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Local woman: My drink was drugged

READ MORE: Local woman: My drink was drugged
WILMINGTON -- A New Hanover County woman says she has no doubt someone slipped a drug in her drink while recently out in downtown Wilmington. Rape prevention educators say this is a real threat locally and it's happening more often than it's being reported. Courtney Ryan set out for a fun night out with girlfriends. It didn't turn out that way. "My friend went to the bathroom and I just remember her coming back and handing her drink back to her and that's the last thing I remember of that night," Ryan said. "The next thing I remember is waking up Sunday morning and I was still not normal, I still felt drugged and I went into the bathroom and I was sick." Ryan remembers turning her back on her drink only once throughout the night, which she thinks may have invited someone to make a move. Her husband Kevin picked her and friend up downtown and at first just thought his wife was extremely drunk. Kevin Ryan said, "She was unresponsive, had no equilibrium, loss of all motor skills, lost the ability to community effectively." Ryan says drinking has never caused her to act that way. She said she had four drinks in the four hours she was out. "The what-ifs could happen to another girl, and that's what scares me the most, anything can happen and it's really, really scary." Rape prevention educator Shemekka Miles said, "It's prevalent and it's here and it's real and more people need to get an understanding of what's going on and the dangers of it." The Coastal Horizons Rape Crisis Center had six suspected or confirmed drug facilitated rapes reported to them in November and December of 2007. To help prevent this Miles is working closely with several downtown bars. Among other things, bouncers and bartenders are trained to place coasters over unattended drinks. The Reel Cafe is one of the establishments on board. Reel Café bartender Jay Jenkins said, "Just looking out for the groups of ladies and things like that, so they can go out and have a good time and not worry so much about that and help educate them as well about not leaving your drink unattended." While Ryan was one of the lucky ones -- and was not assaulted -- she doesn't want what she went through to happen to anyone else. "Just because something sexually didn't happen wrong to me, doesn't mean I still wasn't violated," Ryan said. Ryan is so concerned about this incident she created a blog for people to anonymously write in about similar situations:

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Date Rape & Sexual Assault Prevention Speaker

Beware of being gullible and beguiled around the opposite sex and alcohol. Unbelievable to some, but certainly not to me, is the reality of date rape no matter your sex. When I was a senior in high-school I was out with some friends. We were all underage and drinking a bit. I was in the backseat of car talking to some friends, when all of the sudden a female athlete from my high-school jumped in the backseat of the car and began undressing me. Because I had been drinking my ability to resist her was very minimal. Ironically, while sitting in the backseat I had watched just minutes prior as this young lady had been in the front seat with my best friend. She jumped in his lap and was kissing him, which I was shocked to see as she wasn't all that attractive. She certainly wasn't my type, but once she jumped in the backseat she tried immediately to kiss me. Thankfully I had enough energy to turn my head and avoid having to kiss her. Then her next move was to start unbuckling my belt and loosening my pants. Going for the gold she tried to have sex with me, but fortunately I was too drunk to be persuaded. Nevertheless she tried earnestly to take advantage of the situation and proceeded to remove her pants in an attempt to have sex with me. Yet you can't push a car up a hill with a rope. My rope was limp and there was no moving me, nor having sex with me. However some embarrassment came when while sitting in the backseat some friends walked over to the car and saw the young lady trying to have sex with me. Most everyone knew what she was up to, but some erroneously assumed I had sex with her, which I did not. Yet a couple years later, once this young lady was in college, I heard from my cousin that she had been bragging, "I was with your cousin." She basically was trying to leverage her alleged association with me (which was non-existent and merely her own imagination) to get other guys to like her. Consequently I know the feeling of being violated despite the fact the act of sexual intercourse never occurred. Paul F Davis - Date Rape & Sexual Assault Prevention author and speaker 407-967-7553

re:periodic elements

you are missing the whole point ,cortney has no proof she was drugged or an attempted date rape was even going to take place , that is a fact , futhermore i have seen people with high blood pressure and mix alcohol and have these same symptoms and 4 drinks of alcohol are very strong even in a 4 hour period ,with no food in your system , the point is stop drinking alcohol period and hanging out in crime infested bars whom stastictics are staggering nation wide for dwi arrests in this county of newhanover,go to the horses mouth and stop college binge drinking , the blog represents drug rape cortney was not drug raped or does she have any proof she was druged period this is slander and you are supporting a fictional story the bar can sue cortney allen for slander ,i am concerned and i am not against cortney but there are human rights and a judicial system ,the blog should be ,i am 40 years old i dont throw my 2 cents worth in unless its on a dolar bill not in a pile of feces

Drug rape? hmm, where did you read that again?

