch a bit more starting next year. Maybe you'll wake up.

Yes, we've been over it before...

...and you STILL don't understand that it's here and we're NEVER going back. You had better make the best of it. You're talking about niche market items that still have competing American manufacturers. Most Americans are buying neither guitars or motorcycles. All Americans, however, are buying clothing, televisions, coffee makers and microwave ovens. That's what I mean by "light manufacturing;" widely purchased items all but devoid of American manufacturers. Do you truly believe the quality difference between a Mexican Stratocaster and a domestic stratocaster is a concern for most Americans? Good or bad, there's no going back. You gain nothing by griping. Learn to profit from it.

Thanks for stealing my

Thanks for stealing my username to troll me.

should register

That is why you should register the name you wish to use. That will keep anybody from posting as you.


I don't believe that these numbers are accurate. From what I am seeing, the real number has to be much higher. Right now I know more unemployed people than employed people. Medical and government jobs are safe for the time being, but virtually every other sector is in bad shape. Lots of mechanics, carpenters, electricians, etc. are out of work. Because consumer spending is down, there is little hope that the situation will improve any time soon. Thanks, US government, for exporting our manufacturing base and our future!

One reason the unemployment

One reason the unemployment rate is where it stands is that they base it on how many jobless claims are filed. For those whose unemployment has run out or has not been in to file, they are not included in this number. Therefore, the number probably is considerably higher.

why not

be more specific. Thank the Clinton Administration which started the export of US jobs abroad. Thank the Clinton Administration, Barney Frank, and Thomas Dodd for opening the mortgage check books to people who could not normally qualify; could not even make modest down payments to purchase homes; and could not make the monthly payments required. But they were entitled to home ownership even though they had no means to make the payments. Thank 3 of the top Economic Advisers to Senator Obama who led to the downfall of Fannie Mae and the loss of NINE BILLION DOLLARS which had to be sucked up by the American tax payers. If you think things are bad now; just wait. Let the most liberal Congress in our history be joined by a President even more liberal than Jimmy Carter. Let that group "spread the wealth" and begin the taxing of small businesses; you have seen nothing yet. At least former President Carter had some leadership background. He was a Naval Academy graduate and a Naval Officer. He managed the family business prior to becoming Governor. He was a Governor. What leadership skills does President-Elect Obama have?

Q: "What leadership skills

Q: "What leadership skills does President-Elect Obama have?" A: He beat McCain/Palin fair and square! Face it...the Bush administration is a thing of the past now and the future. Do you really think this country wanted 4 more years of it? The majority ruled on November 4th and the results are standing. I imagine if Obama does a great job in the next 4 years, you will be even more upset still because McCain lost...or will you change your mind? Economic advisers/Obama/Wall Street/etc. It remains the same...Bush was President when all of this went down and too his administration.



This did not happen

This person, like most here, is not telling the truth, and if he/she was, they reported this and the polling place was closed to get cleared out.  No-one named Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson, Tinkerbell voted, unless they had a state/government issued ID stating that was their name.  We have contacted WWAY-TV3 to get this persons IP address so we can contact them.

Well, Mrs. Reynolds, please

Well, Mrs. Reynolds, please explain to me why my identification was not checked when I went to vote. I found this to be very disturbing.


Why waste your time with somebody that isn't smart enough to find the caps lock key, proof read their statement or correct the spelling errors?

Fraid you're wrong

He bought the election. He initially agreed to accept public campaign funding; when he saw McCain's early lead, he backed away so he could accept all of those millions of dollars being raised through Pakistani and Chinese banks. Guess we'll see how you like the continued loss of jobs and the $10 Happy Meal when his financial initoatives take hold.

Bush slept with the oil

Bush slept with the oil families and we paid and paid and paid for it didn't we? This country needn't forget those 8 years this clown ruled. I'll never forget the class room scene in Florida when 9/11 hit and his secret service agents gave him the news. You could see he hadn't a clue as to what to do. Just a continuation of the rest of his 8 years in office. He will have to live with that moment from here on. Maybe the real truth about that moment in history and its reasons will surface quicker then "Who killed Kennedy?"......... The whole world is excited about our new and read the news. Why do you think that is??? By the way...big oil bought Nixon into office if you are comparing notes!

The whole world is excited

I guess so. They see an incoming President with even less leadership experience than Jimmy Carter. Evry third world country is watching and waiting.

["I guess so. They see an

["I guess so. They see an incoming President with even less leadership experience than Jimmy Carter"]. ________________________________________________ But more smarts then Bush! I take it you voted for McCain and what's her name?? :-) Time to move on SCT........

Job market in Wilmington has

Job market in Wilmington has been going down for several years. Even with a degree, employers laugh at you if you want to make more than 20k a year. Mix it in with housing cost and the economy, you have to work two jobs to live there...thats why I left! Scott Ingram Philadelphia, PA

Please Yankees know

Pass the word around, we don't like the influx of "know it alls" either. They can't drive, complain about everything and don't do jack about fixing it. Amen brother.

please' yankees' know

If it wasn't for all the 'yankees' moving here we would have no influx of new homes, businesses, and all the other jobs including mine that depend on customers. I married a man that grew up in West Virginia and Ohio. Is he a yankee? Am I? He's building houses for good people who don't want to live in a place like Myrtle. Like everyone that moves here some good.. some aggravating. Go live in the woods if you can't handle people.