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Lottery chairman prefers salary discretion

RALEIGH -- The chairman of the state lottery commission believes the lottery needs discretion in determining pay raises for its employees. Chairman John McArthur responded to an amendment approved this week in the House's proposed state budget limiting lottery raises to no more than that of other state employees. The lottery commission approved last month giving average 5 percent raises to its employees. The House budget proposed across-the-board raises to state employees of the greater of 2.75 percent or $1,100. McArthur told The News & Observer of Raleigh on Thursday the General Assembly can do whatever it wishes. But he said keeping individual salary decisions with the lottery will lead to a better-run operation and more lottery revenues. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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Some lottery employees get

Some lottery employees get even better raises....Like Tom Shaheen's secretary. She went from the 20's to the 60's per year to a new job created just for her. That state job was never posted (special project manager). She even got a parking place next to him....they do travel everywhere together and one would guess she is working on special projects since that is her title! And while we are at this.....why did Shaheen bring all of those people to NC from GA? Why do you need lottery experience to run an HR department? Unemployment in NC is so high but GA people are continuing to come here. Believe me and every other lottery employee............its run like a used car lot! In Raleigh we call him Shady Shaheen.

raises for Lottery employees

All righty then,,,Let's give the lottery employees yet another raise for a program that has not made it's goals to date. Do tell,,, what are these employees doing to earn a raise of 5% while the average state employee has not seen a decent raise in years? They are the ones on the front lines in Courthouses all over the state and if you question how hard they work, go spend a day at your local courthouse. These jobs are not as cushy as one would think. There are needs of those that enter those doors and we are too busy giving raises to the poor lottery worker,,,shame shame shame..Perhaps a new Gov in town will make the necessary changes and see to it that the hard working people get what they richly deserve.