And you have no proof that she was not drugged other than your own skepticism, but that's the assumption your making here. Nobody suggested a rape happend or was attempted (maybe you're reading a different news article than I am). So you're wrong, this "blog" is not about drug rape at all. People slipping a drug into a drink for whatever reason is a deviant act. It's that simple. That's exactly what this news article is about. Rape is an entirely different story. Drugging someone certainly might make that easier to achieve. However, the idea of giving up alcohol and not going out ever is very extreme. You could go out hundreds of times and not have this kind of thing happen. Binge drinking?? Yes that's bad I agree....and it has nothing to do with this story at all (4 drinks in 4 hours isn't binge drinking). 4 drinks in 4 hours even on an empty stomach is not enough to make you forget the previous evening and get very're way off base there. I'm assuming that if Courtney had high blood pressure she would have these symptons everytime she drinks alcohol. She seems to be of the opinion that her latest reaction was extremely unusual. I think that makes your high blood pressure theory not all that likely. By the way, none of the people that I know of with high blood pressure who choose to drink get the symptons that Courtney is describing...I don't really believe that for a second. this isn't a high blood pressure issue. for all of the thought's you have on this story being completely false, I think it's interesting that you offer none on the possability that this story might actually be accurate and truthful.

the new as you say "stastictics" -- is that a new tribal call? has been up for about one week, and already 9 stories have come up with simliar stories and a poll was taken in which others also claim to have been drug raped, you better vigilante it up and take a citizen arrest or something for all that "slander" but I guess your too busy updating your website "" . P.s. when you make your arrest her name is "courtney" you don't want to be arrested yourself for slander.

I completely disagree with

I completely disagree with everything you have said, except....she should have gone to the ER to get drug tested. There is no telling what drug, if any, might have been put into her drink. Whether she was actually drugged or not it doesn't really matter. This article is an excellent eye opener, especially for females, that like to head downtown on the weekend to unwind from a long weeks worth of work. If this happened to me, I would have gotten checked out simply because you have no idea what side affects or long term affects what ever drug I took will have on me

... did you check your facts?

Why do you think she went to the news? If you have such doubts check her website, she tried to file a report first and when the police said no get checked, TWO different facilities who both did not have the proper equipment to test her, (even a mediac center said to come in, and they sent her away when she came in) which is the main reason she HAD to go to the news. By this she raised awareness of this abundent rising problem of druge rape. I commend Courtney. GHB (one example) only stays in your body for about 1-3 hours, so for instance if she was trying to find a place urgently to get tested, the drug would leave her body... and if she went to the ER as her last resort it would be too late.

I think you misunderstood

I think you misunderstood what I was saying. I was not doubting that someone might have put something in her drink, I was just wondering why nothing was said about no tests being done. I didn't go to her website and probably won't. The newspaper should have printed all the info you just mentioned. I question why WWAY didn't print that she tried to have a test done but was told to go somewhere else? I personally would have gone to the ER first. You wouldn't have to worry about having to go somewhere else because that place didn't have the proper equipment. If she went to the ER she probably would have been fast tracted and would have been seen within a few minutes

maybe.. but I doubt

She tried to go the police, and they thought she was lying. I honestly don't think the ER would be any different unless she was actually raped. That's just an opinon, from personally experience ER's usually take at least an hour, by the time they got her there and even realized she was drugged it would have probably been too late because GHB (most common used) only stays in your system 1-3 hours... (just an example) I guess the ER is just a matter of opinion, and in that hypothetical situation of which one you go too and what kind of service they're offering

I used to work for the ER

I used to work for the ER and anytime someone came in and thought they were drugged, they were fast tracked. Blood was always taken and sent to a lab for testing. Except for the blood and initial tests, the rest of your stay would have been the same as every other patient. This wasn't NHC so I won't comment specifically on our hospital here, but I really don't think it would have been any different no matter which hospital you go to

Your missing the whole

Your missing the whole point. She was drugged and thankfully not raped. Her website is a place for the woman who weren't as 'lucky' as Courtney was. No where on this website or on the blog did she mention the bar name, so who exactly is going to sue her for slander? Im happy your not against Courtney, however it is people like you who make it difficult for a woman to come out and tell her story. Open your eyes it is happening here in Wilmington and is a big problem.

