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Locally filmed gang video found on YouTube

READ MORE: Locally filmed gang video found on YouTube
WILMINGTON -- Some videos popping up on YouTube are causing concern with police and local residents. The rap videos were filmed in Wilmington and involve young children. In one of the videos you can clearly see kids who look to be between 10 and 14 flashing gang symbols. The video was filmed in the Houston Moore housing complex in Wilmington. It was posted to YouTube about a week and a half ago. You can see young children are flashing gang symbols, wearing colors associated with gangs and waving what looks to be thousands of dollars. The New Hanover County gang task force says there are several reasons residents and parents should be concerned. Jon-Paul Gaurino with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office said, "The biggest concern for me as a law enforcement officer is kids may look at this and say, hey, that's what I want to be like, I want to be on TV. Then they may be emulating things they do not understand. Gang hand signs, gang colors, they don't understand how dangerous it can be." Gaurino says the videos are common to the music videos many children see on stations like MTV or BET. Gang task force members are asking parents to keep an eye on what their kids are watching on TV, visit the websites their kids are visiting and if you see something you are not familiar with or think could be gang related, call the sheriff's office at 798-4260.

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that video was nat gang

that video was nat gang related it was just for fun and to help what someone to get in the music bussiness

nat related? Words spoken

nat related? Words spoken from participant in this video.

Bet he didn't make any money

Maybe they should have stayed in school because that video SUCKED!!!!! And yes, it was gang related. Gang signs were being flashed throughout the video which makes it gang related. The gang itself may not have been the intent of the producers but when you bring gang life into a video, it becomes gang related. That is the lifestyle of a gang and it's members

No he didnt make anything

No he didnt make anything off this video and yes it was a bad idea to have all the little ones in ot flashing gang signs. Yes that did look bad bit if you have ever listened to this guy flow the u would not say that he SUCKED! He's a very talented guy but just made a bad decision on posting it with the kids.

Get into the misic business?

I'm sure that was a flop because they stink.

We need a change

I remember reading a proposal that said you could only be on welfare for so many years, I think it was 10. And that was 10 years total whether it was all at one time or on and off until the 10 years are up. I love that idea, although I think 10 years is a little too long. This would force people to either live on the streets or get a job. Either way, I wouldn't care since it would save me money in the long road.

I believe in equal opportunity. Urine tests for all!

Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test, with which I have no problem. What I DO have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who DON'T have to pass a urine test. Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I Do, however, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their Back sides doing drugs while I work. Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?

I agree

Yep, I had to take that test and I'm subject to random unannounced testing. These freeloaders should have to do the same. Then they need to be out picking up trash, cutting the grass at city parks, painting the public housing they live in or some other activity to "earn" their check.

why the racist comments?

To everyone that has something negative to say about the video the only thing i can tell you is to just not watch it so many people choose to pass judgement on things they have no idea about and for all of you that choose to talk the rap ARTIST does not live in the projects or ghetto or whateva you all choose to say we don't say anything about yall little vidoes on CMT where yall talkin about leaving your women and gettng drunk this site is full of RACIST pigs who choose to talk about things they don't know anything about this video is old from a couple years ago and the news channel should be ashamed for allowing these comments to be posted and you know it's not only AFRICAN AMERICAN'S that get public housing and other benefits what do you think a trailer park is???? so before you call my brother scum go get some of your family members out the trailer park and out the homeless shelters and then talk about someone are yall mad or jealous because he was holding up thousands of dollars some of yall can't even count that high or haven't seen that much money in yall life so just stop the nonsense and take care of yall own family and stop worrying about mine thanks so much


"are yall mad or jealous because he was holding up thousands of dollars some of yall can't even count that high or haven't seen that much money in yall life" This perception of reality is what got you and yours into the life you are in. Trust me, people that have money DO NOT walk around with it in their pockets. We do not feel the need to flash it or to try and make ourselves look rich. WE do not feel the need to wear huge gaudy jewelry, drive fancy cars w/spinners or have horrible gold front teeth. People with money, real honestly earned money have no need to act as you do. We are quite happy and content just knowing we have the financial stability today that we will have years from now, unlike you all who blow it all on material things to show that you had it ONE day in your entire lives. Please use punctuation if you reply. Your post was confusing as one sentence.


I'm tired of fighting! I am going to sell my house, car, quit my job and go on welfare! I will start collecting my government check, hook up with a dealer and start selling! I will make lots of money and influence government officials with my contributions!

Just call this man Stringer

Just call this man Stringer Bell!

