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A look at Boseman's bankruptcy filing

READ MORE: A look at Boseman's bankruptcy filing

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Former New Hanover County Commissioner and state Senator Julia Boseman is looking for a fresh start, filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy last week. Tonight we take a look the bankruptcy documents and the debt Boseman has incurred.

She was once a political leader in North Carolina, having a hand in how the state was run. Now Boseman is apparently busy trying to run her own life, which includes filing for chapter seven bankruptcy.

According to documents filed Friday Boseman owes money to more than 20 institutions. From a mortgage on a $735,000 home in Landfall, to a $565,000 debt owed to BB&T, $87,000 in business loans, along with a condo at the Village at Mayfaire, numerous credit cards, including three Discover cards and a company account at Banana Republic, to which Boseman owes $500, and a Mercedes-Benz just to name a few.

The document also details Boseman's monthly income and expenses. The attorney claims to make just more than $2,000 a month. Meanwhile her monthly expenditures, which include a mortgage payment, utilities, home maintenance, food, and other expenses comes out to more than $3,900; meaning she's in the hole every month for $1,891 and change.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy means Boseman's non-exempt property can be sold. That money would then go to pay the debt she owes.

We reached out to Boseman by phone, both on her personal cell and office, but we did not get a call back by news time.

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Julia Boseman

I can not believe all the comments being made by people. First of all, Julia Boseman accepted the right to "the people" knowing about her private business when she went into politics! Second, thank God we voted her out!! She is not even able to handle her own "affairs" much less the states. This is another prime example of "politicians" thinking that they are above the law!! Third, I hope she really doesn't expect anyone to believe she is only making $2000 a month. She may be a real estate attorney but can practice in other areas. She is sitting back on her rear end and not working hard so she can sponge off of us working stiffs! She has lived beyond her means and now she is asking for a "free ride"!! Yes, I am ranting because I'm just sick and tired of it!! My only hope is that through this, she will recognize the path she is on is the path to destruction!!!

If was the creditors, I

If was the creditors, I would be looking at all those corporations...Boseman Sporting Goods, Life is Good Store, New Balance, BBB Properties, and all the other ones. She's been planning for this for at least 3 or 4 years. She pulled all the cash she could and leveraged it to the hilt.
I wish I could file bankruptcy and live in Landfall.

It smells fishy...

What attorney in this town or anywhere makes only $2000.00 per month...

Out of touch!

Ms. Bozeman is a "Real Estate" Attorney in Wilmington. Anyone with an occupation that deals with Real Estate, their income has been DRASTICALLY affected to include: Realtors, Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors, Carpet installers, Interior Designers, etc. Ms. Bozeman is not irresponsible, she, along with many others, is experiencing the results of a horrible housing market. Hopefully, this will not trickle down to other occupations.

That's half the equation

Uh...sure. That explains the income side of the equation. That's HALF the story.

Do all of those people you mention continue to spend money like they just won the lottery?

Looser! From day one, a

Looser! From day one, a looser. And you voted for her. I guess that makes you a looser too for not seeing the fraud in her life, every aspect of her life.

Uhh-Duhhh....try "Loser"....

The impact of your exclaimed word "loses" it's punch when you can't spell it...

Loser. Learn to spell

Loser. Learn to spell


Who cares.

Boseman article

I would suggest learning the difference between "personnel" and "personal" before casting dispersions at someone facing financial hardship in the midst of this awful economy.

Chris wrote in an amusing

Chris wrote in an amusing attempt to correct the grammar of another:

"I would suggest learning the difference between "personnel" and "personal" before casting dispersions at someone facing financial hardship in the midst of this awful economy."

Chris, didn't you mean to say casting ASPERSIONS?

Julia Boseman

I really feel bad for Ms.Boseman,it looks like she has been through alot this past year.I do not think all of her personal problems should be advertised for everyone to see & read about.My heartfelt prayers go out to you ms.Boseman.I hope things get better for you in the near future.There are alot of people going through hard times right now in a bad economy,alot of people are in debt and struggling in many ways right now.I really hope the economy gets better for all of us in these hard times!

Well maybe she can moveover

Well maybe she can moveover in her bad times and let some others down and out live with her in her $750,000 Landfall Shack! Get real people!

Well, gee... maybe Henry

Well, gee... maybe Henry Shitrit at Waves might be hiring.

Boseman's monthly expenses are...

a helluva lot higher than $3900/month. Wanna take a WAG at the mortgage payment on her Landfall home? Even if it's an "interest-only" note, $3900 wouldn't come close.

Take a look at the Secretary of State's website. You'll find our illustrious former Senator listed on numerous FAILED corporations...along with Nancy Salerno.

Follow the money...and see where it leads.


another low life
what a suprise

She deserves a fresh start!

I know that there will be a lot of negative comments about this story, but I am actually glad that she is going to get a fresh start. She has had her personal life laid out before her critics for the last few years and she deserves a break. I've only met her a few times, but she left an impression on me as an exceptionally caring and wonderful person. She has experienced great personal pain and plastering her on the front page is not helpful to anybody. Why does it need to be "breaking news" that she is filing Chapter 7? She is no longer a state senator and therefore it should not be any of our business.

A filing for bankruptcy is a matter of public record

I find it interesting that she is filing for Chapter 7 instead of Chapter 13. Unless she's giving up her practice and joining a religious order, she should be filing for Chapter 13 and repaying her debts. She has that ability.

caring and wonderful person

"Why does it need to be "breaking news" that she is filing Chapter 7?"

Very simply put, these situations were of her own doing, and done while supposedly serving the people of the State.

"She is no longer a state senator and therefore it should not be any of our business."

The actions occurred while serving, and the possible preferential treatment of an elected official cries out for an investigation.

If people believe that you can borrow MILLIONS of dollars while having little to no assets, I welcome you to apply for a loan. But don't be disappointed if your declined.

However, if you place SENATOR in front of your name, the outcome may be different.

"I've only met her a few times, but she left an impression on me as an exceptionally caring and wonderful person."
Anyone that's ever been conned, would tell you that the snake oil salesman was one of the nicest people they ever met.

She speculated in the real estate market out of greed. Not need.
Multiply that by millions of people that received loans with no money down, no documentation and buying houses they knew they couldn't afford, and that brings us to today.

She put the ingredients into the pot, not it's time for her to taste her own cooking.