Increase Awareness

Drug rape is occurring in our community, the victims are growing, and we must continue to raise awareness. The pole shows eleven people report being drugged in Wilmington, NC. Some may say there are statistical flaws in a volunteer pole, however the facts are that six suspected or confirmed drug facilitated rapes were reported in November and December of 2007 alone (Coastal Horizons Rape Crisis Center). This is six too many. Lets not forget the other people who have not reported their cases due to guilt or embarrassment. The message is clear STOP DRUG RAPE! The police do not have the manpower to see everything, nor do the bar owners, bouncers, or the customers. However, with greater awareness and vigilance, the sum total of all of our efforts can make a difference and save someone else from being drugged. I would like to thank all the people who posted good or bad, regardless, we are all contributing to the market place of ideas. The question now is where do we go from here? What will you take away from this and what will you be doing in the future to protect yourself and others from these predators? I am not sure how much longer this thread will remain, but I invite you all to contribute to and continue to make suggestions and discuss the future of this topic. The is a forum for the public, this is your tool to use, and we are here to facilitate an arena for these discussions. There still remains an untapped portion of our population that is not aware. So share your knowledge of the dangers of drug rape and prevention techniques with others, and STOP DRUG RAPE in our community!


i have a comment i want to post that just disturbs my well being as in my brotherhood of the male species ,this is in conjunction as with that aqua dot recall all the headlines posted "date rape" drug found in aqua dots ,recall , well i no bodybuilders use the same drug to gain strength and truckers use the same drug to sleep its not just a date rape drug and second it could have been cortneys friend whom mickyed that drink cortney dosent no she cant prove anything she has no facts or proof her best friend or one of cortneys husbands old girlfriends could be jealous and wanted to see courtney get hit by a car or in a wreck that night who knows its just not a date rape drug that males use to rape women .it has many different uses .and a chemical name that is found on the periodic table of elements .that can be identified .stop calling it a date rape drug until you are date raped and get drugged by anything from sleeping pills to ether .

Periodic tables?

ok, so this drug is called a date rape drug only if a rape occurs? Geting pretty technical here aren't we? That's not even the point.....whether the person who decides to put this into a womans drink for the desired effect actually rapes the person or not does not really matter. A man or woman should beable to go hang out with friends and have a few drinks and not have something put into their drink to alter their senses to the point that they remember absolutely nothing (hopefully we can at least agree on that). Nobody's worried about body builders taking the drug or truckers trying to get a good nights rest. By the way, what happens if body builders mix the drug with a drink? Is that standard procedure? Do truckers take this drug with a few gin and tonics before bed? Do you think that adding booze to the mix (even a little bit) might change the way the drug effects people? Do you think a womans physical make up (i.e. weight) might be different from a body builder or truck driver, generally speaking? Do truckers and body builders lose their memory for the evening? Get real man....the fact is that courtney isn't the only woman ever to have this happen and you're sitting here talking about the periodic tables. You missed the whole point of the situation. Angry friends pushing other friends out in front of cars? You have an extremely overactive imagination. You should write a soap opera or something instead of trying to post intelligent points on the internet about this situation. You're not good at it.

Do you who believe in Jesus

Do you who believe in Jesus and God actually think He punishes us while we are here for our transgressions? That is what hell is for. Do you presume to know what He thinks (making you His equal)? Do you think, because we believe in Him, He wants us to stop using the greatest gift He gave us, our brains? After reading all the stupid entries from "Christians"that place blame on Mrs.Ryan, when she clearly is a victim here, it makes me wonder if the people who profess to be Christians have any idea what Christ is expecting of us. Plus, you are making the rest of us Christians look as stupid as you are. Well I do not think we are! "Judge not" and maybe, read more, will help. Ignorance will not get you into Heaven.

Some of you have no clue

I am married and have been for several years. I encourage my wife to have a girls night out. They can go wherever they choose as I completely trust her. Last year they went to SC to see Chip-N-Dales (sp?). I had no problems with that. They even went to a strip club for drinks. What's wrong with women, even married ones, going out for a good time? Do you expect them to stay at home ALL the time? My wife get's to do her thing and I get pocker night, boys night out, or my sports night. Things like this is what makes for a happy marriage

Could happen to you

Happened to me once a couple of years ago. I'm a 50 yr old man, and it was at an upscale joint too. I was out with a lady for a nice dinner and we were both hit. Had one cocktail at the bar while waiting for our table. Never made it to the table. Barely made the short walk home. Last thing I remember was leaving the bar. Thank god I wasn't driving. So to those who think that it was this girl's fault somehow, wise up. Being a pretty girl at a bar having drinks with chums does make her a better target than me, but it might be you next time nonetheless.