Waste of Space

I agree with everyone else, I'm sick of seeing these pieces of scum living off of assitance while I have to look forward to working myself to death for the rest of my life. These people are so low I wouldn't even bother to call them animals, as it might be insulting to include them with a group of creatures that deserve help. As for the whole parent's thing...what do you expect? These creatures breed like the vermin they become and then leave their offspring to do whatever. I'd rather see my tax dollars go to sterilization and making sure certain persons actually NEED welfare.

Nausea over the waste

As a typical white guy with the less than stellar grades in high school and no real resources to fall back on in life other than good old fashioned elbow grease... I have had to work side jobs in grocery stores where the people shopping using government supplied welfare ate way better than everyone else that came through the line. Then the real cash comes out for the beer and cigarettes. Then (groceries) this has to be hauled out to the new or at least newer cars than I, who works hard each and every day, can not afford. It's disgusting that the establishment gives rewards for being fat, lazy, criminal, and unmotivated to make improvements in their own lives. Politicians need term limits and freeloading burdens of society need limits on how much and long they can sit of their fat backsides. I personally hate to feel this way, but "black-on-black" punk street gang crime eliminates a few less desirables from the gene pool every day. And if there were not so many people thriving in that situation, then there would not be that much of a gang murder rate. People that look like gang members, wanna be gang members, or hang out in high crime areas do NOT need to be treated like everyday law abiding citizens. I say profile the crap out of them and do some damn good.

Gang Video Police Substation

Something needs to be done about this, but the police don't want to deal with it. The police are about to open a substation on South College Road, but why did they close the substation right down from Houston Moore on Greenfield Street? What about the substation off of Red Cross Street, or the one on South Kerr near Creekwood? But they are about to open one on South College!!! Why??? Because they are scared to work in these areas; they would much rather hassel non violent individuals than fight real crime. Shame on the City Council for approving the new substation. Changes need to be made. Wake up people!!!

You really have no idea what

You really have no idea what you are talking about. The Wilmington Police Department is constantly in all the areas that you have mentioned. The police district that Creekwood and Houston Moore are in, usually has at most 4 officers working that area. That may sound like a lot but unfortunately that's a good size area to cover. Not only that you have to take into consideration that they have to take other call and can't just sit in that area. If they get a domestic or a fight call, 2 officers respond. When arrest have to be made, that takes away an officer for an average of an hour or more depending on how busy the magistrate is. The officers do what they call "focus patrol" through out their shift. Most of the time, they are focused in those high crime areas. The main problem isn't that the officers are scared, it's that there aren't enough officers on the street. Before you start to critize the job that those officers do, step up and do something on your end. Go to the city counsel meetings and fight for the money to hire more officers to put on the street or better yet, go to the City of Wilmington webpage, and print out an application for that job. If you think you can do it better go for it. Walk a day in their shoes and see how it feels to read bs like this that people post when they have no idea what's going on.


Ever thought maybe they just gave up? There is NO help for the animals downtown. The honest, decent people better get it together and move on and get the hell away from the war zones. Public housing should be torn down, it houses illegal activity and dishonest residents. They ruin it for the real needy ones.

Yes Wilmiglngton has turned

Yes Wilmiglngton has turned into a war zone butyou need to change your statement about public housing. No they dont need to tear it down because everyone that live in them are not dishonest and deceitful people. You say it takes away from those who need it well you forget some if the people living in them, that are not causing trouble reqlly need ot. They just need to monitor the bad seeds and not let them spoil it for those who wish to do something with there life.

gangs, welfare and our tax dollars

Wow! So this is where our tax dollars are going to! Hmmm. They're playing us bad, people! Wake up! When are people gonna wake up and realize that we need to get tough on these people? I'm sick of the crime, the arrogance and the filth. I hope they find their way in this world.

Breeding Discontent

It's high time that the real people that support this country and all the dead beats in it take action and elect someone that will make the hard decisions. If you cannot pay taxes and contribute, why should you have the right to pump out kids that you cannot take care of? This is a classic example of society going down the path of self destruction. They cannot make life choices for themselves, why should they have the option to produce future burdens on the rest of society?

