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Local volunteer opportunities

Local Volunteer Opportunities: In Brunswick County: WAVES 4 K.I.D.S. (910) 454-8945 Guardian Ad Litem (910) 253-8242 Schools - Chris McIntyre(910) 754-9536 Rape Crisis (910) 392-6936 or 1-800-672-2903 Citizen Corps (910) 253-2574 Thrift Stores (910) 253-2574 In New Hanover County: Open House Emergency Youth Shelter, and the Rape Crisis Center of Coastal Horizons Center Incorporated. Crisis Intervention Services Volunteer Training will prepare volunteers to provide services to victims of rape, sexual assault and abuse. Training will be held on Saturdays January 26 through February 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more info: 392-6936 OR 1-800-672-2903

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Additional Volunteer Opportunity in Wilmington

The Brigade Boys & Girls Club has a new Big Buddy Program. We need adult volunteers to mentor at-risk youth in our community. If you are interested please contact Matthew Walker at (910)392-0747


WHO WILL BECOME AN ADVOCATE FOR A MURDERED CHILD?? Carolyn Ann Futrell will appear in front of Judge John Smith (from Wilmington) in Onslow County on January 7th. Ms Futrell has been charged with the poisoning death of Kayla Yvonne Allen, 7. Futrell was originally charged with a Capital Crime but the charge was reduced to First Degree Murder. The 7 year-old Kayla was allegedly forced to drink the commercial grade insecticide Atroban which caused a painful and torturous death. The autopsy showed that two different drugs used to treat psychotic episodes were found in the child's system. This medication would have had a sedative effect on a person causing a small child to be unconscious or physically unable to move. According to the AOC this January 7 appearance is a hearing and not a trial. The family of Kayla is concerned that a plea arrangement has been offered to Ms. Futrell freeing her of any and all murder charges. The family of the child desperately want justice for their loved one's horrible death and want Onslow County/the State of North Carolina to put their best effort into prosecuting Ms. Futrell for First Degree Murder. ATROBAN POISONING: Nausea and vomiting commonly occur soon after swallowing. Other immeditate signs and symptoms include: apprehension, excitability, dizziness, headache, disorientation, weakness, a tingling or pricking sensation on the skin, and muscle twitching. This is followed by loss of coordination, convulsions similar to epileptic seizures, and unconsciousness. When chemicals are absorbed into the skin, the skin begins to blister and burn. No specific antidotes are available. Persons assisting a victim should wear chemical resistant gloves and be careful to avoid becoming contaminated by the pesticide. If the pesticide has been ingested, empty the stomach as soon as possible by giving the conscious patient ipecac and water or by inserting a finger into the throat. Caution: Inhaling vomitus can be life-threatening. Timely emergency treatment is vital to survival.

My Niece Kayla

While I am very grateful that Kayla was moved out of the nasty grave yard she was buried in and placed under her CORRECT name....she was not given the justice she truly deserved due to the nature of her death, which was poisoning by way of Atroban. Do we learn to move forward? Absolutely! The sad thing is that there are so many other children who need help before the same thing happens to them. ONE child is ONE child too many!! Still wonder how those jurors and the corrupt people involved in "downplaying" this child's horrible death sleep at night. As Kayla's aunt I visit her and our mother's graves and ask that in ways we may never know that they have changed people's lives and at least made them live better lives while they are still here on this earth for the short time they are. Aunt Heather

Why doesn't WWAY TV become involved?

I contacted WWAY TV back when Kayla was murdered in August 2003. No one was interested then, and it would be great if the media were interested in the injustices perpetrated on innocent children. For NINE months, not one word was written or spoken about this child's murder. The defense attorney would not be motioning the courts to keep the media out, if there was not a good reason he did not want the media to see his cold-hearted client!