Once again an "involved" girl get too drunk and blames someone else...what is it with Wilmington girls? Most of them come from some country town with 2 cops and no money, yet they spend a year in this town and think they are Paris Hilton. can't hold your drinks. You had 4? What about the shots that guy beside you bought you? Yea...easy to forget. Oh now it's 2am? Husband is coming? You've been making out with some dude that says he's Kenny Chesney's manager for 3 hours?'d better tell everyone you had your drink tampered you're off the hook and some sad dude that bought you a normal cocktail is going to be in front of a judge. Welcome to the world we live in. Guys try to treat girls well, but as soon as the girl is unhappy--- BOOM. She makes up some story to become a victim. I don't buy what she's saying, If she was drugged, why was she still at that bar? She just had more than she should, thought her husband would get pissed, so made up a story to remain blameless. It's an everyday thing around here. Girls, when are you going to realize that the smartest thing you can do is sober up and then just grow up?

only liers accuse others of

only liers accuse others of lying. Why would her husband agree to come on the news with her if he didn't 100% think that she was telling the truth. I give courtney kudo's for her raising awareness, and just because your too thickheaded and ignorant to notice the fact that girls in wilmington are getting drugged. Your calling a girl you never met a liar, you shouldnt' be so quick to judge. Ask the 6 other people about there drugged fiasco's on the website she created, I'm sure those spoiled "involved" ladies were lying as well.

Date Rape...

I couldn't agree more. Well put. As soon as these spoiled little wilmington girls don't get their way, crying foul always works. Add a tear and someone's going to jail.

I couldnt' disagree more

crying foul? She's spreading the word about being voilated, which is happening EVERYWHERE, she's a victim, and so are the 9 other girls that already commented her blog, claiming the same incident. Spoiled wilmington girls? I'm sorry but HOW many girls have you meet that this happened too? If it's more than one good lord, wouldn't you start to believe one, I guess your ignorance is in the way... People like you are reasons why you don't hear more of these stories because of your ridicule. Someone soon better go to jail for this, because the next girl may not be as lucky as Courtney! Thank you Courtney for being an idol for all the less fortunate girls who didn't have the strength to come out and tell their story, your an inspiration.

Hey happens

Hey happens everywhere not just in wilmington....also as you have read on this website is happens to males too. Good luck saying those comments to the males who have been drugged.

Them dang Duke boys!!!!

I bet its them dang Duke boys!

Sorry I was late honey but...

Was this a Twanna Brawley excuse? Sorry I was late honey and extra sorry Im sl, sl slllsloshed but someone sl, sl, slllslipped me a mickey.. hiccup.

Her husband came and picked

Her husband came and picked her up because he knew something wasn't right. I commend Courtney for coming up and receiving all the ridicule from people like you. If she didn't others wouldn't follow her and tell there story because of how embarassed you make them feel. Sad place if someone can't even trust someone who was taken advantage of! Someone tried to violate her and all you have to say is something negative. What would you say if it was your daughter who was married. Oh honey you drank soda and got raped? Oh well it's your fault, I know you were drinking vodka and coke.

hello again jesus yes jesus

hello again jesus yes jesus is the answer and reading the bible would be a good past time or hobby, craft excetera for courtney instead of a drinking night out at a bar with friends , me personally i drink alcohol but on ocassion and very responsibly and i dont drink at bars i dont crave alcohol and i dont have to have it tomorrow or anyday and if i never drink alcohol again thats ok i dont need it .first of all downtown is a mecca for violence and dwi and all sorts of police reports for friday, saturday girls night out .to support these facts go to the court house and look on the docet or the past police reports of this matter the statistics are staggering they a ranked highest in a america for student underage drinking dwi arrests in wilmington nc these are facts and figures to back this statement with proof , second courtney cant prove she was drugged does she have a tocxicoligy report with the chemical that she was drugged with this is purely slander ,me personally i am concerned i have seen numerous tricks and jokes i have seen people put snakes in a purse and rip the top part of a 20 dollar bill off and clip it in the purse to hang out as bait i have seen people take the cover off pay phones so the wires hang out and when you pick the reciever up and place it on your ear you get a electricuted .and i made a note of these tricks and i use caution i just dont automatically trust anybody or anything .there are sick people out there who will go to great links to do these low life pranks you have to be cautious .me personaly im concerned but this is juvenille i am concerned with my city and government and laws being passed why not make a stand or stament for something that really matters now im personally envolved with medical malpractice and how us americans are being mistreated by medical boards or how thomas wright our city offical took bribes from the board of nursing he with held funds and used them inaproptely i am concerned of these matters why not make a coalition for girls whom drink alcoholand use drugs and wind up in prison or homeless .i dont know courtney nor do i want to this is just a juvenille story that lacks meaning and moral

