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Locals feeling helpless about the conflict in Gaza

READ MORE: Locals feeling helpless about the conflict in Gaza
Israel continues its campaign against Hamas militants in Gaza, vowing no ceasefire until the rocket barrage from Gaza stops. 64 Palestinian civilians have been killed since the ground assault began. Here in Wilmington, people with international ties are feeling guilty and helpless about the ongoing conflict. The fighting continues over 17 miles of land that two opposing groups say spiritually belongs to them, the Gaza Strip. "When you look at the orthodox religious perspectives on either side, they are going to sight a religious divine right to this land," said former House candidate, Byron DeLear. Palestinian business owner, Musa Agil said, "Well the Palestinian god did not say, ‘well this land belongs to the Jews or to the Israelis’." Musa Agil is originally from the Palestinian territory of West Bank. Agil said the land belongs to Palestine. He now lives here in Wilmington with his wife and children, and owns three businesses. While Agil agrees with the fundamentals of the Palestinian government, he advocates a peaceful resolution to the fighting that's been waged in Gaza for more than a week, killing hundreds. He said the only way to stop the fighting in the Middle East is to learn how to share. "We are encouraging the Israelis to change the map in the Middle East by wiping out so many innocent Palestinians in Gaza." "They talk about how a two state solution is inevitable, but yet no real progress is being made to help establish that two state solution," said DeLear. Byron DeLear is a Democrat who ran for the House of Representatives twice. He is off to Israel next week to help non-profit American organizations there, to help facilitate peace. For both men, sitting back on the American sidelines and simply watching the crisis play out is not what they want to be doing. "Here we have so many bounties, and security, and these poor Palestinian people don't have anything, and they are being bombarded from the air, the sea, and the land," Agil said. "Israeli citizens as well as Palestinian citizens desperately want an acceptable solution so they can have something as simply as safety," added DeLear. DeLear is headed to Israel with high hopes, and while he and Agil are on opposing sides of the conflict, they both agree a solution to solving a problem that's existed for thousands of years, won't happen overnight.

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don't mess with israel. They

don't mess with israel. They are one of the only countries to have never lost a war. God's people, man. And they don't care about killing civilians. To them, they are casualties of war.

No sympathy

These are the same people who were dancing in the streets on 9/11/01. Why would anyone care what happens to them?


Agil is absoulety right! Palestine should be free. And America should do something about it! Many Americans like myself are ignorant and blind to the conflicts in the Middle East till i researched it. You-tube videos like..."Free Palestine" "Palestine conflict" and you will be disturbed of the things you discover... :( sadly there is no peace...and even sadder hundreds of Palestinians are dieing this very hour and yet many are blind.

the false country called...

Palestine? There is no such place & no such people. Palestine is not a recognized country with its own government, laws, rights etc. All palestinians are are nomads kicked out of other arab countries and criminals emptied from their jails. They have no education, no work ethic and no concept of reality or common sense. They are 2000 yrs behind everyone else in the world (except most other arab countries) and contribute NOTHING to the rest of the world. They are are tools used by other arab countries to incite conflict with the jews of israel because the other arab countries dont have the courage to do it themselves....nothing more than useless wastes of oxygen. The women and children are as guilty as anyone else for allowing the men and young boys to do what they do by storing weapons and training for war 24/7, so there are NO innocent civilians in that barren strip of land you wackos call palestine. No one cared about the strip of land we now call israel before 1947 and they only care for it now because there are jews on it. Arabs, muslims, middle easterners etc are as bad as any klansman, skinhead, black panther etc that we have here in the USA. They want only their race on the land and will NEVER stop at anything to get it. My $$$ is on israel and I hope the annihilate the pests that have attacked them since day 1.

Sounds like your research

Sounds like your research was one-sided. Hamaas took the first shot by firing missles at Israel as soon as their "cease fire" agreement expired. Don't be the first to fire on civilians and then cry because your butt is then handed to you.

Perhaps they should have told Hamas...

..."No, you will not store or launch those rockets from my neighborhood." No one should intentionally target non-combatants, but when an enemy hides in an urban area, non-combatant casualties are unavoidable. You cannot allow an enemy to remain unmolested simply because of non-combatants. You gain victory by destroying the enemy and his will to fight. You don't partake in an endless string of ineffective, tit-for-tat "proportionality," that Western powers now seem addicted to; you go in there and kill the enemy. Sherman accurately described war as "hell," not a "really big inconvenience." Had the Palestinians not allowed Hamas to use Gaza as a terrorist staging area and launching platform, Israel would not be back in Gaza right now. They got exactly what they asked for.

Start With The Terrorists

Perhaps the Palestinians could start with kicking the terrorists out of their territory. I don't blame the Israelis one iota for going after Hamas. How come I don't hear about the "humanitarian crisis" when Hamas rockets reign down on innocent Israeli citizens. That's because the left-wing in this country are the new nazis.

Never Enough

The entire Arab world will not allow this tiny country of Israel to exist. Trust me, the Arab street will not be happy until every Israeli is pushed into the ocean. Make no mistake, there is no more intolerant culture than Arab culture.