Don't blame the artist

Everyone is passing judgement on someone they don't even know this is simply a song it's music just like anything else you hear on the radio or see on tv and don't blame him for "gang" activity in wilmington it's a song this video is old filmed years ago and don't blame him for the kids in the video throwing up gang signs or anything if you want to blame anyone blame their parents for having them in the video not the artist it's simply showing the artist clear ability to be a great rapper


Since the airing of the report on gang activities in our community, there have been many responses to the featured video hosted by To correct the editorial of wect, the video has actually been online for far longer than the few weeks mentioned. Its original release was in 2005 through a locally produced DVD Magazine that included similar videos. Being readily available to the public for nearly three years, it seems to be the work of a journalist falling short of his or her periodic negative news quota that has brought the video out to a negative light. As we all know, the news media has an obligation to its network to maintain a constant flurry of this so called "juicy" coverage used capture and maintain the attention of viewers subdued by non-newsworthy content which seems to be the majority of what is reported daily. For example the television show "COPS" has been one of the most viewed televesion programs for many years. And this highly viewed programing commands a higher price for advertising slots which exponentially increases a network's revenue. In todays society most people are motivated by what they are force fed. Violence,sex,money etc.. So in essence, this news report is truly fuel to this fire and those who chose to negatively comment on the video are just victims of the media's minipulation of the watchers. So comments that touch on ideas of possible solutions to the "harmful" effects of gang activity would reflect what society should really expect as the outcome of news coverages.

mrdallis from YouTube

You write so well, it almost lends credence to your post.........Why did you remove the video in this article? I have viewed many of your other 58 videos on YouTube Sir. Your depressing/disturbing little movies that you so proudly display for the world to see. Is it your plan to find the most illiterate, ignorant, Ebonics speaking, trash mouthed African Americans and put them on display? Why? to create more of the so called "media manipulation" you wrote of? What you do is SHOW us exactly what we are thinking about these people is true. You do more harm than you know to the young people you video. You give them some false hope that they may actually be doing something good for themselves when we all know that rappers are a dime a dozen and not respected/accepted by the main stream. The world they create for themselves is deluded and very small. Perhaps you could put your money and energy into helping some of these kids get a new outlook on life, go back to school, keep a job, be a real role model for the younger generation and not a part of the problem. I also find it a little strange and disheartening that you appear to be white on your photo. Do you have a real job Sir?


In a short summary, I must say that I use youtube as a vehicle to spear into the media through contraversy. As in most cases in the urban music industry self promotion is what will get you pass the long line of hopefuls. Reguardless of the -/+ aspects of the approach the outlined goal is to gain attention. But of course once given this attention you must either maintain that magnetic pulse or bow down gracefuly. For example, pop celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan have teamed up with publicists daily to maintain spotlight through similar acts. And in those cases they actually fell victim to the devious plan becoming true whores and adicts. The artist featured in the video may have actually been a gang member,but does that make him any different than those pop stars for having an approach that inflames tax paying citizens of his county. Not a bit, because if he were to have this story latch on to the national platform his video would have been as effective of the plots of Hilton & Lohan publicists. It is a cold society as we know,but with my short time on this planet I have to move strategically in order to make an impact on masses. So because I capture them through a negative outlet,it doesnt meant that they cant be converted to a positive which is my ultimate intention. Once a man removed thousands from their native land and tought them to worship a new god and speak a new language. Once a man captured undomesticated animals and tought them to behave like humans. And the photo used on the youtube page was simply an avatar.

well well....parents??? they

well well....parents??? they r the ones in the bet those "ÿoung" thugs r the children...scratch that...the welfare increasers of the older thugs in the video. Nothing wortse than going to food lion to get diapers and formula and in front of me in line is ........... buying the same stuff w/ a govt. check. worse yet is in the parking lot they have a nicer car than me and its parked in a handicap spot but they move fine! SICKENING!!!!!


You must have been at Food Lion the same time I was. over $200 of formula diapers and other food for free. I had to wait 10 minutes to cash all her checks. Then I follow her out to her brand new car. I have never been so angry in my life.


What gets me is people live in the gov't. housing, get welfare, food stamps, do and sell drugs ect. & driving a car nicer than I could ever dream of while I bust my tail the old fashioned way. They are probably sitting around and getting high all day on our tax dollars while they do not have to be tested for drugs. We on the other hand have to get tested in order to get a job to be taxed to death to pay for the services and monies they receive! People receiving money from the govt. should be tested to try and see that they aren't getting paid to sit around doping on OUR dime. And no I DON'T do drugs!

gangs getting bad in wilmington

i have notice that gangs in jail and out of jail are geting pertty bad. its mostly the bloods and ms 13 that are hitting us hard. they think that nothing can stop them put they are wrong. what they dont realize is that people of there gangs are writting them out and thats the funny part of the whole thing. then whn they go to jail they just want to cry about everything about the jail. i have news to tell them all jails not a hoilday inn. dont like being in jail then dont do the crime and you want do the time.

What a way with words.

What a way with words. Shakespeare-esque.

Sam Cooke ....

...he ain't!