Medical Malpractice, snakes, bribes? I don't understand.

People don't go out and unwind by reading the bible. Get off your high horse and come down to earth. Once again, a person responding to this article who claims to be in touch with the word of god and once again you come off as a very cold person who could care less about people. If that's what the bible does to you then I'll just stay away. Or maybe this is just the kind of person you are and has nothing at all to do with religion. Who cares that you don't need alcohol or don't ever want to see it? That doesn't make you pure or just in any way whatsoever. I could live just fine if I never touched alcohol again, but I like it sometimes, and that's the extent of it. There are other people who think similarly. I've been downtown to blue post and some other places, I've played ping pong and shot pool, talked with friends, watched great live music.....the mecca for violence? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and that's a fact. Your court house stats don't apply to the general populous. The numbers are purely criminal acts and negative things that have happend. I went downtown 2 days in a row one weekend and nothing happend except for the fact that I had a good time. My friends who go downtown every weekend have had similar experiences. Did you find that information at the court house? Stop being neurotic and judgemental. All of those tricks you've mentioned are insane. I've never seen or heard of any of that happening...sounds like nonsense to me. You're obviously a very paranoid person and probably not that pleasant to be around. Additionally, you go off on medical malpractice????? Why not mention your issues with high gas prices while you are at it? Or tell us your grocery list for the coming week? Zero relevance at all. Your post has proved nothing to anyone other than the fact that you are out of touch with reality in a severe way.

"Batman" (as you refer

"Batman" (as you refer yourself) you are nuts! First of all, let me start by saying that you seriously need a writing course. How old are you? You don't know how to end a sentence and use punctuation correctly? You are truly making a fool out of yourself....just for that! Furthermore, I am curious to know if you were there? If you listen or read or story, you will know that she was NOT drunk! She was drugged. Why don't you take a reading course along with your writing course, and maybe you'll learn something. Stop your pathetic accusations and get a life! She is not a "sick" person. She did nothing wrong. This is a huge deal! I am sick and tired of people who are unsupportive on this issue. "Batman" you are no hero to the matter. I think the Joker is calling careful picking up your phone...might get electricuted!

If this story is so juvenile

If this story is so juvenile (noticed you spelled the word wrong) why are you still writing about it? Why waste your time here, instead of writing about issues you are more concerned about?

Wow, I can't even believe

Wow, I can't even believe that Mrs. Ryan's marital status and character even came up in this discussion. The fact is that she was DRUGGED and is now talking about it to help raise awareness for others... trying to help protect your sisters, daughters and even mothers. Thank you Mrs. Ryan for trying to help other women protect themselves. I will definitely think twice about leaving a drink unattended when I am out with my friends! (Batman is probably the one at the bars that women need to be protected from)

Here's the real problem (negative posters pay attention)

The real situation here is that a woman was probably given a date rape drug. It's sad to me that some people think that this girl should pretend that it's 1950 and that she should enjoy 100% of her spare time by either A) being at home with her family 24/7 (maybe cooking for her man and having no friends?....that sounds fair) B) going out with friends to play bingo, beef up her sewing skills, or learn some new computer games (hopefully her friends are completely out of touch with what's actually fun or at least 95 years old in this case) or c) staying away from the "devils brew" (we call it beer here on earth). I can't tell you exactly what a giggle crew is (really, who says those words?) but I can tell you that judging from some of the cold calculated responses I've read here today that there is lack of human decency and compassion for people these days. I don't understand the animosity towards this person unless the critics who post on here are taking their own personal issues, shortcomings, lack of social contact, or general bitterness out on this girl. As for the potential stoning or beating, those are interesting ideas if you are completely out of your mind or live in medieval times. I hope you don't actually walk the same streets as the rest of us do.